Can tarot ever be wrong?

  • im sorry to start a seemingly negative post, but i wondering if anyone had the experence of a misinterpreted or incorrect reading? some, not all of the readings i've had on have eluded to positive outcomes, infact some yes or no tarots have gave specific outcomes, but in two cases they didnt come true. When read the cards my self i try to see it a a way to draw out my instincts, im just wondering if my instincts are clouded by too much hope am i missing the negative outcomes and buying into a false belief bcause its what i want to believe? its all the more confusing on this website when the meanings are given for you. why would i be given positive outcome if thats not the case?

  • Thats why internet tarot readings are kind of.....well, stupid. LOL. a lot of it is CONTEXT, and INTUITION. 3 of swords for one person might mean betrayal, for another it might mean a love triangle....for another someone who loves them so much if physically hurts them and causes them anxiety. going to give you all those options? No. Thats why its hard to go off the internet.

  • thanks maria, wha do you think i should do?

  • online reading, I only had a few and that was few years back when I had enough karma coins

    they were quite close but it's possible not accurate for other people

    I sometimes tried Doreen virtue cards in the past

    they were only 3 at a time but I found them quite close also

    if you want check out these sites

    www dot consciousone dot com c1cards

    they are not tarot but can reveal future past current

    I don't rely on cards anymore so that's the only site I know

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