Hate My Aquarius Mom

  • This post is deleted!

  • Zephire,

    it is truly beautiful to see the way so many on this forum reach out to others to help them in thie

    time of needing that spirtual help, may the universe bless you all,always


  • I saw the title of this and was compelled to comment. I don't have my mother in the earthly realm anymore but if I could, I would NEVER mistreat her nor say the mean and ignorant things that you did. She gave you life and this is what you want to say to her? Thank you would be much better for your soul. I am not going to rant on you because I do see that a lot of people did it much better than I ever could. I will pray that whatever you and your mother is going through, you will soon get past it. I know that one day you will learn to appreciate the woman that gave you birth.

    Peace and love to you!

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