Help life seems to be in a holding pattern

  • Hello...I have had a rough couple years in the mortgage business and basically lost everything financially. Which has affected me emotionally and mentally. I have not had a wonderful love affair for many years and did put my dating life on hold for my children. Now that they are teenagers and live with their Dad all of us thought I would meet someone and be able to develop a relationship. Now I feel I am working twice as hard for a fraction of the pay, lonely and wanting companionship and to top it off live in the Detroit area which isnt doing very well. I would really appreciate any comments or insights that someone can offer me. I try to keep upbeat but today I am down in the dumps.

  • Hi sweetpcdenise,

    You sound resilient & hopeful. So I feel things have to work out for you. In what kind of mortgage business were you involved?


  • I have worked in the industry for 24 years and did every job behind the scenes and eventually becoming a Loan Officer. I was one of the few that did not promote subprime and told the truth. At the time people did not want to hear the truth, they wanted what "their friends got" regardless of the consequences. It broke my heart to see this business fall apart.

  • What business was that?

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