Are Soulmates Real? Help!!!

  • Good Morning Libraslair,

    I just wanted to recommend you read kittyglaore's last post on the previous page because she asks for an explanation of Light and I highly doubt my answer could be anywhere near as correct and true as yours since I'm nowhere near you in wisdom and insight:)

    Don't worry about disagreeing or agreeing, we are sharing and helping each other learn. Each bit of insight adds light and wisdom as we find our way. I think I do agree with you. I've been reading about soul mates, twin souls, twin flames,etc and I think we confuse them all. Maybe there are elements of some of these things in all our relationships, I do think that each meaningful contact in EVERY relationship,good and bad,is a part of the work our souls need to do while we are here.

    I hope you're day is going along brilliantly.

    Love and Light friend,

  • Kitty I don't read cards as it's not that high on my list of thing that I am interested in learning. I have a few different decks but haven't taken much time to learn them. I have some Native American and some with stones. I knew a woman who read and she used a regular deck of cards and she was very spot on as some would say. Those of us who grew up in a religious home have had to make our own decisions as to what feels right to us. I asked questions of the ministers wife who was also a ministers daughter and she couldn't answer my questions. I think that there are people now and even my children's ages who didn't feel that what the church was teaching was good for them. It didn't feel right. So we may have decided to say we are spiritual and not religious. I understand that there is black magic and white magic. I myself aren't up on the difference but I feel that black might be or have a negative aspect where white would be positive and to do no harm. When I say Love and Light or surround yourself with the Light I am referring to energy or spirit of the highest degree. Some will call it Godliness and others may call it something else. I feel I am asking for help and protection from that higher more evolved entity. If anyone else can explain this better feel free to step in and go for it. I maybe leaving something out.

  • We all know the age old saying " to have loved and lost, is better than to have never loved at all". Let's think about that, what do we gain from the experience? Well, after a lot of thought this is what I think. We gain the knowledge of knowing we are capable of love. Not everyone is. Capable of true, whole-hearted, unconditional love, that is. It's a gift! You need to share it with the world. Until you experience it, you can't know it or share it. It's like a chain letter ( for lack of better examlpe). Love: by defination, is to be shared: Right?

    This is what I suggest to you my friend, take a deep breath, smile, & thank god you got to have (at least for a moment) what most people live a lifetime without; a beautiful love story! Take what you can from it, and share it. Start your "love chain" and i promise to will continue on. If everyone in the world could be loved ,at least for a moment, the way you loved your pisces man, image where we could be?

    Believe me, I know how corny this sounds. Think about it though. What's the first thing people say to explain there awful behavior? Right - " No one ever loved me'.

    Do your best to find the positive. You need to heal yourself to complete yourself! You need to be complete to truely love again. I know you can do it! Your a beautiful woman who has an amazing gift to share. Someone is waiting for you! You just have to be "whole" to see it, or him.

    "Fake it 'til you make it" you'll get to the point where it will be a fond memory and not a ache in your heart. I know from experience, if I can do it you can!

    In answer to your question; Yes, we all have a soulmate/kindred spirit. Once I healed myself, and took what I could from my experiences to better myself, I found him. We have been married for almost ten years, and have 5 beautiful children! Yes, 5! It hasn't been easy, not at all easy. Not to long ago I wanted to give up. Obviously, I didn't and I 'm so glad. You have to go through the bad/horrible stuff to get to the good/wonderful stuff. It's a process not a destantion!

    Best of luck to you, Love and Light, Your friend - wendy!!

  • Libraslair, you condensed all my rambling into one concise, exact definition. I agree with you totally. You genius:)

    Wendy, 5 children?? You're a superhero. I'm so glad that you found your happiness with your "One" and wish you many lifetimes of bliss.


  • Thank you I wasn't sure I gave it complete justice.

  • You ALWAYS get it right:) You're very welcome friend. Thank You for explaining it!

  • LibrasLair (cool name) Thank you for taking the time to reply..I appreciate your answer, and the sharing of your wisdom....very insightful... Hisbablove you are contagious..yesterday your spirits were kinda low..well today I've caught the weepy's myself.. the tarot card reading really shook me up..and brought the picses to the for front... I gave him too much thought today...are you feeling any better.. how's Your situation?? * wendykaye..I loved your post..and agree with you 100%..since I have been posting I do believe that I can channel my feelings and the yearning a lot better, but there are days that I can't say it better than * hisbablove (It's hard to breathe)..I never found out what I should have learned from my experience with him..In fact I recently decided to stop asking myself the Why & Whats..but I still get a little shaky in my Quest to Heal...Thank you for sharing...* Hisbablove I took your advise & posted my spread....

  • Kitty! Good to hear from you. I'm sorry you are down. None of this is easy and no words can make it go away but I am absolutely SURE you will find help and wisdom here, among these unbelievably kind people.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do. I really do want to share with you what I can.

    Blessings and Love to you.

  • I wanted to say to you *hisbablove...that I just finished reading all of the postings on Dear Friends, and I was moved...Really... first and formost because you can just feel the outreach of love and kindness that is shared amongst most of your friends......Just needed to say I could feel the love and respect that most offer you and its great...Thank You for sharing with me..

  • Oh Kitty! You have moved me many times over. You are a wonderful, sweet, sensitive soul. I appreciate and celebrate that in you and I ask you to join me in that. You are very right in sensing the great generosity of the friends I have found here. I encourage you to participate in the great gifts of this site, its PEOPLE:)

    Bless you and bless stay in touch with all of us. You are as valued and important as any one here!

