Are Soulmates Real? Help!!!

  • I was hopelessly in love (my first ) with a Picses Man...To this day I feel that I am being haunted by the Picses..We had a very brief relationship, at the time that we met I was his Best Friends girlfriend & we the picses and I had an instant connection...My heart literally skipped a beat when we met. Within the first two weeks of being introduced, I started running into him everywhere, eventually we sat & talked together for a couple of hours discovering that we both love to paint, amongst other things and we agreed that one day he would stop by my apartment to ck out my paintings...Well, Dear Hearts, (When he came over) the air in my living room was so THICK..I could barely move through the fog that had become my body & brain...I had to ask him to leave within the first hour of him being there because It was extremely uncomfortable for me..(You know that Feeling) He was a gentleman never said anything inappropriate & when asked, he left...There was a knock at my door, a few days later, and to my surprise it was him...& at the time I was trying on a bridesmaid dress for an upcoming wedding hair & makeup fully loaded...after talking briefly we ended up dancing in my living room to one of my favorite love songs...we ended up well we ended up becoming One...over the next couple of weeks we were together a lot..I met his grandparents, he would sing to me, play the piano for me he cooked for & even taught me to play chess..I thought we had become pretty intense...But one day I called him & he told me he had a girl visiting him & he never wanted to talk with me again...Just like that!!!...I attempted to speak with him over the course of the next couple of months but he would not speak with me AT ALL...The boyfriend had found out...he said he forgave me..and wanted us to stay together but I could not and told him so...But it made no difference to the Picses that I had broken off with him, he would still have nothing to do with me...That was a lifetime ago..several years have passed.. & I finally contacted him (the picses)we emailed for a while, and at one point decided to get together, but because of complications in my life I wasn't available at the time...we would talk on the phone occasionally (once or twice a year) and one of our last conversations (this year) he told me that he was 150lbs overweight and has lost some of his front teeth...I said to him " you are frightening me with your description of yourself" .. he turned around and told me that he was Never going to meet or see me, He said "Whats the point"... and he will not speak to me to this day...Well through out my entire life..Ive felt that this man has come in and disturbed the natural order of things..I would be walking through my life without a thought of him and BAM...I would have a dream of him that was so intense that I would wake up shaking...there are some days that my body just aches for him, my eyes fill with tears because I just want to see him. I have thought about going to a psychiatrist for help because It will not go away..Am I crazy..Obssessed..This Scorpio woman thinks at times that I am going nuts..I believe myself to be very sensible and well rounded...But this little secret of mine seems to have lasted my entire life..I've heard that If both parties don't feel the Connection that you are not Soulmates..Does anyone have insight..Are soulmates real..

  • Soulmates ARE real, one of the realest things of our life. But this man does not sound like a soul mate; he sounds cruel to lead you on. Please, seek help from a pyschiatrist or religious leader as you are having an awful time recovering, my heart goes out to you. It sounds like you have a love addiction and maybe you feel unloved in another area of your life, like your family. He made you feel special like no one else did, but now he's only hurting you. There is nothing more bittersweet than lost love, I know because I longed for a Pisces guy who disappeared on me. I found out he never cared at all six months later. I am so sorry about your sadness, but his cruelty is not your fault, you have done all you can to make him realize you love him, and now it is time for you to heal. You've already taken a first step toward it by asking for help. Now ask for help from a professional or close friend. Only when you heal will you find your true soul mate and true happiness. I implore you to cut off all ties with this man, and things may have to get worse before they can get better. But everyone has the strength to heal with help from outside. Have faith. Happiness and true love will find you.

