Are Soulmates Real? Help!!!

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  • quenkath- I think a person is a runner if they sabotage, end, or reject the soulmate relationship before it fulfills its course or purpose.

    When you meet your souldmate, you DO "just know" and it feels like nothing you have ever known or experienced before. At first,its magical but, for some it gets to be overwhelming or the lack of control, the depth of it makes one feel like they are powerless (when its NOT the case at all) and they push away from it, often subconsciously.

    Its just my opinion and I know there are others here a lot more experienced and able than I, but its a starting point. I hope it helps:)

  • hisbablove thanks for sharing your experiencetoo. Its hard I know. I am still in contact with my love but it really doesnt make it very much easier. At least I know he cares enough to call or text. But I would like to move forward with him in my life. We both had to grow up, sounds like yours does too. It will get better I am sure of it. Hang in there.

  • Lovinlife,

    How incredibly sweet and generous of you to take the time to post a reply with all you are going through! Thank you for the encouraging words:) It IS such a difficult thing to live with. I wish I had some kind of answer to this, the most common and heartbreaking dilemna.

    I think you said it best..."It will get better. Hang in there." We have nothing but to have faith and be open to answers as they come.

    I will add this to my prayers for you. Be strong! I think you've got it right:)

  • Gee thanks again. ( : What else am I gonna do sit here and feel sorry for myself. Life is for the living. I am honoring my grandfather by continuing on with what I have been doing. I can just see him nodding his head and smiling at what I am saying right now. Im just not one for milking my misery. lol

  • I do not believe there are soulmates. I think with a common foundation and mutual love and respect and a dash of passion and a common desire to work and grow together you can have a good relationship with someone who isn't your soulmate. The concept of a soulmate in my opinion has cause of so much misery people who spend years upon years looking for something, that perfect man that they never find.

    I had a reading once that said my first boyfriend a capricorn was my soulmate and you know what he broke my heart. At the time I was 20 he was 29. We managed to remain friends and now more than 5 years after we broke up he comes to the conclusion that I am his soulmate and he was looking and looking when it was right under his nose. Only thing is he is so wrong. I am not his soulmate. We have easy conversation but I am not in love with him. I love him as a person, us splitting up was the best thing that ever happened to me. In the time we have broken up I've met amazing people and amazing men. Don't get trapped by the idea of a soulmate and miss out on the opportunity to meet new people. Of the almost 7 billion people on this earth if you spend it waiting for this one perfect person you will probably be waiting for more than one lifetime. Live for now 🙂 that is just my humble opinion

  • LovinMyLife, can I ask what is your sign? I just read your (10/31) post again. (actually I've read everyones)..but I’d like you to know that posting comforted me very much. When you said “ Let it go & he will come back to you if its meant to be.. I think I’ve heard this often enough.. but reading it at that moment, and on that day when I first read it Truly Moved me and gave me an added boost of strength, I Thank You for that!.. But today I had a set back, Yesterday I had another dream of him, and then on my way to work this morning I listened to Micheal Franks CD even listened to him on the way home, the Pisces sang Michael to me, we’ve danced to Michael and I feel a connection with him through Michaels songs (Do I sound Nutty!!). I stopped playing his music awhile ago because they always get me nostalgic and weepy.. I knew that I needed to read the postings again to try and straighten out my head…

    I’d like to share the dream I had of him yesterday (the dream is in & out) It was kinda sad and sweet at the same time…In the dream I was sitting at my desk writing him a letter and I was furious, and then all of a sudden I became uncontrollably sad, because I heard him say or I could feel him (I don’t know which) that he was sorry, the feeling of sadness was overwhelming, I could feel His Pain, and at that moment I felt so guilty because I understood with such clarity, that he really loved me, but couldn’t see me, The dream jumped to me standing in my kitchen looking out of the window at the men working on my yard.. He walked through the side door, and we hugged such a good bear hug, and then he kissed me not a long lingering kiss but it was a little sexy, & loving..and then he backed out of my kitchen and was gone.. Does it mean anything… I’ts almost 12oclock..Jees where does the time go! I have to go to bed if I'm going to be any good at work tomorrow:} Hisbablove your post's have touched me...

