Is this normal?

  • Okay, first off before I ask my question i'm just going to say that I had a palm reading done this past summer. The palm reader seemed iffy with me. She was very happy and cheerful and upbeat with my two friends, but with me...she seemed....weary? I don't know. Just not as upbeat and cheerful. Almost as if she didn't want to have me there. Which I don't understand because I really am one of the nicest and sweetest and most genuine people around. I've never lied to someone and I am a very blunt person. I do what I can to help anyone in need and i'm a true friend to everyone I know. I don't talk badly about people or backstab, if I have something negative to say about someone (or an issue) I will usually bring it straight to the source.

    But ANYWAYS, she told me that I have the psychic triangle on my palm (I have since been told this by a few others as well) and that I am very, very good with picking up vibes from people instantly on what kind of people they are. That I don't trust many people because of this, which is very true. That I usually get a feel for my surroundings and like events and things that are going on around me. I'm quite sensitive.

    Now my question is, is it normal to watch a show like say Ghost Hunters and anyone there is an unexplained voice or something on thermal, I tear up. Like full on tears and I don't know why. Whenever I look through my pictures and I happen to see an orb or something, once again, I tear up. And i'm not scared! I usually find these things intriguing and fascinating yet my eyes always instantly fill up with water.

    Anytime I have been somewhere that is presumably haunted my eyes do the same thing. Is this normal? Does this just mean i'm also sensitive to spirits? I've always wondered why.

  • This happens to me too. When I'm having a psychic or spiritual experience I often tear up. This has happened as far back as I can remember.

  • And I have the triangle too.

  • Ahh, okay. So i'm not alone. Lol.

    I just have never really understood why. It's happened to me for as long as I can remember but I didn't know if it was normal of all people or if it was because of the triangle and such.

  • Whenever I have a reading the psychics seem to be able to tell that I am also psychic, and I remember having one ask me if I teared up like that. I assume that it's not uncommon. Can't say for sure if it has anything to do with being psychic, but I've always wondered about it myself. I kind of get the feeling it happens when your vibration is raised. It happens to me in church all the time too....kind of embarrassing.

  • Hmmm, ive only teared up while watching or being around very emotional circumstances, that i can feel anyways. Maybe yall sense the pain and anguish spirits are going through. Also being around those situations in itself are very emotional. As for the palmist maybe she was threatend by your abilities, or scared by them. I have the triangle and the healers mark as well.

  • Secretlygone, Manifest & Serious,

    Can I please ask you a question? I had a reading done last year at a, I guess you would call it a psychic fair. It was a alternative healing/therapies expo. Anyway, there were many readers there and I had a reading with a lovely older lady who was Russian or Polish. At the start, she wanted to hold both of my hands, I guess to tune into my energy. She laughed and said "did you feel that? (Which sadly I didn't, but I was too out of sorts with how the hall felt with all those people inside - all that energy making me feel quite disorientated) and she said that the energy passed through each other, like in a circle. I can't remember now, but it went something like energy from me passed through her and back to me and to her again.

    What does that mean and what is it?

  • Well, I can tell you that I feel that with my husband all the time. I can be laying down next to him and feel a circle of energy from the base of my spine to him and back. It's very noticeable. I think whenever we interact with anybody there is an exchange of energy. I had a friend that turned into a bit of a stalker and I just felt a very uncomfortable pull of energy away from my solar plexus with him. It was a terrible feeling... No circle just taking my energy.

  • Oh, and they don't have to be nearby to feel this.

  • Wow this is all very intresting. I have what looks like 4 stars at the top of my palm. What is that? And what does a psychic triangle look like or a healers mark? I only looked in one book about palm readin and it didnt get that detailed.

  • Thank you Manifest, I didn't realise it was a normal occurence. The way she said it was in a surprised voice so I wondered what it meant.

    I know when I am with my man, and he's pretty closed off still at the moment, but I can feel what he's like in his energy. He feels so good to be touching and cuddling up to! But I don't feel energy transferring between us.

    And I do have those times when someone just feels really bad and yucky and negative and I don't trust them and take an instant dislike. Doesn't happen very often but it has happened.

  • I've found that I generally like MOST people, but there are some people that I instantly dislike. But it's a lot stronger than a dislike. Like I really want NOTHING to do with them and I don't want to talk to them or be around them. Some people I get the feeling so strongly that I don't even want to have anything to do with someone their connected with (like a mutual friend or boyfriend) and I find myself being like "either that person leaves your life, or I leave your life."

    I am very, very, very rarely wrong about people or situations and whether they are good people or not and how a situation is going to turn out.

    I just often don't like to listen to myself and my feelings about situations and people that have to do with me. =P I'm stubborn and continue to hold hope even when I know I shouldn't.

    I just remember finding it very, very odd that this psychic was all happy and upbeat with my friends and with me, I had the shortest palm reading out of the 3 of us and she was very brisk with me and seemed quite unhappy. It bothered me. I never did anything to this women and was quite nice to her and very friendly and polite and even gave her a generous tip (and paid my friends tip for her as well).

  • I think she was jealous of your abilities. Or maybe you reminded her of someone she does not like I dont think it was anything you did wrong. Do you know what 4 stars at the top of my palm mean? I have always wondered about this.

  • Ugh it just happened again. A repeat episode of Ghost Hunters is on the TV in my room...i'm not actually watching it and really am not even listening but it got the the reveal part where you can hear something saying "It's..." and can't hear the rest and my eyes just instantly filled with tears and now i'm covered in goosebumps. Sheesh not even paying attention and it happens!

  • No, I have no idea what that means. I've never even heard of that. I'm still new to everything! I didn't even know it was possible to have a "psychic triangle" on my palm. I actually have 2 on one palm...she pointed out one and my friend pointed out another one.

    Have you tried doing a google for it?

  • I just googled your questions about stars. I have a few books on the subject but they are packed away. The answer I got was that you will have good fortune in the area that the stars are located in.

  • Don't worry secretlygone, we can't please anyone. She just wasn't the reader for you.

    When you know your own truth the rest doesn't matter.

    So, the couple of times I've done a healing for people and gotten really really teary, to the point of bottom lip quivering, as well as other feelings and sensations......may not have been their emotions of wanting to cry? It may have been a spiritual/psychic experience from connecting so well to them at that time?

  • Wenchie,

    It could be either. I do get teary from other peoples emotions, but also from a psychic or spiritual experience ( raising of my vibration ) I think. One feels like sadness the other feels like just overwhelming tingling almost like an allover tickle.

  • Thank you manifest.

    I get teared up when I see those commercials with starving children. I cannot watch the news and I cry at church when we sing. And sometimes I get sad for no reason at all and it really irritates me.

  • I know what you mean lovin. When I was younger I used to think that I was really emotional. It took a while to realize that I was picking up on others emotions.

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