Welcome back cris1962

  • Hiya cris1962 🙂

    You and your family have been in my thoughts and I have been sending good energy your way.

    I have a favour to ask, if you are up to doing readings again, can you offer some information. My dob is feb 26 1972 and his is Jan 2nd 1977. We have had a rough haul for 3 years and are not together at the moment. I had closed the door and started moving on but something has not allowed the energy connection to end. Can you pick anything up?

    Thanks for sharing your gift. I have done my reiki 1 and 2 and working on starting to meditate and to open up to trust my feelings with my reiki. thnaks for being amongst us

    T xx

  • I forgot to offer you my condolences to you and yours hugs

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