  • Hi Kitty Galore, that makes me feel so good that my words got to you in time. Im an aries on the taurus cusp. I dream about my guy embracing me and hugging me holding me us laughin together. ect. I havent quite figured out if it dreamin of the past, the future, us reaching out to each other spiritually, or just wishful thinking. I know I sure do miss mine something terrible. My grandfather passed away a few days ago and AI texted him to tell him. He said to let him no if I needed anything. I wanted to say yes I NEED YOU!!! But instead I said a simple thanks. then he called last nite and i was busy with family so I text him this morn "did you try to call me" his response was "yeah just wanted to see if you are ok." Isnt that the sweetest thing ever. (sigh) What am I gonna do with him? Hes to sweet to be nasty and say okay buddy what the beep are you trying to do to me. I miss you why are you still not with me? A friend of mine suggested I call him and tell him I would like for us to grab some lunch or get a cup of coffee. I have told him twice to come see me next time he was in my area bc he lives far away. He called me and said he would but still nothing. DO I say it again? Its just too much aggrivation to think about anymore. I say let it be and he will come to me when hes ready. Hes the man I need to let him assume leadership. Call me old fashioned but soulmate or not men still love the chase. I could use some PATIENCE. I am getting close to saying hey what are we doing here I want a man in my life and I wanted you to be it but if thats not gonna happen I need to move on and not talk to you anymore. Im blunt like that much to my discredit. ( :

  • Well, Ms Kitty Galore...I am a Scorpio too and have been mesmerized by just a few Pisces men. Each time I fell in love quite deeply and thought it was mutual. It was not. They are quite different in their ideas about commitment to a woman. I pined away for 20 years for a Pisces man who created the same kind of devestation in my soul that your Pisces "soulmate" has done in yours. I could never forget the potential of what sharing our love might have been. The intensity was there! It satisfied me in every fiber of my existance. But tragically our lives went different directions because..." he was not ready for that kind of commitment yet ". The desire to have closure about the "what if's" would never leave me alone. Using internet sources I found out he was married and living in another state but I wrote him a letter and told him I needed closure. I gave him my phone number and he called a few months later after I had decided to just leave my letter as closure. He had a wife so I wasn't asking for a relationship...just really wanted to know if our relationship from long ago meant as much to him as it did to me. We didn't hook up we just said hello again, talked about what we once had. So I felt like I had closure. Five more years went by....then out of the blue I get a phone call. I had moved. I got a new partner, bought a home, settled into life without any thoughts of this man. He had left his wife and was on a soulsearching mission. He had driven 1000 miles to see me. He'd gone to the police station in the last town I lived at and asked them if they knew where I was. The police called me and asked if I wanted to talk to him. They gave me his phone number and I called and met him in a park to talk. He said he still loved me. But now I have a committed relationship with another man. Yes, there are soulmates. Thank you for posing that question. But I think we have many soulmates. It is the quality that truely matters. It is what we do with our time with our soulmates that can be extra ordinary sometimes and have huge impact upon who we are as human beings. I will always wonder "what if we had stayed together...what would the quality of our lives have been like?" I have never loved anyone so passionately before or since. But I have found love in my life with other people. I am sure I will experience more love in the years that I have to come. He asked me to come be with him but I asked him 20 years earlier to be with me. Maybe he was the fool the first time and I the second...but the thought of how it took him 20 years to finally be ready for a committment did not feel safe to me. I was afraid to trust that his passion for a long term commitment would be genuine. I really don't think Pisces men are dependable. Good luck.

  • Junemoon>>Soulmates ARE real, one of the realest things of our life.

    Sandran>>I do not believe in soul mates..Hmm...maybe I should have asked what is people's definition of a soul mate?

