Question for hanswolfgang

  • Can you guide me on what my future holds with my husband. MY Bd 2/28/62 his Bd 2/20/66 ?

  • I would like some advice on a Taurus man. We meet through my brother,about 4 years ago.We started out dating,then we lived together (same bed),but have never had intercourse, just messed around.Then all of the sudden, he just wants to be best friends. We have alot in common as interests,sports, movies,up bringing of our children (from previous marriages).We enjoy being around each other all the time we can. He moved out of state a year ago,we have seen each other on about 3 or 4 occassions. When I tell him I'm ready to move on, then he acts as if he is more interested in me and keeps saying we could continue to have togetherness in the future. When he does speak of the future he says"WE".So my questions is he really wanting to further this relationship or just afraid of losing me all together?What does the future have in store for the two of us? My dob is 7/13/1960 and his is 5/16/1960

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