My daughter needs help-or do I?

  • Dear Lisa. Leoscorpion is right on it psycholgically as usual and impressively makes so much sense. Also, what you said about 'an exchange' and 'the Exorcist' is also very relevant mythologically, as Pluto, Lord of the Underworld has apparently lured Persephone (your daughter) down to his kingdom to join him there (you can read him as evil if you like) . Of course Persephone's mother Demeter saved her daughter and led her back into the light - for half the year anyway - and I believe this relates to the'exchange' that you made because indeed, you have that power over your daughter as you (the moon in her chart as well as Saturn) are both on her Ascendant (how she expresses herself), as well as conjunct her Sun (the core of her being)..

    Her chart:

    She has a Pisces Sun of course - which has taken a battering over the last 2 or 3 years by Uranus - which has made her so restless, it is as if she has been struck by lightening. What happened ?A huge change must have happend that shook her world and this condition of hers seems to be a consequence of it. Aso did she suffer a 'broken heart' many respects and in both cases, she may be 'in mourning for something she has lost.

    She has a Sagittarian Ascendant...loves to be and feel free,... but her moon is also Sagittarius and sitting smack on her Ascendant! A double Sagittarius in fact who wants to be free of all constraints, but who is ruled by her emotions and really d ependant, her mother Do you work, Lisa? Did she miss you when she was growing up? She really needs you, but because she is going through that awful teenage angst - which makes her anti everybody - but cannot vocalise it. Natal Mars is in Aquarius and being battered by Neptune , Jupiter and Chiron....phew, the girl is being pummelled like a piece of clay, by so many big planets, it is not surprising she has reacted to shout 'STOP!. The good newsis that Jupiter is heading out of Aquarius and into Pisces, bringing fun, laughter and learning, so next year should be so much brighter than the last 2 or 3 .

    Just a snapshot...hope it helps. Peace and love.' .

  • I am glad to have helped

    what I am sharing is what the universe has taught me and they are meant to be shared

    what happened in my life is meant to happen so that I connect with the people and spirits who can help and share the lessons and pointers they gave me

    hope for the best


    thank you for the kind words you have a lot of abilities, reading tarot, astrology and understanding of mythology. I see you have also helped many, may the universe sends you support and multiply your abilities for you have helped others with them

  • Thank you Leoscorpion, I feel we are kindred spirits although I'm on this side of the Atlantic and you are on the other. Peace and love.

  • you are welcome

    peace and love back

  • Dear Beautiful Ladies,

    I am awed by you both...I just read Anastasia's chart you so kindly did, and WOW!

    So accurate...I will write back tomorrow, as I'm sleep-typing!

    thank you with all my heart. I'll fill you in... 🙂

    leoscorpion, I'm checking out the gems. Your in-depth guidance as to how to use them is valuable beyond words! You two are kindred spirits, I can feel it...

    highpriestess3, I'm going to say, yes...she has been heavily burdened for 2-3 yrs and suffered deeply, kept it to herself-loss of her beloved horse barn mentor/friend older lady. They had very special bond, the death was so very hard on her and she is finally dreaming of Ginger. So perhaps closure is happening?

    If you get any time, and feel like it, coul you do a quickie chart for me, too?

    With Big Gratitude and Love, bless you both!

    Lisa ((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

  • I would love to do your chart Lisa (date time and place please)...I know you have also gone to hell and back with your daughter. I am glad she is now dreaming of that way they can always be together...did the horse have any offspring, or siblings? Sounds daft, but if she could reconnect with one of them, it would be very a double Sagittarian she is a centaur/half human and half horse, so there is a mythological soul connection there that the modern world has lost, but that the ancient Greeks would understand. Peace and love..

  • Oh, Thank You so much!!! Ok, I get here's my info! 🙂


    October 30, 1955

    5:36 PM

    New Orleans, LA


    I'd love it, and would love to get any insights you may have re: Anastasia's and my charts?

    With Big Gratitude and Love!


    PS--Ginger is actually a human!!! I really "get" what you meant, though!

