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  • Hello,

    Is there anyone out here who could do a reading for me? I'm in a weird transitional period and would some advice. The situation is somewhat complicated. If anyone feels they can help out I will explain further. The situation I am looking for guidance in involves me and two others, well really three others. I’ll explain if anyone is interested...

    I have done several personal tarot readings on the situation but feel like I'm either miss interpreting or otherwise doing something to blotch the results as I am not seeing outcomes I expect from the readings in the days and events that follow. Someone was kind enough to give me a tarot reading before and it helped but things have changed since then and I would love some psychic assistance if anyone is available.



  • I was probably being unfair... here are details.

    Me: female, 5/26/1985

    Husband: male, 7/8/1983

    Person 1 male, 9/26/1962

    Person 2: female, birthdate unknown around 46-48 years old

    My husband and I have been a couple for over 5 years, not married that long. I was until recently involved with person 1 (started in May, 09). I have known him for around 6 years. He continually asked me to leave my husband and be with him.

    Recently he disclosed to me that we could not be together because he felt he would love his friends and family's support and that he wished it was different. I have a very strong emotional connection to person 1.

    I had chose to leave my husband to be with person 1, but was unable to tell him before we "broke up"... The "break up" happened months ago and we have been involved since and he has asked me to move in with him since the "break up". I have always told him no about moving in. One day last week, I went to person 1's house as a friend. I spent the night and some of the day with person 1. We "messed" around some... The next night I called person 1 from work, upset and ended up going to his house. I expected person 1 to be romantic towards me as he was the first night, however he needed a friend and we ended up arguing and he told me to call my husband and go home. I did. I apologized.

    Today was the first time I have seen person 1 since. I went to his house to get somethings I had left there. He was distant. I apologized again, he told me not to worry about it. I told him that I have decided to leave my husband and asked about his guestroom. (He has offered it to me many times, I have always said no.) He said he would think about it but person 2, a friend of his since 2008, is no single and acting differently toward him. I asked if he was going to date her. He said he didn't know but if he is dating he couldn't have a female roommate. I was collected and told him I would support him if he decided to do that.

    Person 2, is liked by his family and all his coworkers are telling him to be with her. His family and person 2 has told him that I'm too young and that he should stay away from me.

    Can someone give me insight in to the future of my relationship with person 1. He is my bestfriend and I feel free when I'm with him. My husband loves me alot and has forgiven me alot, but I feel it is in our best interest to slipt up. I have panic attacks at night, I stress and feel abandoned...

    Person 2 and I do not really get along. I like her enough and think she's talented but I am jealous of her relationship with person 1. I also feel like she is using person 1. Every time person 1 gets paid she arranges to go shopping with him and he ends up spending $300-$400 dollars on her... (he may be exagerating when he tells me about it... I don't know for sure).

    I just don't know what to do anymore. I can't really afford to leave my husband if I can't use person 1's guest room.

    Please let me know if you need any additional information...

  • Well now. What a situation. I really hope you find a resolution soon and I am sorry for the emotional turmoil you have been through. This will pass soon, I think you will find an answer soon enough. And by soon I mean in a few months. To be very honest and upfront, it sounds like this man has kind of played you. It seems as if he was dating this woman 2 while the two of you were dating, possibly the whole time and he felt that was okay because you were married. I am not passing judgement on you, him, your husband, or her. These are simply my opinions. But what I am saying is he probably figured that since you are married and obligated to your husband more than him, he was probably dating when he could not be with you. It also sounds that he has been asking you to leave your husband without necessarily thinking of leaving this other woman. As you said he wants the situation to be different, to work out, for her to be liked and enjoyed by friends and family. Person 2 is that. He has had to ask you numerous times to leave and numerous times to move in and it took you many times of asking for you to actually see it through. He probably felt you were not as dedicated to him if you were not willing to leave right away. I feel like he is playing a game with. Once you left, he is acting like he is no longer as accessible, trying to let you know how it feels. He wants you to see him with another woman and think about what it may be like, just as he did the whole time you were married. I think he loves you but he is also torn between wanting to be accepted, having things to smoothly, and his resentment over your relationship with your husband. He wants to move past these feelings, I truly believe he does, but I do not think he knows how to. For now, I think that you should find your own place if it is financially possible. You do not need to live with your husband because that is unfair to him, to leave and come back, leave and come back. You guys would have to work things out if you did that. I think that it is not good to live with person 1 because he is not making himself accessible like that anymore. He wants his space or at least wants to make you jealous, which is not a healthy living environment. He needs time to figure out his final move, whether he will continue to date this woman or make it exclusive with you. Personally, I think you should take time to yourself right now anyways. Get your emotions and feelings sorted out, figure out where you want your life to be in six months, one year, five years. Where does this man fit? It is not good to jump right from one relationship to the next anyways, even though you two have had a relationship, it is a different dynamic now that you are single. Baggage and anger can be brought over to this new relationship if not sorted through and thrown away first, only then can you start new. If you really feel like he is the one for you, he will be there when you are truly ready to make a full on commitment. Until then, he needs to sort his personal issues and feelings out, he is confused, very much so. He may just have to feel how different it is with this other woman to appreciate how much he really still wants you in his life. But if not, he has not gotten over his anger and resentment from you taking so long to decide where the two of you stand. I am sorry if this is too blunt, but I just want to be honest.

    With love,

    Universal Harmony

  • Hmmm. I'm seeing your time with #1 being over. The time with your husband will be coming to a close. Even though it will make you catch your breath, don't let it overwhelm you. Don't mope because the expansion that comes during your healing period is going to lead you to where you are supposed to be, and who you are supposed to be with. Sorry if it seems brutal, but that's what came. Good luck!

  • Thank you both so much for your responses. I really appreaciate it.

    Right now I am still with my husband but we have told some friends that we are splitting and are both looking for new places to live and have been working on how to deal with the belongings, debt, etc.. I haven't talked with Person 1 since Sunday and accidentally intercepted a message from his brother to my husband. I can't see things working with Person 1 if I have such a strong resistance from his family. I do not want to come between him and his family.

    Thanks again.

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