Im a piscesian and torn between leo and scorpio..

  • im 19 y/o and my bday is feb. 20, 1990. i'm currently single but confuse because my past which is the LEO, still love me and he'll do anything for me juz to bring me back to him, i can tell that there's still love that i feel for him but then i know i love much this SCORPIO man, unfortunately, we can't be together now, he's living in Canada and i'm here at Philippines, i know i love this scorpio man i even pray for him to be my partner in life, i actually ask for many signs if he's meant for me, and the signs were all positive.. the problem is that, i don't know if he feels the same with me, he was my ex-bf actually, but he left me because he told me that he can't do it, i mean he's not ready for it maybe because we're too far from each other, i am planning to work abroad when i finish my studies so that i can be with him. Right now we haven't talk for 5 days, do SCORPIO men really hides their feelings? i want him to love me but there's still LEO man who's waiting for my decision, do you think if ever i'll ask this scorpio man, asking whats the situation between the two of us will make bother him, though im ready for his answer if he doesnt feel the same about me. he never talk to me about whats really going on with us.. whats your advice? help me.. thanks for your time..

  • First you never choose one person over another by default. Certainly no way to begin any kind of love-relationship. Would you want a love interest to settle on you because the real object of his affection went MIA? Be honest...It lacks sincerity. You need to finish any unfinished business with your Scorpio first. Meaning, you need to ask him some tough questions to get to the answers that will better help you in knowing what direction to steer your future towards. Can't be two places at once (your heart) and be truly happy. Can't stand on one foot forever. Ask your questions. Be straight forward in your approach and if he can't give you the answers you deserve than that is your answer, (nothing.) It will hurt (be prepared for that) but you must know his true feelings before you can go forward in your journey. You never know...this could force him to acknowledge feelings he may have for you, but too stubborn/shy to admit. Should your answer not be what you are hoping will need time to heal ( to lick your wounds) before picking up again with your Leo. I wish you the best.

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