Scorpio female mesmerize by Libra male

  • I am a 41 y/o Scorpio female with Aquarius rising and a Gemini moon. (Venus in Libra)

    I have been a single mom the last 15 years. This summer I wasn’t looking for love or anything. I ran into a Libra man that was able to see right through me. He automatically could tell me what makes me tick. Scary!!! I must say that my Gemini quality (chatty) was more in the foreground than my Scorpio traits.

    As soon I noticed he had taken a special interest in me I clammed up. Analyzed everything he said or did with me. This went on for a good 2 months. During this period our contact was intense. Not romantically. I met him at a health club and he was assisting me with exercises etc. We spoke on the phone on different occasion and I noticed he was trying to get to know me much better than I was ready for. I told him everything has a time and place because I was trying to figure out what I wanted with him besides acting out on my animal instincts.. hahaha.

    We had a little disagreement. And once more he spilled his guts out on whom and what he was about. I haven’t disclosed much about myself but agreed that the next time we meet I will open up a bit more.

    I suggested meeting outside the health club. Because other people noticed the chemistry we had and I didn’t want to open up with so much eyes and ears. He was going to check his agenda and would get back to me. He didn’t. I off course wasn’t too happy about it and after a week and half I called at a time that I knew he was busy but surely would pick up the phone. Once again said he would call back within an hour. That didn’t happen. I discussed the situation with a friend and she convinced me to call once more. To my surprise I got him on the phone and he wasn’t feeling to great that morning and disclosed what was wrong. He wanted to call me back a few hours later but I wasn’t available and agreed to call at the end of the day. You guessed it right he didn’t call.

    I must add that I threatened that if he doesn’t call. I am not going to call ever again. We are both too grown up for these kinds of games. He doesn’t know what exactly I want. He knows I like him (practically sniffed it out of me). I am not ready for a relationship and neither does he. I just want to be able to trust him enough for a long term friendship. I have issues with men after my last relationship and mutual male friends.

    I find he is worthy of my time since he has proven to be a human being underneath all the blah blah. But games I loathe. I miss the chats that we had for hours.

    Anybody has suggestion what to do next?

    PS. I haven’t been to the health club anymore ..too busy with work.

  • the one I knew was not into commitment but he wouldn't mind s ex

    as soon as I asked him about marriage, because I never felt comfortable sleeping with someone not knowing he was into me for the long run or not, he kept saying he couldn't

    so I stopped communicating with him, he also kind of agreed to it, not trying to communicate and once we met but didn't say anything not even smiled

    I used to dwell in the past so much and I kept thinking these people are playboys

    but lately I have chosen spiritual path and I don't wish to send negative energy to anybody

    I understand what happened happened for a reason and somehow I'm glad it happened earlier than later

    I won't sugarcoat my experience though. (there were 2 more libras I know but it was over sooner than the one I wrote about. they were either engaged or in relationship and lucky I knew it before I gave too much of myself. )

    but I realize I can't say they are all bad. The man you are talking about didn't seem to want to continue to go further with you, maybe because when he wanted more you didn't give in (which is a good step you take) but also because you threatened him. They don't like being threatened because it sounded like commitment to them, in your case it's like committing to call you when they may not want to.

  • Thanks leoscorpion.

    To be honest I was surprised by his action. Because I didn't really let on that I liked him that much. We share a strange sense of humor and the threatening was part of it but I meant it though.

    I am only wondering how to act this time when I do run into him. In earlier attempt I tried to keep a proffesional feel to our contact but he made it practically impossible to keep up. He was indeed sensitive to ever change.

    The meeting was to discuss a matter that I had to think about. A answer/decission he is/was expecting for from me. I just didn't want to do it at the health club. I made it clear it what the meeting would be about. He is not commited at the moment but I am aware that he hasn't been single for long as I have. So I figured he has to deal with that.

    That's why I choose for now to go down the friendship road only thing is he doesn't know what I decided. I figured he can handle that.

    This is my first Libra man that I am dealing with in all ways.

  • OK. I hope for the best

    I hope I don't sound negative about them though. I have been blessed with great marriage for almost 9 years so I shouldn't even dwell in the past mistakes. I suppose I was pretty threatening to them Ooopss LOL

    take care now.

