Help!!! scorpio man/libra woman

  • I am a Scorpio male, born Oct. 28. She was born Oct. 12 and is 10yrs older than me. We have been in a relationship for 4yrs. Everyone around us calls our relationship "toxic" and we have no mutual friends that will accept us as a couple. I know this relationship is not positive and we have continuous game playing on her part and I can't help but to play into it, we both want the last word and complete control. There is too much under the bridge and it has damaged my relationships with family and friends, but, I just cant seem to bring this to the end I know is unevitable. Can anyone give me some insight, I have a problem giving up on any relationship and think I need to keep trying but, it is wearing me down. I need some positive in my life and i feel like i am in a dark cloud all the time, I know as a scorpio, I have a problem hanging on to the negative and just want to change things in my life but, don't know how to go about it,this relationship is to the point of calls back and forth every five minutes nonstop, but, i tend to not be able to walk away from the phone or to shut it off even being the vendictive part of my scorpio being. Any suggestions, please?

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  • I've been where you are now, and from the heart I can tell you that breaking up face to face won't work. You will have to do something drastic--like change your phone number and move.

    Sometimes, we get so emotionally wrapped up into a situation that we cannot see the reality unless someone forces us to see it. For me, it came about when I had to take his brother & cousin to court for assault and battery and attempted sexual molestation. Hearing the gasps of horror brought me to my senses.

    You will have to step back from the situation in order to view it through the eyes of the public, and then it still may require some hard decisions to make before you finally cut it off. Healing takes time, and the longer you are away from her, the easier it will be to finally end it.

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