Is this normal?

  • I'm an air sign. I know that some of the people on this board will interpret dreams for you. I haven't asked anyone myself, so I can't recommend anyone in particular, but if you post your dream someone will probably respond.

  • use this image of the palm reader to learn about yourself, ask yourself why did it bother me that she was not the same to me as to my friends, and if you ever go to any kind of place , protect yourself as you are truly as sensitive as i am, we are like sponges and tend to absorb others stuff, its taken you of the focus of your reading, she has shown you clearly something about yourself not that she deliberately did it, but see your reaction to what she did, with your friends and then with you, above all it doesnt really matter what others think of us, but what does matter is that when we reacte to things that happen to us its showing us where we can improve on our journey, lots of love peace and light to you.

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