  • Thanks. I hope so too.

  • Hey Flowsco, I'm a libra and have dated a few libras. I don't know why but most of my serious relationships were with libras. Anyway, there was a man who kept calling and calling me a few years ago. He was really persistant and I kept blowing him off. Well, we went out a few times and I liked him but his intensity scared me! Finally, after a month or two, the guy stopped calling. You guessed it, I started to miss him! I started to feel frantic that I wanted to see him again and I couldn't believe that I had blown him off! hahaha! So, I called him and asked him to come over for dinner. He was sort of cagey and put me off for a little while. He was friendly but non-commital. This drove me nuts. Finally, he agreed to come over and we hit it off and dated for awhile and I never regretted it. I just needed time to miss him i think. Sounds really immature of me but that's how it was.

    My last serious Libra boyfriend and I got along so well because we never pushed each other into anything. We were both independent and never made each other feel guilty if we were busy and didn't see each other for a few days. We dated for three years and I look back on that relationship as one of my best.

    Anyway, If I were in your shoes, even though it would be hard to just wait, I would probably let him contact me and then be friendly and nice but not aggressive. In my opinion, if he doesn't feel pinned down, he would feel safer and comfortable to pursue you again. When it comes to relationships, I always think about sand in your hands. If you squeeze the sand, it will squish out of your hand. If you let it just rest in your open palm, the sand will stay there.

    Whatever you decide, I hope it works out! x

  • he is no longer interested, guys dont play "the game" like women do. If a guy wants you, he wants you...their is probably a diffrent women now, as well.

  • Thanks Stoneye for the explaining this to me. I will give the waiting part a go. Really miss the friend in him. And for what he has been through I think it's the best for the whole situation. Would be foolish to push it to the limit and wanting a romantic relationship at this point.

    In addition to your story. He did tried getting over here but at the time I wasn't ready to mix "business with pleasure". The reason for that ... I didn't know him that well and he was so intense. Normally I am the one that would be intense if I like someone but decided in this situation too find out what this is all about.

  • Thanks KarmaComa. I beg to differ on this. Being single showed me things about guys I didn't know. And yes they play "the game" the best. And I agree if he wants you, he wants you but you as woman/lady don't try to figure out what for.. then it's your own doing if you get burned or not. Been there done that.

  • i feel in all relationships its best to be honest, accept the other persons point of veiw and move on, even if you find it very hard to do so, in the long run you probably will be better off, if a guy really wants you he will be their at every turn, or suddenly reappear later on, when we cross the line before its really begun, some of us can get very hurt, it also sounds as if the energies were reversed in this situation, remember the old saying that curiosity killed the cat, just be careful, as i have learned that you cannot lead a horse to water when it does not want a drink.goodluck anyway and let us know how it all pans out

  • Thanks Dotthorey for your wise words. Reading this made me realize that energy is a key word between us. The ability he had to see through me had to do with the energy I have within. That was a key factor from the beginning and that's why I am intrigued.

    As I mentioned before I am so busy with work that I don't have the time to get over there and perhaps the break is a welcome (eventhough it felt unwelcome) blessing in disguise.

  • Flowsco I too am in the boat. I met an Aries man and dated only twice before the intimacy began. We agreed that we would go slow with the emotional aspect as time would go by. We both had been single for 15 years and we both had known what the big step means.

    3 months of him calling me everyday, giving me and my kids gifts, playing love songs. I felt like I could finally say "I really like you" after that he kinda stepped back. he still called me everyday and we still seen each other on weekends. I asked him if everything was ok and he said he didn't know. I asked him to talk to me about it and he said he would call me when he knew what to say. It was 7 days and I hadn't heard a word. I emailed him on the 7th day and tried to make it easier for him to talk to me. It has now been 9 days.

    Do you think I got the wrong message too?

  • Hi cslow, I honestly can't tell you if you got the message wrong. I was/am on my guard and haven't taken it to another level as yet. My kid have met him and that's all to it. He has kids aswell but I haven't met them.

    In my case I am not willing to give up my freedom of movement. And what I made out of our conversations he needs his freedom of movement since he single for a short period of time. We both haven't counted on being interested in another on a romantic level.

