Totally confused right now-Captain, Please help

  • Captain, I have done as you have requested and left my ex alone, to process his thoughts and to get organized. For the past 2 Sunday's, he has texted me and asked to spend time with me. We met even yesterday and what I thought was a nice and relaxing day, I started feeling tense energy from him. The boat stopped running properly just before I arrived and it did re-ignit at moments, while on the water. We were towed by one of his friends a few times, but it wasn't a problem with me. When his energy shifted, it was like he became distant from me. I did ask what was on his mind and he said nothing. When we parted last night, he gave me a kiss, but no I love you. I need a reading please and what changes I can make to myself, that will make this relationship have a positive outcome. I am just so confused by his actions and lack of communication with all of this. Almost like I am being judged by him. Thank you again and I am truly sorry for being a pain. It just doesn't feel right at all.


  • He can feel your desperation and it scares him because he can see how much you are hoping for a more deep and permanent arrangement, though you try to hide it. He is just not sure he can manage being in a deep relationship at this time when he can barely cope with himself and his own life.

    Your desperation will push him away. Ask yourself why you feel so needy for a partner in your life? Having people around you won't stop any feelings of fear or loneliness. That's something you have to sort out on your own. No one else can do that for you. This man has enough to do to just fix himself without fixing your situation too.

  • Thank you Captain. I guess I was hoping that after living together for 4 years and with the children, that things could work out easier, as he was the one that keeps popping in and out now, for the past 4 months. He also isn't one for communication to let someone know if they have done something to upset him, his goals or what it is he wants.

    I guess yesterday I felt that his expectations are too high at this moment, but still don't know what he expects. We had very casual conversation and a nice time. The only thing I saw wrong was with the boat and I didn't feel it was a major issue, as he continued fishing and I relaxed. I guess it's time for me to re-evaluate things more. I have also been dealing with the things he left needing repair around here and not saying anything to him about it. He has a simpler life now, without much responsibility.

    Thank you again.


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