Cris could you do a reading ?

  • Hi Cris 1962 I have heard so much about you and how great you are at readings.

    My question is this: I am planning on leaving my boyfriend and father of my children. There has been much turbulence, drinking and violence in the past. Seems thing good right now and I know he loves me and his children but I don't feel anything between us anymore. If it is better for my children for us to stay than I will stay as long as he will stay changed. I will find a way to be flexible with the situation. If it is better for me to leave wilth my children than I will go with strength, wisdom and integrity. My children are my number one priority. What is best? To stay or go? And If I am leaving when do you see this happening?

    I sincerely thank you! 🙂

  • Ms Scorp

    Please make arrangements to leave as soon you are able. This man needs to heal on his own, and so do you. You and the children need space to breathe and will not have this if you stay for much longer. I can see you deciding to do this within a year from now.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to point out these couple of things:

    There is a history of violence.

    How many more bones need to be broken, bruises hidden, apologies given and excuses made?

    There is a history of drinking.

    He will curb this habit eventually, but "eventually" is not quick enough. He may have stopped for now, and yes when he's sober, he does love you and the children. What drives him to drink is his own history of being exposed to this sort of behaviour and until he manages to "unlearn" what he was shown, he will continue displaying it on and off.

    One of your children is already suffering for this (I get that it's a boy or at least a very strong male energy) and he's trying to be staunch already by hiding his feelings. He's about 7 or a bit older, is that right?

    You say there is "nothing between you anymore"

    Your feelings for him have been eroded by this behaviour. Do you see yourself being able to "pull" those feelings back out any time soon? If not, then there is even less reason for you to stay as not only will you live on eggshells, you will be trying to recapture feelings that are no longer there and becoming more worn down in the process.

    There is someone else out there who will love you and your children unreservedly. Give yourself a chance to have this in your life. God knows you deserve it. You will make a fine life on your own and eventually you will appreciate the lessons this relationship brought you, with the main ones being your own strength in the face of extreme adversity and your ability to love unconditionally.

    GOOD LUCK. I know this reading has been a bit blunt, but I felt a bit afraid for you if you stay in this situation much longer and in a case like this, gilding the lily doesn't help much. I wish you, your children and your boyfriend all the best in life. He will eventually heal, but will go through a lot more trauma until he does. Don't feel responsible for him, please! I know that is a tall order, but he chooses his behaviour, not you. xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox

  • Hello cris1962 and good day to you. As I'm sure you're aware, I'm fairly new to this forum though not new to as I've been receiving daily horoscopes from Rick Levine through this site for a few years now and have been interested in astrology and growing my knowledge of spirituality and all things of the existential nature. I have also noticed that you have been away for some time for personal reasons and I hope things in that area have begun to heal and you are on the way to getting things back on track.

    I'm wondering if I could impose myself upon you for a reading? About a year ago I was let go of my job of 15 years, and though it was a tough transition, something positive, I think, has come of it. At my new job, I have fallen in love with a co-worker who is the sweetest, kindest and one of the strongest women I will ever meet in any lifetime. I absolutely adore her and care for her very much. Though there is a catch. She is married. And for the longest time I kept my mouth shut and my feelings to myself. But during my tenure at my new job, I have come to know that she is not happily married and have hear though 'the grapevine' that she wants a divorce. But wanting one and geting one are two very different things. Her husband is a very lazy man. He doesn't work. Not that he can't work, but he chooses not to and has put the burden of supporting them squarely on her shoulders. It pains me to hear of some of the things he has done during their marriage. She has sacrificed so much. A career, and now possibly their home. I can't understand why someone could not see what is before them, and do whatever it takes to make her happy.

    We are both Sagittarius. I was born 12.20.70 and she was born 12.21.69. There is a definate connection between us and several others at work see the chemistry that surrounds us. There have been several flirtatious moments betweent us over the months, though since she's married, nothing can really happen as we are both quiet, shy and reserved people and I have to respect her marriage, such as it is. So I'm wondering if you see any chance that we could end up together and start a new life and a new journey. She deserves someone in her life that knows he doesn't deserve her, and will do everything he can to make her happy, and I believe in my heart, that is me.

    My thanks to you in advance and I hope that things are going well for you. I appreciate any insight you may have, even if it is something I don't want to hear.