    Due to the sort of work I do. I am very on point with calling back when I say I will so the inpatient side of me did show through in this case. You know your guy better than anyone of us. Try to analyse the last couple of times you had contact. Perhaps there are things going on with him that you missed picking up on. Maybe you guys need to take it back 1 step and just enjoy each other.

    I chose to remain single for many reasons. If and when I do talk to my Libra. I am going to lay out to him where I am coming from eventhough I have a sneaky suspicion that he already knows.

    Try to wait for an answer. I am doing my best.

  • hi flowsco, thanks for your reply, sometimes we get a bite on the bum to show us where we go wrong, however as you have been so busy that is a good omen, but dont let it stop you from going to the gym, energy is a powerful thing and he working in the area he is he would be very receptive to a lot of energies, my son worked as a fitness instructor for a while in australia, and he never let his working life get in the way of his family life, he met o lot of really gorgeous girls, but never crossed the line with them, as much as he could of he would not as it would of wrecked his job, plenty more fish in the sea darlin and i sincerely hope that you meet a really good one very soon, much peace and love to you

  • Okay a follow up is in order since this story developed. Between the last time I wrote here I have texted him in different occassion trying to set up that date. Some calls has been answered and some didn't and this from both side. I have been busy and so has he. During this period of time I noticed that he liked me aswell but just was waiting for me to make the move. That I realize now.

    I had much thought and talk about this man and my feelings, I even had some advise from LibrasLair aswell. Thanks for that. I had a yet 2 more talks with people that knows me from the time I have been a kid and a teen. They both know that I can be a very stubborn and proud woman and analyzed what has been said between him and I from the very start. They both concluded that he is interested because he did send out signals.

    So today I mussled myself up and went back to the health club. I knocked on the door where he was and he was very surprised to see me. After waiting for a while he joined me and we started talking. As I said before this man can read me. And gave me my space to talk. I had a very hard time expressing exactly what I wanted to say. Much different than writing it down. He noticed that I was using exercise as an excuse to be there. I finally dared to tell him how I felt about him and he was surprised that I did say it but was happy about it because he already knew only he found that I was a bit difficult.

    I was shaking as a leaf. He took his time to take it all in and started joking around with me. He stated where he stands which is he is not rushing into anything at the moment and I stated where I stand that I am not willing to give up my freedom of movement. I don't want any more kids, live together or be controlled in what I do or where I go. He didn't have a problem with that. We agreed to give the friendship a go and made some plans to hang out. I want to take this nice and slow. Get to know him and visa versa and see what happens then.

    I even suggested going to another health club if me being frank gonna complicate things and he said no that wasn't necessary.

    When we left the club he dropped me of at the station and he was very happy. Walked like a And kept being very affectionate...hugs etc. He even thanked me for coming out there to talk to him about my feelings. And oh... he even managed to embarass me a When I was walking away in the middle of a huge crowd he shouted out that he loved me with all his heart. I couldn't believe he did that because just before he shouted out he ran into someone he knew and he just did that. 🙂

    I am just going to enjoy this while it last.

  • well flowsco

    that's nice to know. grats with your friendship

  • Thanks leoscorpion. Making these kinds of bold moves isn't exactly my cup of tea. it was an interesting experience.

  • you're making bold moves that are not ttreatening

    so all is good

    hope for the best. take care

  • I don’t know what to say…This beautiful soul that mesmerized me is in his last stages in his earthly body. This terrible disease that has also touched him is winning the battle. I am numb. This man has become more than a friend to me. He is my dearest, dearest friend and coach; he stole my heart and was kind to it. He helped me detach from most of my fears and helped me find myself again. No one is perfect not even him yet the goodness in his heart was visible to me. I respect him as a human being, a guide, a healer and a light worker. His sense of humour is something that always had my attention in a positive way. I don’t want to miss him yet I know I will. Yet I feel very rich at the moment….the wealth is that he crossed my path when I needed him. As he said to me…you asked for it. 🙂 I did at the time not knowing that my desperate cry was picked up by him and not long after he aided me.

    I am not afraid to say out loud….I LOVE HIM.

    Beautiful, joyful Libra …The footage that I have of you will always remind me how full of life you are and how blessed I am to have met you.


  • Flowsco,

    you are a great writer !

    I am cried for this post.

    hang on there !!

    wish you the best !!

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