Relocating - Need a Reading

  • Hello there, my names RebeccaAnn i am very new to doing readings infact your my first person that i have desided to do my first reading on, i have done some readings on my self aswell but i am a begginer at it, and i hope that i help a little, i am using a a tarot of a moon deck for your reading, and a 10 card spread 🙂

    Card 1 will present position atmosphere in which you are presently working and living influences on you this card can also represt yourself.

    Card 2 immediate influence. the nature of influences or the obsticales that lie just ahead. this card crosses you.

    Card 3 Goal or destiny, the ulitmate goal or destiny of you, the best that can be acomplished of you based on existing circumstances. this card may represent frame of refrence ,this card crowns you.

    Card 4 the broad and basic events and influences which existed in the past and upon present events are based this card is behind you.

    card 5 the most recent sphere of influences or events has passed or just passing. the card may represent distant past influences exerting pressure on recent events. this card is beneath you.

    Card 6

    future influence in broad sense, the sphere of influence that is coming into being in the near future this card is in front of you.

    Card 7

    The questioner- your present position or attitude within the circumstances this card is place on you in proper perspective.

    Card 8

    environmental factors

    the questioners influence on other people and his or her position in life Tendencies and factors that exist with respect to other persons who may have an affect on you.

    Card 9

    inner emotions

    the inner hopes, hidden emotions secretes and desires fears and anxieties of yourself, includes those thoughts which will come of the mind of you in the future

    Card 10

    the culmination and results of all the influences revealed by the other cards in the divination, provided, provided events and influences continue as indicated.

    here are the cards i got for your reading coffegem

    Card 1=Queen of swords=

    Divinatory meaning

    quick- witted, intensely perceptive, a subtile person, may signify a widow or woman of sadness, mourning, privation, absence, Loneliness, sepa-ration, one who has savoured great happiness but who presently knows the anxiety of misfortune and reversal.

    Reverse meaning

    Narrow mindedness, malicioussness, bigotry deceitfulness, vengefullness, prudishness, a trecherous enemy, an ill tempored person.

    Card 2 =King of swords= divinatory meaning

    An active and determined person, experienced, authoritative, controlled, commanding, a professional man. Highl analytical person, justness force, superiority, a person having many ideas thoughts and designs

    reverse meaning

    A person who may persue a matter to ruin, cruelty, conflict. selfishness, sadism, one who causes unnecessary disturbance and sadness, perversity.

    Card 3=three of staffs= divinatory meaning=

    practical knowledge,business acumen, enterprise negotiations, trade, commeerce

    reverse meaning=

    assistance with an ulterior motive, diminishing adversity, beware of help offered.

    Card 4= two of swords= divinatory meaning=

    balanced force, harmony firmness, concord offsetting factors, stalemate, affection

    Reverse meaning

    duplicity, misrepresentation, dishonor, treachery, false friends, lies.

    Card 5=Three of swords= divinatory meaning=

    absence, sorrow, dissapointment,strife, removal, dispertion, diversion, opposition, seperation,delay.

    Reverse meaning=

    distraction, confusion, disorder, error, mistake, incompatibility, anxiety, loss, alienation.

    Card 6=Four of staffs= divinatory meaning=romance, society, harmony, newly acquired prosperity, Tranquility, the fruits of labor, rest after strife,

    reverse meaning=

    Loss of full tranquility, unfulfilled romance, insecuirity, tranished beauty, incomplete happiness

    Card 7= eight of swords= divinatory meaning=

    crisis, conflict, domination, inprisonment, turmoil, bad news.Criticism, sickness, calumny

    Reverse meaning= Treachery in the past, difficulty, hard work, depression, disquiet, accident, fatality.

    Card 8= Justice=Divinatory meaning=

    reasonableness, justice, proper balance, harmony, equity, righteousness, virtue, honor, virginity, just reward, the eventual outcome, wheather favorable, or unfavourable, will be truley fair for the person concerned, equilibrium, poise, impartiality.

    Reverse meaning=

    bias, false accusations, bigotry severity in judgement, intolerance, unfairness, abuse

    Card 9= Seven of swords=Divinatory meaning= new plans, wishes, fortitude, perseverance, Endeavor, hope,

    confidence, fantasy, partial, success

    reverse meaning

    Arguments, uncertain counsel or adive, circumspection, slander, babbling.

    Card 10=Knight of swords= divinatory meaning=

    bravery, skill, capacity, the strength and dash of a young man, heroic action, oppisition and war. impetuous rush into the unknown without fear, a master in the art of action and warfare.

    reverse meaning= incapacity. impudence, dispute or ruin over a woman, impulsive mistakes, conceited fool, simplicity.

    Hope you understand what i put 🙂 and what i say is go and move house, if you are not happy were you are living at the moment, then of course you should move, but of course keep an eye on your family too. as when you stay together you are a strong family united as one 🙂

    but dont forget, they can be with out you if you want to find happiness in different way by moving, they should back you up with the move if they love you. your family should be Okay.

    hope you understand my reading love

    Best wishes


    Ps sorry its so long 🙂

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