Hate My Aquarius Mom

  • Im a Gemini,and my moms an Aqua.

    I know,we're both air signs,and we're supposed to be really compatible and shit,but I honestly HATE MY MOM.

    Whats her friggin problem?Shes always saying no to everything.And shes always yelling at me and stuff for absolutely no reason.Is it cause she had like,thyroids or something?Or are Aqua's just all aggressive and stuff?

    Im the kind of person who really doesn't get mad at all.It takes a whole lot to upset me,but congratz to my mom!Shes made it all the way up to the very,very top!

    How do I get on her good side?Because I swear if she doesn't start being nice to me soon,I'll either kill myself,or kill her.-___-

  • How would you feel if she died right now and latter you found out she knew she was dying and she was trying her best to get you to be responsible for your self and knowing she would not be there to help you and why is she having to yell at you to start with maybe you need to look at your actions and your responsibilities and why you do not do them and i think when you do these things you will find your mother might stop yelling at you and you might see if you can do more to help take the load off of her and i really think it will improve your relationship a lot with her and that will open the doorway for more discussions Delbert C

  • I'm an Aquarius, with a Gemini rising who was touched by this. More than likely, your pain in dealing with your mother is coming from an emotional misunderstanding; since you sound like a teenager. Parents for the most part, see similar attributes in their teenage children that they saw in themselves at the same stages BUT by the time a person gets about 30 or so, ESPECIALLY if that person had children, they tend to develop a type of hatred towards those elements in themselves that they see in their children. That means that a parent could be dealing with remorse about themselves, and if they can't talk now, they won't be willing to until you are well into your thirties!!! Advice...be compassionate towards them, they need it!!!

  • Yeah, I can see your point, CottonTail. The alternative is so much better than what you have now.

    It would be so great if your mother would just let you do whatever you wanted. You could stay out late, drink until you passed out, and wake up naked in a strange man's bed. Or hey, better yet, maybe the stranger will get you hooked on heroin or cocaine and then sell you off to his friends to do whatever they liked to you.

    Or maybe you could do without a parent at all. True, you'd have to find a way to support yourself and somewhere to live and there's not many jobs for thirteen-year-olds around except maybe begging, stealing, or even prostitutio*n. But hey - at least you wouldn't have to sleep under a bridge or anything that way. So you might get bashed every night by your pimp and your life expectancy wouldn't be very high - but hey doesn't anything have to be better than putting up with a woman who loves you enough to set some rules to keep you safe and who yells at you when you do something that might get you into trouble? You poor little beggar, fancy having an awful mum like that. Better to be an orphan in a foster home than that.

    So kill her now and you'll be away from her forever - in a very small cell with a filthy toilet and a cellmate who looks like a wrestler. And the prison guards will be a whole lot meaner than Mum ever was - and they yell more too.

    Yeah I can see why you'd hate her for keeping you off the streets, away from such a fantastic future...

    Excuse me if I don't feel sorry for you when your Mum has to discipline you for your own good because things really could be a WHOLE lot worse for you.

  • Well said Captain!!....this little girl really needs to hear some home truths!!

    CottonTail, I can see now why your Mum could be very concerned about you and trying to lay down ground rules, I have just see a post you made requesting a love reading!!....my dear, your only 13 yrs old....you should be concentrating on other stuff at your age, you are far TOO young for all that....I'm a mother of 3 grown up girls and I know all the rules and the sometimes "yelling" at them was purely out of love and protection for them....

    so, please take a little time to sit and think about the statements you have just made "Hate MY MOM...and kill her"....you see, there is little rules the Universe gives out you know!!...and one of them is: "Like Attracts Like"......do you want to be HATED for the rest of your life?....do you want to be KILLED?....

    sorry if I sound harsh, but I am being harsh because I care what happens to you too!! and I want to yell and scream at you and I'm a complete stranger!! so, is there any wonder your Mum does it....SHE LOVES YOU start to listen and respect her love...you may not know it now, but one day YOU will thank her for trying to protect you....and my dear, hope you never forget what you are saying now because one day you might be a Mother, and your child HATING and wanting to KILL YOU!!!!....

    What a very very SAD thing I'm witnessing on here today!!

  • Cotton Tail,

    When it comes to parents, I have plenty to say but I rather chose not to. Why? Because I am not a parent yet! The ideas I have about being a good parent and how I should raise my kids, I rather keep it to myself and practice it on my own children in the future. What I have learned and experienced in my life, with my own parents, I will take that as a guidance, as what to do and not to do when I am a mother.

    I was not raised by my parents and believe me, my mum has caused me great deal of pain, hurt and anger all my life. She just know how to hit my button whenever I let her to. I know better now and not let myself get into these type of situation. I know better now that I am the person I am and nothing she say can break me or change my opinions on how I should live my life. My grandparents raised me well and I have them to thank for everything. My mum can say and do whatever she wants but the love from my grandparents for me is strong enough to shield me from all the mental abuse that could have destroyed me.

