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  • I have just got a tarot reading in respect of my current relationship, i am struggling to understand what it means, my cards were two of coins,ten of cups,seven of swords,the hierophant and page of coins, if there is anyone who understands the cards who could explain this reading to me i would be most grateful if you would advise

  • Were the cards all upright, or did come come up as reversed? Also, how were the cards arra nged in the reading? In a mini-cross? A straight line? Or something else?

  • The cards were all upright arranged in a kind of arc similar to the layout below


    c c

    c c

  • Well, I do not proclaim to be an expert tarot reader, and many people have varying degrees of explanations, I can only tell you what I see. Remeber, it's all subjective. You said it was about your relationship. Like most of us who do a reading on our relationships we want to know, am I doing the right thing, or am I wasting my time. I can break down each card for you as I see it, and remember, when I refer to you, it also means to apply this to your significant other:

    2Coins - Is there balance in your relationship. Or is someone giving more than the other? Are you having an issue with him working to much and not giving you the time you want.

    10Cups- Happiness is possible, however, are you creating unnecessary arguments? Are you expecting him to read your mind, or vice versa?

    7Swords - Are you or he having doubts about the other... is cheating suspected... are you having that urge to check his texts, phone, emails, etc? Are you afraid that someone will take away what you feel is yours? Or are you acting in a way that you are sabatoging yourself before you really give it a chance to suceed?

    Heriophant = Are you really being honest with yourself. Sometimes we know when something isn't right, and we look for reasons to justify it's existence. Are you sticking to it for traditional reasons.

    Page Coins = News that a decision will be made will come your way, whether through a friend or through gossip you overhear. Remember to take all with a grain of salt, and never assume, ask questions, yet don't accuse.

    Sometimes we know when something is right, other times, we have that disguieting feeling that something isn't right, or off. You have to make sure that unease isn't your insecurity, or need for the other to validate who you are in your relationship. Your cards show a very good possibilty of happiness and balance, as long as you don't let your negative thoughts and doubts overrun you. That the traditional aspects you seek can be obtained, and you can move in the direction you wish, as long as you don't let your suspicious nature ruin your relationship before it has a chance to begin.

    I hope that helps.

  • Thanks that has helped explain a lot x

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