  • Well, first off, I believe in reincarnation so if you don't then my thoughts on this might sound wacky. Anyway, I've heard that often we are not meant to be with our soulmates during lifetimes and rarely is it an easy relationship when we meet them. Most people never meet their soulmates. Sometimes you may end up with them and everything is wonderful because you have an important lesson to learn together but usually, soulmates have different lessons and can't learn them if they are in a perfect relationship together. So, I think he is your soulmate but he has to learn a lesson during this lifetime that he couln't learn otherwise. You may have to learn a lesson about letting go and being open to different relationships. One of my best friends believes she has been with her soulmate. It was a very brief and intense relationship and then suddenly he left her. He had too many family and emotional problems filling his head and wasn't able to be in a relationship. She mourned him for a long time but now she is with someone else who makes her happy. He is not perfect. She doesn't have the same intense feelings for him that she had for her soul mate but she is happy. I think you will be happy too once you are able to let this guy go. I know it's really painful to admit and move on but it may not be meant to work out this time around. There is someone else out there who will be perefect for you this time.....maybe not a soulmate but still wonderful. Take care x

  • Junemoon... thank you for your reply...your right and I think that I have been making excuses for myself...believing tht the reason he doesn't want to see me is because he doesn't feel comfortable in his physical appearance.. when we were at a point of potentially getting together he asked me if I had gained weight and I answering him No..I remember him very clearly saying... What if you don't like me... "I would be so hurt if you didn't like me"... I have often wondered if he just said this to me so that I would not want to meet...And you are correct presently I do have somewhat of a void in my life..Im not in a relationship that I feel Im getting the type of Love that I want...You told me that I should cut all ties..Well PLZ Believe me that I have said that to myself So Many times & when I begin to feel that it is for the best and my heart is willing to give it up and let go...I will have a Dream a sweet dream of him, and I feel almost intruded upon by these dream because it will set me back in terms of wanting to let go of all of this..Hence me believing tht I'm going to need a little more help in this situation than I can offer myself...I wanna beleive that there is more to this than I can understand...and This SoulMate Theory is one that I need to understand more about...Thanks for your imput..

  • Thanks Stonyeye...So you are saying that there are SoulMates that have unfinished business..and that I should just leave it alone, Because of what ever complicated circumstance is preventing a reunion..That is to be understood..But then theres the dreams...What do they mean?... I wonder why I keep having them because they seem to keep me in the frame of mind that we should at least meet....

  • Yes to me they are real. Keep going and let it go he will come back to you if its meant to be. Live your life and dont let anything/anyone stop you from enjoying your time on this earth. No one said it would be easy. Relationships are challenging and you are responsible for you. If you canfind the strenght to be happy and whole all by yourself you are a bad a ss woman and if he doesnt work out other people will be drawn to you because of your inner peace and joy. Smile everyday and remember look at it like its just another day to try to be happy with yourself. Stay strong and keep your head up. I know how hard this is but practice will make it happen.

  • You're welcome, KittyGalore. About the dreams...well, I've found that sometimes we project aspects of ourselves to people we love, especially exes. I know I do. He's probably declaring his love for you in these dreams as you have to him in waking life. But remember...they are only dreams. Your subconscious is likely trying to fill your void. I'm so sorry if that sounds harsh, but it was that way for me.

  • Most people define a "soul mate" as a romantic partner who's naturally and virtually "perfectly compatible" across a range of relationship expectations, attitudes and behaviors. But, what does it mean to be perfectly compatible? If a couple is too much alike, then one of the partners is unnecessary. If a couple is too different, then there is no common foundation to build a lasting relationship.

    Dynamics of the early stages of a relationship arguably boil down, in large part, to a self-fulfilling prophecy. We use this mind set in many aspects of our lives, not just our relationships. Lasting and fulfilling relationships are not grounded in physical and attraction. There are three ingredients to successful loving relationships – Friendship, Passion and Intimacy, and a conscious Decision to Commit. It takes those three legs to hold up a relationship over a lifetime. So, we have a new definition of a "soul mate," if we take and ignore what we’ve been incorrectly taught by Hollywood movies and romance novels. The new definition is this – a soul mate is some one with whom you can establish and grow Friendship, Intimacy and Commitment. It seems to take a level of similarity between a couple’s personal characteristics to do this, as well as an element of dissimilarity in their

    personal characteristics. A person finds a soul mate when he or she finds some one that complements them – not completes them.

