Is this normal?

  • I'll have to pay more attention next time to how it feels.

    I'm glad I'm not the sook Lovin'!!!! :-)) I cry and get emotional while reading books, magazine and newspaper stories, watching tv and movies. Thought I was just overly emotional! I don't cry much for myself but the waterworks flow very easily for others. Thought I was just a big sooky la la!

  • I'll even cry listening to music/songs.

    There is no hope for me is there...............!!!!!!

    Why I only ever wear waterproof mascara!

  • Manifest, Yes I just realized I was an empath a few months ago, I stumbled on that term by accident and couldnt beleive my eyes when I read all the "symptoms" of what an empath goes through. I identified with everything right away. So much for therapy, if I had only understood when I was a teenager. It totally explained all the anxiety I felt sitting in a classroom full of hormonal teenagers and I always sat next to the kid that needed "help". My mom would get so annoyed that all my friends that I would bring home had serious issues. She would tell me they were draining me and I shouldnt try to help everybody. I still get super nervous in big crowds I feel like I am in the middle of a cyclone and its going to rip me into pieces. And everytime I go anywhere I feel the energy shift.

  • Lovin, I know exactly how you feel. I've had to harden myself a bit over the years but when I was younger I would constantly gravitate to people that needed help. I'm still helpful, but know now that you need to protect yourself.

  • Are any of you super sensitive to weather or colors?

  • Weather yes, it changes my moods. Times of day also, I am nocturnal for sure. So ask me why I live in northern Ohio. I find myself being attracted to different colors on different days. Yeah I am more careful about who I choose to help also. I also found that saying simple prayers before I go into a crowded place helps. I can usually tell what peole think of me by looking in their eyes.

  • Manifest.......yes I am and I never gave it any thought before. Drab, grey overcast weather makes me feel down, sunny days make me feel good. And colours very much affect me.

    Also, I can't handle mess in my home. I need things to be neat and tidy and uncluttered or it seriously does my head in. I don't care if other people's houses are messy, but mine has to be's like I can feel the clutter, I feel out of balance and really really yuck (for lack of a better word). It's almost like the mess and clutter is noise that I can feel, it's really hard to explain. I thought being Taurus Sun, Virgo Rising, Virgo Moon that perhaps it was just the anal Virgo in me, but could this be tied in with being empath as well?

  • I'm in the Midwest too and wonder every cloudy day... why do I live here? I'm also nocturnal but not as much as when I was younger. I use to feel that I came alive at night.

  • Wenchie, I do think it could be tied to being empathic. Just being very sensitive to your surroundings. Weather and colors really affect me. I'm also very sensitive to sugar and caffeine. I've read that this could be from being empathic or psychic but who knows.

  • Oh you guys are great, I need to sleep now too. Got to wake up my lil lambs and get them off to school in the morn. Goodnite everybody. ( :

  • Good night Lovin', sweet dreams. Must be very late for you. Hope you have a wonderful restful sleep.


  • Thanks Manifest for the info, much appreciated :-))

  • Hello all! first time for me to post here, i just felt drawn to answer you all. It seems to me that this palmist possible knows your energy from a past life subconciously though, so probably wasn't aware of why she was short with you, or as you say didn't seem to like you, i may be wrong of course, but if you were not feeling negative or depressed or even angry about anything it seems odd.

    I am very empathic and pick up people's feelings, emotions, and even pain, i know instantly if i like/dislike someones energy, kind of feeling you get if you feel someones in your space, i am sure you know what i mean.

    Before i started to develope my abilities i had no knowledge of empathy, i suffered for many years with severe depression and even though i did have problems from my past that upset me badly i now feel a lot of my problems were picked up from others, now i know how to deal with it, i cope quite well.

    I wasn't able to go out to town alone before i learned all about these things, the ground used to feel as if it would swallow me up, it even looked like sponge to me, and the people were closing in on me, i learned how to ground and protect myself from negativity, be it spiritual or from people, believe me it helped so much. It doesn't take it away completely but it helps

    Sorry all your probably wondering what this has to do with this palmist, i guess i am just trying to point out she may have picked up from you or she saw psychically any problems you had or may have had in the past, even if it was physical pain, as simple as a headache/backache for example. She may even have seen a member of your family with problems.

