Three of swords

  • I believe swords represent mental life and the threes correspond to generativity, beginning to be established, the first completion (as in 3's, 6's, 9's). So what do you think about the 3 of swords referring to "logic"?

    The essence of mental life is thought (ace) and the 2's manifest this as a distinction: we can only notice anything over against some alternative. Once two concepts have some relation (consequence, similarity, negation etc.) they can be used to deduce other thoughts using reasoning of one form or another. The 3 of swords would therefore represent the establishment of a unified reasoning system -- a `logic'.

    Being 3, this is an early establishment, i.e. with little maturity. Has anyone here experienced how devastating pure logic (unmitigated by compassion) can be? Where thought is all there is, life is cheap and logic knows nothing of mercy. The inevitable consequence of being `so sharp you will cut yourself' is a pierced heart: either your own or (more usually) someone else, too intimidated to tell you. [Listen carefully and you might hear the muffled cries of victims in the background, from my shameful actions in this regard. :- ]

    So maybe, when the three of swords appears, it might not speak of pain and heartbreak, though that may be a consequence. Might it be a warning against been too reasoned, logical?

  • When i read this i thought it was speaking to me. lately i have been noticing all the things that i have done to people to make their hearts break and such. i have not been very worthy to anyone but sometimes you never realize what you have done until its too late. for that i couldnt apologize more but as it goes sometimes it doesnt do any good. my consequences have been severe and some not so. i am thankful that i atleast got to express my sorrow for what i did to them.

  • This card came up in a reading I'd done a few months ago, and given the nature of my question, it came across to me as someone driving a blade (represented by the middle sword) between me and my heart's desire.

    Essentially, what the Three of Swords - or any other card, for that matter - symbolizes depends on the question, the questioner, and, of course, the other cards in the reading. The sometimes heartbreaking nature of logic can be one such interpretation.

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