  • Kittygalore: I'm so glad you like my post, I've never posted before. Your story really touched me and my heart goes out to you. I find it sad that you have stopped asking "why & what", i think we have something to learn from every experience in life. ( I'm sure you know that all ready). I'm not saying to dwell on it, just that the things in life that baffle us the most will sooner or later ( a lot of times, a lot later) will all of a sudden click and make sense. Stay open to it.

    Hisbablove: Superhero? maybe if superheros are crazy!! haha - Ladies: Two words , Birth Control!!! JK, I love my children, wouldn't change it cuz it works for me.

    Libraslair: "Spiritual not religious" well put. I love it. Love your postings too.

  • Wendy, well my goodness! Five kids and you're still lucid? If thats not superhero status, well I'm done for! I would have collapsed long ago. They are some lucky kids in having a loving and witty mom.

    I agree, Libraslair's postings are pretty awesome, as is SHE. One of my favorite amazing women here!

    Blessings and Light to all of you:)

  • hisbablove>>>Thank you!! Your to kind!! Really though, I'm so glad to have found this site. Just talking to other adults is wonderful. I have my days where I'm sure i'm gonna lose it but my grandmother told me that you have to have a sense of humor. "Just laugh" she would say. Which came in handy just now when my 2 year old came up to me with half a bottle of conditioner on her head. What are they thinking? Anyway, I've been through so much in my 33 years I can't even been to tell you. I hope some of my experiences can help someone else, as for me, just talking about some of them is helping me put them to rest. Thanks again!!

    And Love and Light to you too - Wendy

  • Oh bab it's so nice to be loved. Thank you so much. And wendykaye I have had a few more years than the rest of you to finally get this far. And when I got a bigger picture I understood all of the things that I was saying when I was young were all messages for people. I realized that what I was saying wasn't going through my thought process so I was only the tool being used. And I was really good with that. It all happens when your ready and not when you think your ready.

  • Libraslair>>> love the name ( i'm a Libra too, and love being one!). You always say something that I need to hear, something that, if I use, will make me a better me. I what my children to see that you never stop learning, growing, strenghening yourself, etc. However, I wanted to tell you, I sometimes over think things (weighting my pros & cons as libras do) but from now on, I will use myself more as an instrument like you said, I will say and do whats on my heart, not what is just on my mind. I hope you understand what i'm saying - I'm just letting it flow..........haha!!

    Love and Light, wendykaye

  • Hi All, today I realized that after the first week of posting, the yearning feeling had become so much less intensive and I felt so appreciative because I directly related the relief on account of posting on this site...Today I believe that I can articulate a little better...I have overloaded on thinking about this Soulmate issue I believe that the initial relief was because I had just begun to talk about the situation openly...But at this point I've talked about it so much that I just want to run from the thoughts and issue all together...Yesterday was My B-Day and I didn't hear from him...and that was Alright.. I didn't fall apart or get depressed, I realized I didn't care at all...I believe this is because I have talked about shared and just about burned myself out with any thoughts of him...So YES I absolutely Encourage Everyone who is stuck in a relationship to Post, Post & Post again Share the pain & be open because as luck would have it we have found a website that everyone is here to help and be an Ear and to share their own stories, and I Treasure the sharing, because it has made me feel less stupid for having the feeling in the first place, knowing I'm not alone...this site has allowed me to get out all of the Pain, Anxiety, & the feelings I was going through, so that I could Heal.....I Love this site really and everyone on it you all have helped me tremendously..I am truly at a place of relief, and I was not the first day I came here.... Thank you....Now, If he calls, or if I have a dream about him which I haven't lately...I know that you all are here for me, because sharing seems to be the best policy at least for me... I look forward each reading on this site.. Go forward in Peace, Love & light

  • Well Happy Belated Birthday. Do something nice for yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Besides who knows better than anyone what you like, need or want? You can get nice flowers from the grocery store and they are cheap. A bag of your favorite chocolate I hope. Now don't forget the bubble bath and sented candles. What ever and rent a movie you like. Honey you can do it.

  • I feel CRAZY, last night I had a dream of him...and I really thought I could put this whole issue to my last post....I was truly happy in the belief that this obsessive feeling had run its course... Freedom from the Haunt, I'm thinking Im crazy...The dream was very scarry ....I woke up this morning thinking WHY!!.

    In the dream he was extremely Forceful, he appeared to be Very Angry...I had never had a dream where we actually had (s e x) except last night, but in the dream he was so forceful that it was almost as if he raped me...there were not any loving feelings going on, when he finished he said...You are Mine...This is the first time I've had a dream like this..and I feel worse...somewhat defeated in my effort to purge him from my Head... why

  • It was as if he was warning me...I felt threatened...

  • Kitty>>> When we are doing well and feeling strong, I believe that when our "mental & spiritual demons" challenge us the most. I know this dream was extremely frightening, but kitty this is when you need to keep positivity around you. The demons want us to feel bad, and be 'dark'. I don't know where your beliefs are but pray to God, his Angels, the Universe, what ever it is you believe. Read, read, and reread that post when you were good. Get yourself back there (to that happ feeling) to should push the negitive/devil/demons (whatever) out for good. Control the situation don't let it control you.

    My thoughts and Prayers are with you in this challenging time. ~ Wendy

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