5 Life Paths?

  • Are there any other 5 Life Paths out there who would like to share their personal insight into how the energy of the 5 has shaped any aspects of their lives (career, love, family, etc...)

  • Hi my life path number is 5. I find that being a five life path there are constant changes in your life. We are always evolving and growing.

  • I have a life path number 5. It certainly describes my life. I get incredibly bored and restless if I am in the same environment for too long. When I was a kid I always had a new career or new idea of what I wanted to do with my life. Even in my adult life I always would hop to job to job I never seemed to last at a job for more than a year. Currently I have a unique job that changes from day to day but at least it has been exciting which is a neccessity for me. But even that has it's problems from sticking with it for seven years. I need to interact with people.

    Currently I am in school and it took me a long time to figure out my major. I always need constant mental stimulation and new experiences to stay sane! But I have a curious, open minded and fun loving desposition and at times it creates a challenge for me to stick with something and see it completed and be content with the choices I devote my time to.

  • These are all interesting replies as it is similar to my 'life's path' thus far. I have never kept a job for too long. Being unbound being my motto I ventured out into the world of self employment which gives me more than enough drama, ups and downs but tons of freedom. I am a natural at sales even though that's not my primary focus.

    One thing that always always happens is constant change. When it comes it comes - either through some major lucky break or opportunity. Some catalyst always comes - whether myself or some event. And from that point its a whole new world for me (usually in location, travel or personal relationships with others - till the next cycle.

  • How do you find out what your life path number is?

    peace & blessings


  • Your life path is your MM+DD+YYYY. For example, if you were born on January 02 1903 it would equate to:

    Total this number until it boils down to a singular number. In this case it would be:

    01+02+1903 = 1906


    1+9+0+6 = 16


    1+6 = 7

    The LIFE PATH would be 7

  • Thank-you so much for teaching this,it was alot of fun for me to learn.

    peace & blessings

    light & love

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • My birthday number is 29/11

    The name I was given at birth holds a 5 influence, but the name I use, which is a shortened version of my birth name... I never changed the name on my birth certificate, only how I use it.... holds a 47/11 influence. A difficult vibration to live up to, but I receive signs from my spirit guides that say I am doing just fine.

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