Threw away all my TAROT decks...after seeing ANGEL

  • I need some input on this. I saw an ANGEL..yes, your gonna think I'm nuts! I have my beloved pet;s ashes on my living room table and a beautiful yellow jelly like globe floated down from the ceiling in the living room towards the box which contains Liza's ashes.

    Now, I feel the that I no longer need them. I now trust in Angels when I invoke them for help.

    Is there a life change here to a higher SOURCE?


  • Always trust the higher source more than a material force. The cards are communicating on a lower level than angels, and also on a lower energy level than the when you yourself communicate with the higest energy level directly. It would be rather strange if you would say the opposite. Anyone who trusts the cards more than the communication that is between the invisible heaven and its beings is doing it because they have not yet experienced the opening to a higher level of consienceness. The cards are answering our energy level. If you let the highest energy level come down to you (as it is said: receive heaven), then the cards would be useless.

    They are useless to me. I needed them when I was in a very heavy cricis, and I needed something to direct my thoughs on. The cards answered my energy level. Whatever I was filled with, the cards gave me the words. Instead of telling people about my cricis, I directed my thinking to the cards. I used them as a kind of doctor who could tell me my problem and what I should do. (But it could not give me the medicine.) But often the answer was totally wrong. If my energy level was really low at some point, the answer would be on a low level too.

    I myself have also seen an angel. It was a being of light, and in the moment I saw it I understood it as Jesus Christ. But I now think it just as well could have been an angel. A light is a light is a light - doesnt matter what person it is as long as it is accepted as a messenger from the light.

    Wish you well

    The hanged woman

  • How true! I do believe it was an Angel coming to get my beloved pet and to help her cross over.

    The amazing part of it was it was just a few days b4 Christmas.

    I haven't heard her since I got Shadow. ..another rescue. Last time I heard her whimpering like a puppy was within the first few week I brought Shadow into my home. Haven't heard or seen anything since the middle of Feb. 2010.

    BLessed Be!


  • Yes, your pet probably got help to cross over because of you. The human soul level is on a higher soul level than the animal soul level. It is a blessing for an animal to be a pet of a human. But not all human beings are in touch with their true human soul level. Many or most are in stronger touch with the animal soul level and therefore they can not help the animal to reach higher levels. You did your "job" for your pet, though, it seems. To be near an animal while worshiping or practising surrendering to the Light does help the animal experience a greater contact with the higher levels.

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