Are Soulmates Real? Help!!!

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  • LibrasAngel..Hopefully you will read this post, and help, The name KittyGalore seems so garish to me I'd like to change my screen name, but I'm not sure how, without loosing my account info...I'm assuming that I have to create a New Account to do this..Since you have already changed your name Please tell me if there is anyway to change my name without having to open a new account....I submitted a request 24 hours ago to Admin asking that they reset my password or send me the password for this account, because once I log off I'm afraid I won't be able to log back on... Love & Peace to you always....

    Your Help or Anyone's Help is appreciated.


  • I don't know if I believe in SOULMATES, I believe it half/half. In astrology, we all know we have 12 signs; 4 of them you might be very compatible with, 4 other signs might be a somewhat compatibility, and the other 4 are your incompatibility. Read all your compatibilities and you'll be shocked to know. 😃

  • Thank you All for posting...I appreciate all the feedback on this post of your experiences with SoulMates...Thanks and Blessings to All you that have a result I HAVE finally managed to channel my feelings in a positive manner, understanding that I am not the only one that believes, has met and felt the pain of Knowing my SoulMate...

    LibrasAngel..busy women that you Must be with all your little blessings...changed my name, I think its appropriate for the way I feel almost every time that I come to this forum.

    Peace Love & Light


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