This chart may help you if yer wondering about #'s

  • The Number One: The Creative, Male, Dominant, Alpha, Leader, Ambition, Initiation, Individualism, Self, Arrogance, Aggression, Attainment, Happiness, Fulfillment, Glory, Fame, Birth, Fire, Unique, Omniscience

    The Number Two: The Submissive, Female, Dualism, Cooperation, Consideration, Cooperation, Balance, Mediation, The Other, Love, Flexibility, Adaptability, Grace, Dance, Harmony, Devotion, Obedience, The Subconscious, Water, Soul Mate,

    The Number Three: The Divided, Triangle, Multiples, The Holy Trinity, Faith, Hope and Charity, Expression, Speech, Wit, Society, Art, Culture, Sensuality, Sorrow, Immaturity, Passion, Air, Surprise, Spontaneity, Change, Sex

    The Number Four: The Builder, Foundation, Stability, Patriarchy, Power, Progress, Earth, Justice, Ability, Manual Dexterity, Practical, Law, The Conscious Mind, Civilization, Traditional, Profit, Wisdom, Commerce, Health, Conviction

    The Number Five: The Visionary, Expansion, Opportunity, The Matriarchy, Adventure, Imagination, Story-telling, Symbols, The Subconscious Mind, Individualism, Freedom, Healing, Miracle, Choices, Unconditional Love, Mercy, Kindness, Invention, Resourceful, The New Age, Assistant.

    The Number Six: The Protector, Provider, Healer, Nurturing, Children, Empathy, Intuition, Sympathy, Quality, Sustenance, Love of Community, Unconditional love, Circulation, Economy, Agriculture, Charity, Balance, Grace, Evolution, Simplicity, Sorcery.

    The Number Seven: The Analyst, Thinker, Science, Learning, Education, Study, The Written Word, Logic, Alchemy, Secrets, Myth, Religion, Ritual, Understanding, Knowledge, Isolation, Chastity, Dignity, The Collective Consciousness, Genius.

    The Number Eight: The Manifesting, Wealth, Power, Riches, Status, Material, Pragmatism, The Ego, Provision, Aggregation, Dictatorship, Multiples, Business, Investment, Employment, Appearance, Customs, Skills, Exchange, Reality, World Transformation.

    The Number Nine The Humanitarian, Religious, Charitable, Philanthropic, Duty, Calling, Mission, Obligations, Hardship, The Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Mysticism, Faith, Angel on Earth, Faith in Mankind, Optimist, Suffering, Self-sacrifice, Karma, Enlightenment, Divine Wisdom.

    The Number Eleven The Master Teacher, Illumination, Enlightenment, Inspirational, Idealism, Intuitive, Psychic, Channeling, Poetry, Art, Symbols, Expression, Dreamer, Revolution, Drugs, Alternate Consciousness, Mysticism, Catalyst, Prisoner, Prophet.

    The Number Twenty Two The Master Builder, Dreams Made Manifest, Ancient Wisdom, Realization, Force of Nature, The Future, Evolution, Technology, Universal Love, God, Retribution, Redemption, Love, War, Leader, The Universe, Personal Power, Charisma, Service, The Divine Imagination.

    i got sent an email from with this in it, and figured this might help some people, these are brief descriptions of your Life Path Number, Expression Number, Soul Urge Number , now all you got to do is find out what numbers are yours!!

    MINE are Life Path Number 3, Expression Number 22, Soul Urge Number 11 those i got from the email, but you can do personality test here on and they give you more numbers to look up, but some are not on this list, or you might get more than just one number for your personality like i did on tarot, i got 11/2 which is funny cause # 2 even though it says woman in the number, i geuss i know why im so sensitive for a guy lmao

  • oh and the **** stars at the end of number 3 is S_E_X

  • Thanks for all that, very informative! 🙂

  • hiya.. haven't i also had an e-mail from my life path number is 9, on my numerology report on here its 7?

    does the numbers change or could it be that 1 is wrong?

  • ... SORRY LOL... mistake

    i have also had an e-mail....

  • hmmm that i do not know, but maybe something happens in peoples lives where they choose to go down a different road than what was "planned" for them? or just maybe you just have both characteristics of both numbers? i dunno, or maybe you typed something wrong when you did them by accident? said my soul urge # was 11, which here on tarot i got

    personality 11/2 (i guess that means i show both of them, and i do agree) my Heart's Desire is also 11, AND my birthday is the 11th of December, my life path number was 3 on both, but my expression number on was 22 which seems fitting to me, on here on tarot, i got 31/4 which 31 isnt on here, and number 4 i think is true cause i aim to be someone people can depend on, and also it seems all my numbers have the word wisdom, intuition, or being great thinker , which i have all of those, sometimes i think too much, and i am more mature than most 21 year olds you'll probably come across, cause i do seek wisdom when ever and where ever i can, this is why im addicted to this website now haha

    OH and my Maturity number is 7, which Desribes what i just said lol

    wow sorry i kinda rambled on there but maybe that helped, any one else looking at this chart? if so what are your numbers? and tell us if you think they are correct, i think that would be fun lol

  • kool im number 22

    Awesome! i love mine! tha is so me!

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