    About tearful moments, i get that a lot, i even cry at tv adverts very often, i feel the emotion behind the drama's we see even on soaps, but real life programes i find very hard when there is a lot of drama behind them. If you all dont know how to ground and protect yourselves just browse the net i am sure you will find something to help. love and light x soulpurpose x

  • Hi Soulpurpose,

    Thanks for sharing. Are you a healer in any way? It seems to me that a lot of empaths are healers too.

  • Hi Wenchie yes i am! i have not long finished a online course doing Kundalini Reiki, i love to help others i knew even before i started on this path i was meant to be a healer of some kind, i didn't know how i knew i just knew, i used to help just by listening and being there for people, which i still do as well as sending healing distantly or hands on, however i cant do it for a profession as i am not insured as i did the course online for free and not at a professional place or college type course, it suits me fine as i cant go out to work anyway, i am disabled and cant stand or walk far and in constant pain, which also helps me to understand other peoples problems and pain. love and light x soulpurpose x

  • Soulpurpose,

    I have not heard of that type of Reiki before, but admittedly don't know a whole heap about Reiki. I'll look it up. I know what you mean, I feel like I'm supposed to be healing too and don't know why or how, just a feeling I've had for a long time.

    What a shame you can't do the healing professionally, but often the joy is in the giving and knowing you've made a difference in someone's life. Just being able to help is often enough satisfaction.

    I am sorry to hear about your disability, I think anything which keeps you in constant pain is awful. I can't heal you to the extent of making you brand new but if you would like I could do a healing for you which hopefully will bring some relief for a while.

    I have another healing promised, but if you would like me to do that, I can do it sometime within the next three days.


    Wenchie 🙂

  • Wenchie,

    hey ! i am not a psychic.. but when i was younger i can hear voices from the death. What brings me here today is not the voice from the death, but voices from my heart. I can feel that i am missing someone special but he is not my partner. But than again i can feel such a strong feeling for him eversince he bring to my attention about having a feelig about us. I want to seek answers to these strange feelings and wonder what is the connection about.

    It is interesting to know that healers has strong emptha and i realized recently i have that feelings to especially when i see sad stories in the newspaper i feel pain and my chest hurts. I wonder what is all this feeling is trying to tell me. Can you help discovery this feeling?

  • Hi Soulpurpose!! Thanks for your response! My friends tarot cards told me that in a past life I wasn't exactly the nicest or well the best person. I accept that but like I say, I can't change my past life! I'm not whoever that person was anymore!

    Yeah, I often feel down and pick up on other people's emotions very quickly. And I learn almost instantly whether I like or dislike a person. There are a few people that i'm not sure about at first and it takes me a little while to figure them out.

  • secretlygone from what I have read and some experiences in this life some personality traits stay with you each time you come back. Like if you were an out spoken person then you will probably be that way now. That is just an example. You keep coming back with the same energies but the roles are different. Your parents may have been your children in another life. There were times when I was growing up that I felt like I was my mothers parent. I always thought then that she was laying a lot of responsibility on me because she couldn't deal with all that was on her plate. I had the experience while I was living in Mo. to meet two people on different occasions that I felt very strongly that I knew them before but not in this life. I have read that the feeling was that I knew their vibration. And they felt the same thing. I knew spirits who came to me while I was there in Mo. that wanted me to call back to Calif. and give messages to their family's. Two different spirits for one friend and I knew them when they were here. The other person it was her father and I had never met him. I was even felling his aggravation that she didn't get the message and he wanted me to call her back because she didn't get it. It comes in time and when you start opening more. I tried to hurry things along and it doesn't work. When your ready it just comes in and you know. I think my sister was my child also in another life. If this was of any help then I am happy your moving in a good direction. Peace and harmony.

  • I found this Thread interesting to say the least…I have never had a palm reading, dream interpretation, fortune teller, any of it.. Im not even familiar with a lot of the jargon most of you are using.. I have dabbled into Astrology.. After reading all of the postings here I am interested in knowing if the majority of you are Water signs.. I am a Scorpio and prior to meeting my husband I KNEW I possed a degree of psychic abilities. In fact I ALWAYS had folk telling me about this Strong Aura they could feel, (it was always positive) I have to say since my Marriage I haven’t heard that from One person and the strong psychic feeling is pretty much gone…But I’d like to know if ANY of you can suggest a Really Good, Dream Interpreter..

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