  • I think people think of the "happily ever after perfect love" when they hear "soul mate" and don't realize that soul mate relationships, like all others, may or may not last. Just because they end doesn't negate what they were. That's like saying ANY relationship wasn't real because it didn't last.

    Soul mates are very real. I believe it with every fiber of my being...right down to my battered heart.

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  • hi lovin!

    How are you feeling? I pray for you always:) I loved your post but I don't have 8 people to forward it to so I will be sending light and love to you and everyone who can participate:)


  • *Gayle..Thank you for sharing your story, it reiterated my sense of peace in knowing that, saying like “If it was meant to be, so shall it be” or Let it go, if it is yours it will come back to you” are truly meant for (SoulMates) I have to repeat, that posting on this thread has helped me tremendously, because the more I read other folks experiences & share my own, the whole issue itself feels significantly less intense. Don’t get me wrong the pain is very Real, but now I’m able to channel into a more positive outlook.

    *HisbabLove…I was deeply moved that you shared a part of your life with us, and even that you cried while reading this thread..I understand and appreciate your honesty, because I have cried myself while typing on this thread, My wish for you is that in time the pain eases in Intensity as it has for me…

    *Sandra712,… I am 100% Positive SoulMates Do exist, Heres what I’ve read on the subject from an excerpt of Linda Goodman’s~ It sometimes happens that a man and woman meet and instantly recognize the other half of themselves by looking into each other eyes, (The windows of the Soul) From the moment they meet and gaze upon each other their spirits rush together in recognition ignoring all convention and customs, all social rules of behavior, Driven by an inner KNOWING too overwhelming to be denied. The words in the marriage vows those which God hath joined together let no man put asunder, Not even themselves, refers to SoulMates....she goes on with an even Deeper explanation that gets Biblical, you might want t read the forward in Linda Goodman’s" Love Signs"

    ...I'd like to admit that I have struggled with the question" am I Obsessed", have I found an Out to justify this Glitch of mine, I’ve put the obsession aspects out of mind. Because, I have come to the realization and I KNOW with certainty that this Man is a SoulMate, and that I Don't Have To Act On These Feelings, realizing that they will Always be here, but instead carry on with my life, making my life as fulfilling and as happy as I can, all the while KNOWING that I was blessed enough to have met a SoulMate as painful as it IS. Someone posted that with mutual love and respect and a dash of passion and a common desire to work and grow together you can have a good realationship with someone who isn’t your SoulMate. I believe this is True…But oh Man when you do find and feel the passion of a SoulMate, the yearning and I’ve found the Pain of it is Unforgettable. THANK YOU ALL for helping me understand and come to grips that I'm Not Crazy after all.

  • Kitty-thank you for your encouragement and blessing. I am actually not doing well at all. A feeling of terrible singularity and sadness has overtaken me today. My heart is racing so I can hardly catch a breath. I don't know what it is or what it means, but I am trying to keep calm and find the answers. Unfortunately, I can't see anything in my own situation so I have to wait and see if any answers come.

    I sincerely appreciate the time you took to respond to my post and the kindness in it.

    Blessings and Light to you and ALL

  • Hisbablove..I truly feel awful that you feel Singular, (YOU ARE NOT ALONE)...The sadness..well I haveI felt the sadness to the point that I couldn't breathe either... and I know that it is painful...let me make a suggestion if I could..Im rushing because it is my favorite time of the day...Time to leave work!!...But what I did was on this site...I went to Tarot free spreads or reading, and I picked 11 cards and then I googled tarot card meaning and found this really cool site that gives you the meanings of ea card...I actually did two spreads....This is my first time doing this but the result was TRULY Scarey...the accuracy has me say OMG for real...Do a spread for yourself, hopefully you get good news, that brightens the rest of your day 🙂