    And Anastasia is at another barn, she LOVES...she continues to be truly devoted to horses...I never put that together-her double sagg! She told me that in her dream about Ginger, she was looking into Ginger's house,( who passed on from cancer) the family was there but Ana couldn't or wouldn't feel welcome. Ginger and her family adored Ana. She was welcome up thru the was just so very hard on her, she kept a distance. Poor dear girl! She paid for flowers, made Ginger a beautiful scrapbook...never said good-bye tho. I think that dream is very very important...

    You are so right, Ginger's death really was a huge factor/trigger into AN.

    My deepest appreciation, highpriestess3!



  • Dear leoscorpion!

    I've gone online in search of gems!

    I'm going to reread your posts to glean even more wisdom...then I'll order!

    My gratitude is way more than words can express...

    Thank You so very very much.


    Lisa 🙂

  • you are welcome

    hope for the best

  • Thank You, I will hope for the best...:)

    rereading this discussion, I have to tell all of you, how much it's helping!

    This morning...the quote about having a child being like your heart is walking around outside your body--oh! So so well said. Ouch! And I think Rikku expressed appreciation of a Mom who sticks by her child, no matter sometimes is all I can do to keep going but Thanks for that! I needed to hear that again. And I'm wishing you had a Mom like that. Well, I guess we work with what the universe gives to us, do the best we can to stay positive. With Anorexia lurking around, causing suffering for all, and so heinous and negative! , it can be so challenging to remain positive, calm peaceful. I need to get those gems!!!!!

    Love and Peace to All,

    Lisa (((((((((((((LOVE))))))))))))))))

  • Dear Lisa...Sorry I misinterpreted some of your vocabuary; it is amazing how much English and American meanings vary, but the esesence of what said is 'loss' and animal, or human, the grief is reral.

    Anyway iterestingly enough, it is yourself who is the High Priestess, as you have a Taurean, Earth Mother Ascendant...traditional pioneering farmers/landworkers are your ancestors and you like to grow things...and sing! You also have a Taurean Moon, so although you are water-based, you are also of the earth. Your childhood looks pretty empty, but you are/were very attached to your mother...a favourite child perhaps? However, you had to do what she said and in no way were allowed to veer off the beaten track. Your Scorpio Sun is in the 6th house, making you work hard ...for others. This is accentuated by a conjuction with poweful Neptune, so although you are not a Piscea, you are probably more Piscean than a Sun your daughter. You are all things dreamy, charismatic, idealistic and psychic in a very big way. What you said about being'invaded by evil' is true, you'felt' it.! Mars and Mercury are in Libra which is about to get a visit from Saturn...time to learn something new and 'shape' your psychic powers into something tangible and concrete (those crystals are ideal!) Is your partner older than you? Venus conjunct Saturn suggest such a match.

    You and your daughter...are friends ...quite equal really. Your North Node is in the 8th house...let go of the material and learn a new set of values, based on the world you cannot see, or hold in your hands. Enjoy the journey both of you! Peace and love.

  • Score

    you and family will make it. the universe places you here with people that can help, so it is meant for you and your family to make it. Do your best to stay positive, it's hard I understand, try your best. We tend to think the worst sometimes, not knowing our own strength. It's normal.

    Always say "This too shall pass" when you start feeling down, when you start feeling negative so that the negativity doesn't get too deep into your system and either drain you or make you send negativities out. Tell her to do the same. Don't worry if you slipped now and then, it's normal. With practice, it will be a habit.

    If there is any homeopathy store in your area, you can try get Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Spray, to help overcome stress, nervous etc.You can buy just one, for both of you. Mine lasts 5 months at $15 and I use spray every day on my tongue. Don't buy this at ebay, the shipping will be costly. If you can't find it, that is fine too. Just thought I mention it to help comfort you and your child until things easened up a little bit. Hope you get the gems soon.

    HPriestess what a reading !! and you got this all from a birthchart... WOW

  • Hi Leoorpion...I love your advice are a very wise woman...I will have to wait for Lisa's verdict on my reading to see if I am on the right track,, as I just go with what comes to me when I see it on paper, although I don't feel I cam ever be that specific. I feel I just deal with 'weather forecasts'. Peace and love.