    The fact is… there’s no perfect partner and no perfect relationship. You are in control of who is and isn’t a potential soul mate. All it takes effort is for you to play the field and get to know others and focus on whether they have the right recipe with you to build and maintain Friendship, Passion and Intimacy, and a conscious Decision to Commit. If there's a spark, then consider that the soul mate part. After you found such a person, it's again up to you to keep them being your soul mate. Couples in successful relationships may have started off as starry-eyed "soul mates," but they have remained together because they evolved into being work it out theorists!

  • No.There is no such thing as soulmate. And even if there were, that person would still be just as imperfect as the next one.

  • Some people sit around waiting for the right person to come along, while others are more actively in search of a potential partner. I believe that you can find a mate or a partner not only by searching but by developing your own life, by becoming an interesting person. If you're making your life interesting, I think you'll have a better chance that people will look at you and say, "I'd like to spend some time over there."

  • GemTwin52 you seem to be so knowlegable on the Subject..Thanks, I'd like to ask you, Have you ever heard that there are Soulmates and or Twinflames & one does not recognize the other...Common sense and or the basics of soulmates are... Two Souls that have an intense connection (Pretty much)...but have you ever heard of one not recognizing the other???

  • More Importantly...Is there anyone out there who feels that they have experienced what they believe to be a True & Real Soulmate connection...that did Not result in the two being together. I am not referring to Parents,children..I am only referring to a Love Relationship...I would appreciate any feed back....

  • Hi Kitty Galore, I think I met a soul mate when I was in my early 20's. We ended up dating for a few months and really wanted to be with each other. Unfortunately, the timing was really bad. We were both finding our paths in life and starting jobs etc. He found a a really good job on the other side of the country that he couldn't really turn doen. Unfortunately, we were both kind of young and weren't quite serious enough at the point where I would move just to be with him. I ended up taking a job in another country and we lost touch. I remember feeling really sad about the fact that we didn't try to make it work at the time. I was thinking about him one day when I suddenly had the most peaceful feeling. It almost felt as though someone was talking to me and telling me that it was ok and I would be with him again one day. After that, I felt totally ok and was able to move on and make my own life. This was about 15 years ago. I still have not made contact with this man again and don't know if we ever will be in touch again but for some reason, it's ok. I wonder sometimes if there are not a few people out there who could be our soul mate. Anyway, I think this guy was one of mine. Not sure if he feels the same but i'd like to think he does.

  • It seems that when we understand why something happened then we can make peace with it, but when we don't have an explanation and are left wondering why something happened, it remains unfinished business and is quite difficult to lay to rest. Sadly, with some events in our life, we may never know why they happened. I have dealt with death quite a bit due to my job, so I know that pruning the bad and non-productive aspects of life to provide more room for the beneficial aspects allows us to feel fulfilled and happy even when we don't understand why, and since we may not get a chance to make things right because none of know when our last day is ... why not do all we can to make peace with the sad aspects of our life so we have more room for happiness in whatever time we do have here on this earth? My heart goes out to you because it seems as though there's a huge question in your heart of ... "WHY DID THIS SITUATION WITH MR. PISCES TURN OUT LIKE THIS? Even though You may never get Your Answer ... trust in the Universe to know what is good for You because the Universe does have Your Best Interest at Heart for the Greater Good of ALL 🙂 Take Care of Yourself and do ALL You can to mend this injured part of Your Heart ❤ Best Wishes toward Peaceful Healing, Diane Elizabeth ❤

  • KIttyGalore-

    I have been in a similar situation. A few months ago I met someone who turned my life upsidown... Like you, I was involved in another relationshiop when I met this guy. This guy had me thinking I was crazy. I couldn't figure out why I was so in love (or whatever it was) with this man. At first, everything was very intense... I found myself breaking every one of my own rules when it came to this person. He was my world.