  • Hisbablove....I thought about you on the drive home and thought maybe you shouldn't do a Tarot reading not today..because your not in the best of Spirits..and there are some pretty awful cards in the Deck and I wouldn't want you to feel worse 🙂 that is if your spread reflects your feelings today...Maybe you might try another day...But I could't wait to get back to this sight to talk about these two spreads that I picked today!..The first question I asked, about Me & the Picses..and interpretation was (Leave Him ALONE) .in the Love Advise postion I pulled the 8 of cups, Long Term potential~ the 4 of swords, Loved one position I pulled the Justice Card, The situation card~ Death, Higher Power position~5 of wands, Near Future~ 4 of cups, The Issue position~ Temperance, Love & Me~2 of wands, Challenges~4 of coins. My Interpretation was this is not good, I'd like to ask for a Real Reading of these cards from ANYONE!!..The second spread was with regards to me & my Husband. The loved one postion ~ The Star, Love Advise~ 6 of Coins, Long term potential position~ Page of wands, Issue position~ 8 of coins, Challenges ~The Tower, Situation~7 of cups, Love & Me~ The Devil (omg)!!. Tarot cards frighten me a lil bit..with this deck I don't think the option of the cards being upside down or not is available..Thank goodness all of these cards were upright...But I have to say the accuracy was astounding, I think at least my interpretation of... I'm very torn between is this good or evil, my whole life I've been taught not to dabble in Black Magic...I've always kinda leaned into it...but feared it as well, and the most intriguing aspect for me is the accuracy, I know this is going to sound Dumb...but how is this possible!!! ~ Hisbablove you are always mentioning the Light, and I've seen it mentioned on other postings..Can you elaborate and are you referring to wisdom..(Duh, would like a little help understanding) and if this is not considered Black Magic then what is it considered???...

  • Kitty,

    Thank you for your kindness. I am touched and very, very grateful. I will try to read for you in a bit, but for now, I can tell you with GREAT confidence that your husband is a very good man who truly loves you. I also sense a sadness in him,very deep within him. I see him frowning a lot...not in anger,but confusion and sadness. Does he have dark hair by the way? Tell me a bit more about the Pisces and I will try and get something from him so I can help if I can.

    I'm an empath and pretty hopeless with tarot, but there are people here who really know what they're doing.I highly recommend you starting a topic using your last post. Just copy and paste it in. You will be amazed at the wealth of knowledge and love you get back.

    I am,like you, a bit at odds with what I've been told about tarot,etc. and what I see for myself. I don't think its black magic unless you're using it to harm or to try to control things and make them YOUR way as opposed to accepting the truth. Also, you know when you are doing something or heading down a path that you shouldn't be or if your not coming from a good place. Those are signs to stop and ask if this is a path to continue on or why you are even on it. Is this what I want,or the truth?

    I try to look at these things as God, the angels, the universe, whatever one believes in using another method to guide and speak to us. If you think about it, the answers we get are usually what we already know or suspect, but aren't accepting or acknowledging. Its a road map, but you can always choose and take another path. Nothing is set in stone. We are all free to make our own choices and choose our own path in the end.

    I can't read a thing for myself...not even the tiniest bit, but I DO avoid doing spreads or anything when I'm highly emotional. Its not magic of any kind, its just the energy you put, even the energy beneath the surface out being sent back to you so you can see it and have clarity.

    Light for me is the manifested blessings, healings, protections, wisdom,calm, harmony, love of that energy, that higher power, the rich glow and armor of clarity and peace. You reach out for it from the universe and let it descend upon you, filling you from within. When you send your light, the essence of your soul's sharing in these gifts to others (which we must do, in my book) it fills the world,draws more and glows brightly in its return to you. I know it means other things to others, but that's a part of it for me.

    Blessings and Light:) to you

  • I haven't read all the posts but I don't believe that your soul mate is on this side. I think we have kindred spirits here that we are very close to but soul mates on the other side. And Sylvia Browne is in agreement. Can't remember what John Edward says on this. Don't expect any one to agree. Peace and harmony

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