Are Soulmates Real? Help!!!

  • wendykaye thanks for the inspiration, What is so puzzIing for me is that I am feeling more strong & positive than I have in a long relationship with my husband is more satisfying than ever...I have even picked up a new piece of furniture to refurbish...this dream felt more real than any I have had of him before...My point in posting the question ARE SOULMATES REAL...was my effort to gauge others feelings on the allow myself to understand, why this one relationship has plagued me through out the Years...and to question has this or is this happening to any one believe that I am not crazy...or obsessed. I stated earlier I thought I Was doing a pretty good job,...Knowing that Yes he is a Soulmate but putting this fact in the proper perspectives and moving along with my life....So that is why this dream really took me for a loop... if you read my post from the other day..I felt comfortable with the answer I allowed myself..believing I was Free of the Haunt....because I understood a little better, but this Dream Alarmed me...and your mention of demons about scarring the heck out of me!!!.. up until last night the dreams were always pleasant, but last night...

    In the dream he was Forceful & Angry...he was so forceful that it felt like I had been violated...he wasnt loving at all, & when he said...You are Mine...It felt like I was being threatened....I woke to feel defeated in my effort to purge him from my Head...Making me question if he is a SoulMate..whats with the violence..why so forceful and threatening....

  • Kitty>>>I sincerely apologize for spooking you. I never meant to freak you out, I will choose my words more carefully in the future. I was simple trying to say that when we are strong there always seems to be the opposite forces trying to tears us down. I thought maybe it would help justify the violence. I have also done a ton of reading about dreams. I have been plegde with night terrors since I was a child. What I learned of them is that, quite often, we project feelings in dreams we can't otherwise deal with/fulfill in our waking hours. Such as, your feelings of him overpowering your life, came out as him overpowering you in your dream. Or maybe, the dream could of meant that another part of your life is out of your control to the point you feel violated. Maybe, and I am just throwing some things out to you here, that if you havent discussed any of this with your husband (he doesnt need to know every detail) that you have some issues with guilt. Dreams are rarely what they seem. People in our dreams are rarely who they are. Only you can answer these questions (of course). For them to stop though, sounds like theres a deeper issue you need to deal with, once you do your conscience will be free. I really, really hope ive helped a little this time (and not hindered your progress by scaring you - im so sorry) Please let me know if any of this helps or makes some since in your life.

    Love, Light and Sweet Dreams ~ Wendy

  • Wendykaye...You didn't scare me...I know that you wanted to help me understand...and at this point I don't want to understand on any deeper level.... I do know that I dont want to have another dream of him at all...N to tell you the truth I think I spooked myself, I haven't done the Tarot again..because I think that pulling Demon & Death cards was just a little too much for my self protected spirit... I tell you the day I did the tarot spread..I was truly spooked that entire day...Not sure if thats the night I went to sleep and had that awful dream but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with it... I want to be in the light and the love, not the dark and spooky (well for me the tarot cards & the dream that followed shortly after, spooked me enough to not want to go there again) so if that means leaving the whole issue where it is, and never getting an answer as to why I've felt haunted...then so be it... I asked the question Are Soulmates Real, going to the Tarot cards for an answer Is not something that I'm going to do again...I'll stick to reading others posts of their experiences on Soulmates.... Thanks Wendy and all that shared.. Peace, Love & Light to us All 🙂

  • Kitty>>>Thank you for clearing that up. I really felt bad. You sound sooo much better then when you started this. And if you need anything - I'm here, were all here, for you. I wish you the best of luck in all you do. I honestly mean that. As for the tarot, someday maybe you might want to give em a chance again. They have really helped me. As a matter of fact, I don't know where I would be without them. I know, someday, right?! It was nice talking to you. Until we met again..... WendyKaye......Peace, Love, and Light to you all as well:)

  • We are all soul mates. in finding love we become the person we want to attract. When we are looking for kindness, compassion, partnership, joy, abundance, etc. we first find those qualities in ourselves. In your writing I am hearing a part of you that is looking for love. A part that may feel incomplete without a partner. Take the time to get to know you, your strengths, your talents, your gifts and develop them... in otherwords, create the life you want to live and in the process you will find (attract) the person that is walking the same path you are.

    This guy is a loser. He attracts the part of you that doesn't believe you are worth a loving partner. Now, toss this fish back into the sea and take the time to develop your vision for your life and as you put it into action... the person who is a match for you will appear.

    A friend once gave me an affirmation that has worked every time....

    I am beautiful.

    I deserve to be loved.

    I now attract the man who is perfect for me.

    Another favorite saying of mine is "A boy isn't worth the tears and the one who is won't make you cry." When they play the head games and tell you they have another... believe them and let them go... unless of course your game is to feel sorry for yourself and lament that you aren't spending time with a loser who creates dis-ease and heart ache. I hope you open your eyes and find the love and light that is within you.


  • Thats an interesting question! I recently re-connected with a woman I had been involved with almost 25 years ago. I truly believe she is my soul mate. I ended up marrying another woman and she was married and divorced as well. She has never re-married. I believe that if they are truly your soul mate you need to set them free and if they come back then it is true love and may very well be your soul mate.