    I went to a reader and had my cards done. I wanted to figure out what was making me feel this way or if he was "the one". It freaked me out! She told me that we had a karmic relationship. She said we were indeed soulmates... she told me we were lovers in a past life and we had found each other again. She said we were to be married in 6 months. That would mean This December I'll be married to him.

    Being a skeptic, I went to another reader... she told me just about the same things as the other one... She didnt speak of marriage however. She basically told me that he came into my life to take me out of the current situation I was in. I was in a really bad co-dependent relationship with someone else at the time... I left this other man I was with for my "soulmate"

    Anyway, right away I could feel the connection between us., and I could see it in his eyes. I know he felt it too... This kind of thing doesn't happen with everyone you meet... I dont see how it could. I know Im not stupid or dellusional. So.... he went away for a few weeks and became distant and when we tried to reunite.. there was weirdness between us. I tried to be patient... I gave him the benefit of the doubt... and I gave him his space. I tried talking to him... All we did was fight and argue... from what I got from everything is that he just wanted sex. Maybe it had something to do with me being a Sag and him a Cancer.... so we have different viewpoints on everything! I dont think we could have understood each other if we we argued till we were blue in the face. It was like we were from different planets!

    To make a long story short, it ended. The pain was too much and I couldnt deal with with it anymore.. I cut it off in order to keep myself sane because I was LOOSING it. I tried everything to take my mind off this person... drugs, drinking, sex with other people... NOTHING worked. This had to be the worst feeling in the world!

    I feel there were lots of things that were unsaid and miscommunicated. I suffered for this person. I wanted him so badly. He had me on anxiety meds... it was that bad. I lost 25lbs from depression over the past 4 months. If you knew me, you would know that I am a very strong person... This was a very eye opening experience for me.

    Its been almost a month since we last argued... No contact since. Ive been in pain... I met someone who kinda dulls it, but I dont think I'll ever get over this. I keep telling myself that I have to be strong and keep on living.

    The only positive that came from this was getting out of my bad relationship. Maybe thats all he was meant for.

    Good luck.. Be strong. Things happen for a reason. Maybe he will come back to you next lifetime... or maybe there was some lesson that needed to be learned this time around, but you're not alone dear.

    Take care 🙂

  • One more thing... I also read that one Soulmate may not be able to handle the intensity of everything and run... These would be called "runners". It may take time for them to recognize you and realize what they have lost... Until that day they leave you in pain and left with this void. They feel the same and you would be forever in the back of their mind no matter what,.. Usually by the time they come around its too late.. But who knows.

    I'm pretty sure my Soulmate is a runner 😞

  • Stonyeye, Thanks for your reply and I hope that I too can one day say that I have found peace in this situation and go foward peacefully without questioning why...But as you stated DianeElzabeth ..Sadly,there are some events in our life, we may never know why they happened....I truly appreciate what you said about pruning the bad and non-productive aspects of life to provide more room for the beneficial aspects..I think I'll write that down and stick it to my mirror...CSTAR777 I think that you and I are soulmates LOL... I too have thought myself Crazy..defying my own standard of limits..Questioning WHY..why this one guy, why that shortlived relationship continues to Haunt me. I never thought him to be physically all that attractive, he has never done anything material wise for me...He is not emotionally supportive or in fact in my life at all..but yet and still, memories of him creep into my dreams and startle my waking thoughts.. In my Search for answers I stumbled upon the SoulMate theory...but wondered if we that choose to believe in soulmates, are justifying being Obssessed...or at least in my case..That is why I truly wanted to know about other peoples experiences to some how answer why this and I have to call it a Haunting is happening... I've once read that once a Scorpio and a Pisces get together and the tie is broken, the pain of the breakup can be lifelong... I think my angst is that Soulmates can not be clearly defined or at least it is not Clear to me at this point..But I know in my heart that I truly feel that he is meant to be in my life to some degree...Keep me posted Cstar777 on any new develpments with you and your Cancer guy...I know you said that you have moved on...but if I understand the SoulMate relationship correct...The relationship is Never over...

