How old is Tarot?

  • I know that this is in dispute, but any info from yall would be great Im not feeling up to hiting the books tonight, (my bf is finally taking an interest in my metaphysical hobby and I dont want to let him down) so any info on the origin and maybea date for the start of "Tarot" would be awesome! ...and those of you waiting on readings I will get to it very soon. probably / hopefully tomarrow.


    Thanks guys!

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  • I know what comes to mind is discovered in the 14th century or 15th (I have read both), found in Italy and France first but that is really just where they first trace it, not necessarily where it originated. There is no definite date. But they used to be called tarrochi and used as playing cards. Some say they originated from Saracinia or Sarcens, Arabia. You can look up the Visconti-Sforza Tarocchi Deck, which is from the 15th century and still available. This is all information I have learned in my intuitional tarot class and matches with stuff I have read. Hope that helps, my sister with the same name 🙂

  • Thank You! girl : ) this is great, it's about what I remebered. But I was thikning 16th century, glad to see that it's quite a bit later than that...I love these arcaic cards!

    Intuitional Tarot class sounds fun! I wonder if their's anyting like that around here...

    thanks again D.

    : )

  • No problem. Love the new icon pic too. The intuitional tarot class is online. It is at a school called the Magic Circle School. It is free and you only have to do one homework assignment a month to stay in the class. I love it. Look up the school online or let me know if you are interested and I can give you some info. The teacher is awesome and I have learned so much already. Plus there is a reading room where all students can request free readings from the volunteers as much as they would like. I have been volunteering and I have also received readings and they have been really awesome.

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