    BUT..no matter what..I don't show any disrespect to my mother. I don't even HATE her! Why? Because no matter how mean she was to me when I was a kid and no matter how she can push my button now if I let her to, she is still a mother, MY mother! The woman who gave birth to me and that is something I will always be grateful for. I can find mother's love elsewhere, I received plenty of those from my aunts but I cannot erased the fact that she, my mother, carried me in her womb for 9 months and because of her, I am here right now, typing this to you.

    No matter how miserable my relationship with my mother, I know deep in my heart, I will be there for her whenever she needs me. I can say a thousand times that I have to think about my own life and stop letting her shooting bullets in my path but if the need arise that I have to keep her close in my life and do whatever I can to help her, I will. Why? Because she is still my mother! I will be there for her, yes, this 'not good enough' daughter will be there for her! The child who is nothing compare to the 2 children she raised on her own who did and still do nothing to with their life, who is treating her like a ATM machine.

    Don't use the word HATE lightly, honey. Not to anyone, especially your parents. Instead of wasting all your time hating her, use this time to think carefully why she is behaving this way to you and what you can do to make things better. What makes you think it is her fault for everything? What makes you think you have done nothing to make her mad? What makes you think she is hurting inside, just as much as you are?

    I am not going to tell you what to do. All I can say is...THINK! Start doing your best to change the situation because you never know when you are going to lose her. You never know how much longer she has to live, you never know how much longer you have to live....don't let all the hatred turned into regret later! THINK!

  • Hi"Cotton Tail" why dont you write to her how you really feel and this way you and her are not physically fighting, put how you feel and see things on paper and tell her how much you feel hurt and to remind her that she is your mother, she suppose be supportive and able to understand you ever she is trying her best, you feel she is doing more bad then good with you right now

    you give her the letter and give her space to think about it

    where is your dad in all this?

  • cottontail,

    listen to all the wise consul, they are giving you in this forum,

    all your replies having been from persons with deep spirtual wisdom,

    y ou are young and have a long life ahead of you, use it wisely,

    as the captain said, karma what goe around comes around even one single

    negative thought will go back to you.

    most parents always want what is best for thier children,

    a old saying is you catch more flies with sugar, than with vinegar,

    you say you are a calm person, mantaine your self in prayer close to god, and he will

    guide you at all times.

    someday you will be a parent yourself, and hopefully all of this has come to past,

    you will understand your mother better, and have a true appreciation for her,

    may god bless u always, protect and guide you,


  • Cottontail, i'm a Gemini too and my mom is an Aqua and i swear this sounds like something i would've written 12 years ago. Now at the time when I was a teenager i thought my mom was the worst person in the world and couldn't stand her. Every single word we exchanged escalated into a fight and i'd be complaining to my friends about her and envy how they have cool moms not mean horrible ones like mine. I thought she didn't care about me and how i feel and her sole purpose in life is to destroy my happiness, she didn't get me at all... which respectively justified me calling her names and yelling and being a disrespectful brat.

    And then one day i grew up stopped being selfish little girl and saw my mother for who she is. A caring loving person who gave up her ambitions to be a good wife and a mother, dedicated her family and all she ever wanted for us is to be healthy and happy. I can't even begin to describe everything i've put her through and how unappreciative i've been to her when i was a teenager.There is no way i can ever repay her and thank her enough for being my mom.

    Don't get me wrong I still believe that her parenting methods weren't great and i was rightfully upset with her behavior sometimes and we still have our differences BUT as someone else said if you don't have children don't judge coz who knows what parent you'll be. I'm not sure what your mom has done to deserve your anger but i'm positive that she loves you very much and she is doing the best she can to be a good mom..And if i were you i'd try to make peace with her and be friends with her because if you are like me you'd regret your behavior one day.

    In terms of advice on how to get on her good side maybe try to talk to her and ask her to explain why is she saying no to you and what can you do to change her mind....Spend more time with her and get to know her and maybe you'll understand her better and may be you'll manage to make her see some flaws in her ways too. But all in all the most important thing is to remember that she is your mother and she loves you and sometimes you just have to deal with her decisions even if you don't agree with them.

  • Truth is, if you want to be treated like an adult, you have to behave like an adult - calm, cool and mature. You and your mum should have a sit-down talk where you put your side to her peacefully and reasonably with reacting impulsively or throwing a tantrum even if you disagree with what she says. Use logic to persuade her about your views and listen carefully to her side of things. Act like a child and people will treat you like one.

    When you learn how to put yourself in someone else's shoes and see their side of things, you will achieve wisdom and fair play.

  • Thanks guys.I guess I see the point.Even though some of you were a bit too harsh.>.>

    I mean,I get how I can act really stupid..and selfish..and immature at times.

