I need some guidance please

  • Hi I am in such a painful place, my boyfriend and I have parted under horrible circumstances. I have witnessed him self harm by punching himself in the face repeatedly. The other night we had a fight and he got a knife out of the drawer and said he wanted to stab himself in the stomach. I asked him to leave the house as I was scared for the safety of myself and three children. He refused to leave and I called the police. He is now so angry with me

  • Sorry to hear that. What a difficult situation. You definately did the right thing. Hope the children didn't witness the fight. It sounds like your boyfriend is calling out for help. You may not be able to give him the type of help he needs. I would suggest that he seek professional counseling. He may be angry however, you needed to protect your children. Certainly he should understand that. If you choose to continue this relationship please, please be very careful. Wishing that guidance protection and light are bountiful for you. Take care.

  • Hello" Livelife" i m sorry to Hear about this, what is happening exactly, why is he like that and how long have you been with him? is he the father of your children?

    It was right to ask him to leave , i hope he didnt do those things in front of you children, it's your duty to protect them and not getting them scared

    i wait for your answer in order to give you some advice, so far there is too little info to advice on the matter

  • We have been together for 18 months, one child is mine ( I divorced 8 yrs ago ) The other two children are his. He has recently returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Since that time his ex wife's parents were killed in a car accident and she tried to commit suicide a few weeks ago. We have all been living together in my house and it has put alot of stress on our relationship.

  • please can someone offer me a reading to help me to make some tough decisions. Or to give me an idea of what the outcome may be

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