• Greetings!

    I read your reply and I must really know what you're talking about. I read and reread you reply over and over again, and YES, I do feel an entity in my home, but it's not disturbing to point where I am afraid. I can feel the energy mostly after 8pm.

    Sometimes I ignore completely, but when I watch TV in the area where I have Liza's ashes sometimes (and it's always on the left side of the living room from the ceiling) BLACK LINES.

    The come and go. I'm thinking it's Liza, trying to come back!

    I do think it's time for a move to get away from the heavy feeling I get in this apartment now. Since Liza passed, that's when it all began.

    When I picked up her ashes from the Vet, I opened the box and put my head down on her ashes and SCREAMED her name so loud, I'm sure the neighbors heard it!

    Not to mention she was in a refridgeration for 2 weeks until she was cremated! That annoyed me very much. I love her and sometimes I still cry for her. She will always remain in my heart.

    Funny, although Shadow doesn't look like Liza, she is a ver dark brown in color and when she curls herself on my bed, sometimes I think it is Liza! She has many of her ways,believe it or not.

    I feel comfortable in putting her ashes on field...just scattering them. She loved to run there.

    The question is: what do I do with the box the ashes came in?

    Blessed Be,


    thanks so much for your said something about something else being in my house..wanna let me know?

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