    But its kinda how my mom acts,too.So,Im just thinking her...Would it really make that big a difference if I did the same thing?She makes a big deal out of little things.Which don't really bug me or anything,but they keep piling up eventually,and Im getting kinda sick of it.

    Little things like....

    Can I go to the park,Mom? Can I go to my friends place? Can I make an account on Facebook?

    And the answer is always no.Seriously,can I ever get a yes?And even when I do get a yes,its like that angry yes."Yeah.Do whatever you want.If fact,don't come back before 8" and stuff,with her angry tone,that scares the sh!t outta me.>.>

    I don't hate my mom,I could never really hate her to be honest.I just hate her ways.Im not a parent maybe thats why I don't know what it feels like.But isn't she being a little too over-protective?lol.Im not saying I can be all independent and that I can do everything on my own.No,Im not trying to say that at all.Im just saying that there are some things I should be able to do.

    "You could stay out late, drink until you passed out, and wake up naked in a strange man's bed. Or hey, better yet, maybe the stranger will get you hooked on heroin or cocaine and then sell you off to his friends to do whatever they liked to you." Why does everyone just assume its crazy stuff like that?Im just mad cause she says no to simple things like not letting me go to the park,or visit a friend. ._. Im not even thinking about those nasty things.Im just mad because shes always over-reacting.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • You can bet your life that your Mom hates shouting at you and constantly nagging at you. I bet she even sits down at night and cries. Help her out.

  • cotton tail,

    first of all you were quite wise to look for direction in adults, and not go to peers, who may be facing the same issues or even worst issues/

    do you know what issues your mother is facing, what do you know about your mum? does she come from a abusive relationship? or from a abusive upbringing, as paddifluff said above, she probably does feel terrible afterwards. is she a single parent with more than she can bare on her shoulders, ? i am not asking you these questions for you to answer me, only for you to anaylse them.

    you do have it in your power to change the relationship around, by doing little things, like complimenting her on how good she looks, compliments work wonders,

    how great the food she prepare for dinner was,

    taking interest in her, when she looks tired, when she is sick,

    sharing things, for example something funny that happen in school, on the way home, laugther breaks barrier, or the ice to say.

    as a matter of fact right in this forum there are things you can share with her, who knows that could help with the situation you both face, for example, the positively challenge, forgiving and letting go,

    the law of abundance, and so many others, those are a few things i can think of right now,

    when she pleases you, throw your arms around her, tell her how much you love her and how great how think she is!

    i am sixty two, my daughter is fourty one, she is the one person who i can honestly say she is my best friend, she teaches me, she inspires me and to go a little futher she movitates me everyday,

    since she was a young age, sometimes i thought she was the adult and i was the child!

    she is probably a old soul

    sending you blessings,



  • Cottontail - I'm a Gemini with an aquarius mum too and when I was a teenager she used to frustrate me too!!! Looking back I was probably a handful.....try not to let her frustrate and annoy you.....the best way is to do what she says instead of fighting her....once her trust in you has built up she'll be a lot more lenient and you'll find that she's more likely to say yes. At the moment your raging hormones are making you argumentative but honestly, don't get worked up, just shrug your shoulders and you'll find that your relationship will improve. Once you are at an age where you are living away from home or when you have a family, you'll become closer because your not under each others feet all the time....so that weekly phone call or weekend visit will be a lot more pleasant. I'm 45 and my mum still frustrates me at times but I've learnt to "go with the flow".....

  • to zephire,

    everything you said to cottontail, was so beautiful said!

    may the universe bless you!


  • Hey Cottontail, LOL the name of your thread got my attention because my mother is an aquarius too...

    And yes we had some problems growing up.... lots of rules.... and yes she wouldn't want me to this or that.... but then my dad will get some of the permissions for me LOL

    I'm a taurus so I'm also very very stubborn as a little girl I'm sure I also make her loose her cool... I grew up in a religious household and we were friends with some priest so I would talk to them a lot about how I felt about my mom... their advice helped me a lot.

    She's defintely very different than me, but i'm 32 years old now and looking back I appreaciate a lot everything she ever did or didn't do for me, now we get along a lot better. She'll always have some of those aquarius traits but me too the taurus ones 🙂

    Hang in there, be a good student, be a good daughter, be patient!! Life will return to you 100x fold of the good things you do now (school wise too), so focus on good things, sport activites, dance, read, whatever you like that also make your parents be proud of you and you a better and richer person.

    Love to you

  • Thanks guys,really,thanks a lot.(=

    You guys have given me a lot to think about.

    For know though,I wanna get to know her better,and I wanna pay more attention to her.

    Instead of being all selfish.The advice Ive gotten from all of you is really helpful!Thanks a bunch.

  • may the universe fill u with blessings,

    cotton tail,

    hope to hear from u that everything is going much better!


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