  • Oh Dear...He called & then sent me a text last night, I have not returned the call or responded to the text. I haven't heard from him in almost a Year, I just kinda went numb....when I realized who they were from...The relationship my husband and I have is getting So strong right now, we are both openly showing that we want to protect our love.. I'm afraid of what I might do or say...if I talk to him..Gee, and now I'm wondering ... if I would be considered a runner..cuz I don't think I want to talk to him...wondering If I talked him up....

    My question was ...Are SoulMates Real... I believe it, but I think Im willing to let it go...because Im a lil afraid of him or myself..

  • Hurt77>> hey, its wendykaye ( I finally got a cool name tooo) haven't heard from you in a few days, are you okay? I was just wondering, if you were close to your family, mother, father, brother, sister etc. It's always helped me, when I had my family around. I really hope your doing okay,

    Love light, And concern ~WendyKaye.

  • Oh I just have to say WendyKaye if you are now librasangel I must be librasdevil settin on the other shoulder trying to cause some mischief. I couldn't resist. Forgive me the devil made me do it. LOL

  • Kitty>> Sorry, complete blonde moment (wrong forum, I got up and walked away and forgot what I was doing. Wont do that again,) heehee

    Anyway, maybe you should talk to him and end it. Closure is the best medicine. It will be hard, but to be fair to your husband. He probably has noticed that you are not all there with him. End it. Before you spread yourself to thin. This must be exhausting you. Like two lives.

    Love, Light & Blessings!!!! Wendy

  • LIbraslair>>> "devil made you do it" huh? I know better than that. - for I'm a libra too. I'm looking forward to chatting with you, since we're libras and only truely challenged by ourselfs, this could get interesting.....LOL

    Love, Light, and Blessings (in battle, haha) ~ Wendykaye

  • This post is deleted!

  • LibrasAngel~ LibrasLair... I have had two Libra friends that I was aware of ....both pretty cool & laid back... but I tell you both had bodies like the Heavens themselves opened up and gave it to them...Astrological body type??.... Wendy it's alway good to hear from you....your advice is priceless....But I think that this time around I'm not going to contact him or respond...SoulMate or's gonna take more than a Phone call to disrupt my sense of well being...and talking with him Will do just that, because Whatever he has to say is going to Disrupt my far as getting Closure this may sound odd, but I'm not even sure I want to go into that with him..besides it might set off a chain reaction and just agitate my spirit for who knows how long and thats the Last thing I want!!..I've gotten so much stronger...Yippee for me

  • Kitty>>> I have to say i'm very impressed. To be able to just set it aside and say "enough is enough" wow, you are getting much stronger. I can see that plain as day. Your Mind, Body and Spirit have a wonderful aurora now. I'm very much in awe of you, with a little envy. I'm to curious and for some reason I need to have the last word. I guess I could learn a lesson or two from you. As for the whole "heavenly body" thing, I just had yet another baby, 2 months ago. I'm just now getting back into my clothes. Honestly, and I haven't admitted this until now, I gained a good 30 pounds with him. I never got any stretch marks with none of my kids, I know I'm very lucky there, however getting back into my clothes (lossing the baby fat) wasn't so easy this time. You also said "astrological body" what exactly do you mean? like personalities?

    Oh, and having two more libras in your life? You must attract us somehow. Have you always had libras hanging around?

    Love, and Light!! Wendy

  • Kitty I have one of those hour glass figures and no one will turn me over now that the sand is all on the bottom. Thanks for lovely words. Peace oh and Peace to you too librasangel

  • When I said Astrological body type..I've had a couple sips of Moscato while preparing Thanksgiving Dinner....(hope I don't have too many errors in here)..don't think I'll take another sip...don't want to burn the food...But anyway what I meant was along with personality characteristics there is also a general body type given for each sign...If I remember correct Cancers and Libra's are described as having a very curvey womanly shape... they say Scorpios have a long lanky body type and this Is true for me..Of course its all General and genes have everything to do with it....Everyone have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING....

  • Kitty>> I'm on the Scorpio Cusp, also a few of my planets are in Scorpo, the sign wieghts heavy in my personality. Long, and lanky describe me as well. Except when I'm nursing. God did that for us flat chics. I'm loving "the girls" these days!!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.........( Libraslair too)

    P.S. ...Have one (glass of wine) for me..........I'm gonna really miss that this year.......

    Love & Light

  • Librasangel.... I know exactly what you mean I nursed both of my daughters, I gained 30 lbs exactly with my last pregnancy.. lost it all, and have gained it all back to date... but guess who showed the showed signs of my weight gain...(Yup.. Im sure you guessed it)...and because they are just the way I like them...I'm going to keep the weight on..Hope everyone had a Fantastic Holiday... Oh and LibrasLair...Haven't you heard...Having a Big Bottom is all the craze these days...Women are getting shots to portray the look....Lucky You...

    I left very early today to participate in Black Friday..the first time ever..

  • Hit tab in error...and I don't know what just happened, but I wasn't finished....Anyway just wanted to comment on the crazy... people running over you...over crowded conditions in the stores today.....I feel like I've been to the gym..Despite..I did find some great deals ..but don't think that I will do Black Friday shopping again....Have a Great day Ladies.... Peace & Light


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