  • Junemoon26 I wanted to address your last post hopefuly you log on to read my reply, I didn't take your posting harsh in any way..I have put myself "out there" and I'm willing to accept any feedback anyone chooses to give...I thank you for your insight...GemTwin52 I read all of the postings carefully and realized my last post to you was kinda silly, because if I understand you are basically saying...a soulmate type relationship can be developed and nourished in any loving relationship that we have, not just with a specific person and that the parties involved have to make the most of the relationship themselves... I get that truly...if I could delete that posting of mine I would..However..I am still questioning my perceived reality. To the Hangedwoman you posted that soulmates are not real..At this time I choose to believe that maybe they are...because if I didn't I would have to question my own Sanity... Plz don't get me wrong I do not believe that we (the picses and I ) are gonna run into each other arms and profess Love, I'm not even in a position where I would say that I want that type of relationship with him...But I do question why he is continuosly, popping in my head...There is something I have not shared and that is, that I am Married and have been for several years..the relationship has been the worst and best ...but we have both committed to try harder to work on it..because we do love each other.. So I understand the dynamics of making a solid relationship work and the fundamentals of getting there...But I tell you God Forgive Me...I have a Secret...that I truly would like to understand....

  • soulmates are very real,i understand what you are going through just one hrough something similar, ive never trusted never gfelt safe with a man,yet this man i did, we talkedto each other about things we never had with anyone else painful things, he was in army his ex had stalked him cheated on him and his mum was unloving horrible woman, so he found it odd that i wanted to be with him, and found it odd that i was nice to him, it was so intense between us, when i thought of him i could see what he was doing where he ws, i knew when he thought of me i thought i was going crazy, he ended it three weeks ago, got too deep he couldnt handle it, my world has been torn apart, i cry everyday and everyday i see him and think of him, ive been told we will get back together, but who knows, maybe the timing was wrong, i think ure soulmate might have trouble handling the intensity, like my soulkmate, he might be confused , as to why the connection is how it is. i use to think you were meant to be with a soulmate, but im begining to wonder if sometimes they come in to our lives to teach us things to help us learn things about ourself, i hope things get better for you, i understand your pain hun, my body and mind and spirit has been in pain everyday for last 3 weeks and it shows no sighn of letting up, you can send him healing thoughts, think of him, iyou should be able to see him in your minds eye, maybe send him some good thoughts, it sounds like he does not have mjuch confidence or belief in himself anymore, sounds like he doesnt like his appearance much, he might think why would you want him now, maybe he feels he ruined all those years back and now he looks a mess and there no way youd want him, i would get a good psychic reading on this, and see what they say dont tell them anything just say you wanna reading about a man use to know and see what they say, if you wanna talk , cry shout scream mesage me i know whats it like xx good luck hin xx

  • I can certainly identify with what cstar777 means about 'runners', as I believe I bolted away from my soul mate when I was just 17, and 35 years later it hurts like hell!

    A very experienced psychic once told me that it was a pity that I did that as;

    A; he was very, very disappointed and B; we should have been married with at least 2 or 3 kids.

    So where is a time machine when you want one?

    Also, spirit speak to me in verse, and a few months after this happened I was day dreaming at work, when a song called Jesamine came into my head with the line 'What can you say, when a girl doesn't want to know. She's so far away and she makes my life a dream'.

    I also got a name which didn't make much sense at the time, as I already had a crush on a guy with the same name, and he knew it, so it definitely wasn't him!

    So just maybe, he might have been thinking of me at that precise moment, and our minds linked up. The world is a small place, and one day I hope that we can look in each others eyes again, just as we did when I was 17.

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