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  • Cris, I really do appreciate your bluntness. I do know now that I have to leave. His violence erupted once again Friday night. We went to my parents but me and my two girls are home now. He is says he is staying at a friends. I know I have a limited time in this home. I would say 4 days to get my stuff and plans together and go. I have a family member also staying with us. Saturday I had 2 visions. I have never had visions before but just clairaudience. I don't know much about visions but the vision was also pretty blunt The first started with purpleish puffs almost like smoke. Black figures one was me the other him I could see him with his hands over his head beating downwards after the beating or stabbing he screamed and started pacing. The vision was in black and a purple color of some sort. My 2nd vision was more of an opaly white. Just a black figure (him) walking right up to my face (although I didn't see me) but getting closer. then walking straight away from me 10x but kept coming right back up to me. Then after this he walks 4x to my right a little less angry like he is finally taken a different path. Lastnight I also dreamt about me riding on some type of cart bleeding through a workboot. As the cart is riding around the inside of a circular fence and the crowd lookin on I am told to let the blood flow onto the ground and a huge snake appears. The snake is licking the blood off the ground and trying to catch me as the cart rides faster and faster. You think I would get the hint? Things are calm now but with in 2 weeks I can feel something bad. When sober he seems so sincere. We have been together for 9 years. The violence is usually once or twice a year so then I think ok he can change. But he hasn't. I know that I also am an empath so it makes it much harder on me. I can feel his pain and there is nothing that I can do to shut it off. Your reading has been very accurate. Although my 2 daughters are 1 and soon to be 3. I do have a brother/cousin/god son (my mom has custody of my cousin) that I will be staying with. He really doesn't know much about what is going on. But it's weird that you say this because there have been so many times that the cards or psychics have said that I have a son.

  • Maybe we're picking up on a previous miscarriage or something similar? Funny I wasn't the only one to pick up on this. I do have difficulty getting ages and gender for children quite often though, so won't attempt to excuse that one away any further 🙂

    Still, sometimes a child can be seen who is not necessarily a direct relative or relative at all, which happened to me in a reading back in 2003. I was told she could see a son for me, but I wasn't planning on having anymore children and pretty much ignored it. Lo and behold at the end of 2004 we took in a foster boy who lived with us until late last year. He's 18 now and still our boy ... evidence proves that as he drank all my orange juice on Saturday the little bugger :))

  • Dear cris92, welcome back and I am so sorry for all that you have being going through of late. I didn't want to ask you but I see that you are kindly responding to others now. You did a reading for me a couple of weeks back that was very accurate and I was wondering if you could help me again. If you can I would be very grateful but no pressure. I have had some contact with my ex but feel that it is very confusing for him and that I should withdraw again. I would just like to know how best to approach all this now. Peace, blessings to you. x

  • Thanks again cris! I really do appreciate your time. I also figured out a few things today to help my cause. One of the realizations that I had was about the dream with the snake, it wasn't me it was him. This stuff just popped right into my head out of nowwheres!

  • Hi Cris1962 - I'm a Capricorn - torn between past, present and yes, trying to figure out what the future might bring for me. I feel that I am ready to fall apart - I want change in my life, yet I'm afraid to make a bold move. 29 years ago, I tried to change my life. I haven't been strong enough to finish what I started. I need to regain my freedom, I feel that there is no going back to the past predicting my future. What should I do? Keep marching towards the future...or waiting to vanish...This is a public post, so I cannot give you more details..Thank you.

  • Hi Cris 1962 you are a popular person on this site, I can see why. I am hoping you are the answer to my prayers. I have gone through hell and back several times in the past 6 years. To best of my knowledge it began when working for Primerica, then I was harassed when I met a man, during all this I left my husband, I was shunned and forced out of Primerica, then began to working for some very EVIL people, they infiltrated every aspect of my life and my daughters, attacked and destroyed, stole everything. Of course the man I met was introduced to a young girl and turned him against me too. It is too much to write in one go, but harassment has gone on for 6 years, just easing up now, also they attempted to cripple me and actually got doctors in on the whole thing.

    Do you see me finally getting support and winning my lawsuit with the bad EVIL company and also against the injury. Do you the man I met ever returning in my life. Will I finally find love again it has been 6 long horrific years all alone. I cannot even believe still that this all happened to me! Can you see who was actually responsible for all this was it manager at Primerica, the psychos I worked for or the jealous girlfriend of the man? I appreciate ANY insite into getting this horrific mess cleaned up I have worked ad worked on healing and forgiveness

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