  • peace and love back

    (blushed) not a wise one yet. my mentors are. I am a baby compared to them.

    hope that your abilities are multiplied and enriched by the universe in return of all the help you gave others

  • Wow, my Goodness, My Dear Ladies!!!!!

    This is really powerful stuff!

    I'm absorbing it All as I attempt to convey, in words...the essences of my response!

    (obviously, I'm not your typical Scorp Sun--I chat alot...?) lol!

    You both gave such wisdom and insights. I am so blessed , Thank You both...deep Gratitude here!!!

    Ok, deep breath--highpriestess3 ~

    another Amazingly accurate reading! Idk about my highpriestess-ness, but hey, I'll run with it!!! 🙂

    indeed, my ancestors, my Mom's side were farmers. She has 1/8 (?) Native American blood, as well. I'm an only child, ( wah wah! Wanted sibs so much...) My Dad was never home. A dynamo driven man, self-made man. My Mom, a true Aquarian and I were together a lot! She's a master gardener--and get this! A pro singer! I'm a good singer too...but am very visual. An artist, and Mother. My children have been my works of art, now 2 have flown, and my husband and best friend, a Scorpio, are here at home with "our baby", dear Piscean girl Anastasia. Yes, Walt is a couple years older, but not tremendously older. Interesting about my Mom...she tried, really! To keep me adhering to HER ways ( remember tho, she's Aquarius!) I was so stubborn and strong-willed that she'd space out and forget her lecture halfway through! We still share a very similiar sense of humor and do laugh a lot, or don't agree at ALL! People have forever told me that I reference Mom all the time, so she must have strong influence. I work in her extensive display gardens ( her trying to teach me!) and I dicovered I begrudgingly liked it. I'm too lazy to garden too much! Yep, earthy is me! Barefoot except Mid-November-April Fools! Don't mind getting "dirty", literally. And I am totally a "Giver".So now I know why I feel sooooo close to Pisces! The psychic thing is very strong with my Fishy peeps!

    Here's a great example, to sum up my girl's and my relationship:

    I've been "stuck" with my painting (or any medium!), for a while. Anastasia has been so precient-she knows I need to be making my art happen, right? So...finally she comissioned me to paint a quote, of her choosing, on part of a wooden thing in her room! She's very bright and verrrry knowing, sensitive to others feelings. She has me doing art again! Ha!

    Yes, it's a heavy journey, with her. You're absolutely spot-on, highpriestess3 ~

    it's time for us to start enjoying our journey together!!!!

    Oh! I happened to check this thread right before I was going to speak with Anastasia. It's amazingly beautiful timing! I said nothing, stayed "chill", and for once, let it be...

    I guess I'd better shut my trap, and I believe that you've "gotten" my very awed and impressed and grateful and inspired feedback by this point!!!! 😄

    Thank you, Thank You...

    Big Love and cyber-Hugs!

    Lisa (((((((((Hugs)))))))))))

  • Hi there, leoscorpion!

    Oh man, that post did go on...oooops!!!! 😄

    I am truly awestruck at how this thing called "Life" all comes together!!!

    (if a person let's it?!! Lol)

    as highpriestess said ~ a very appropriate time for the quartz crystals!

    I ordered 2 felt good to me that just Anastasia and I use our gems, not Walter.

    There was a LOT to choose from; I stayed focussed ( yay!!) and simple about it. Ordered 1"clear quartz crystals from South America. And $3.50 each/shipping @ $7.00. So a not large $ deal, for a great cause! I am happy, REALLY happy and so grateful that your wisdom found me, at this time.

    The gems will be arriving, latest, by Walter's Bday-November 13th!

    Any advice, my dear friend, as to how to approach my dear daughter re: using the gems to help energy flow, positivity...the cleansing. And, the care of the gem. Etc! I casually mentioned the ordering today, how it's good. She (or her damn ED!) got on alert, and I knew it wasn't the time to talk! What oh what shall I do?!!?! Ok, start by being calm... 😉

    Thank You, Thank You!!!!!

    I am so blessed, leoscorpion.


    Lisa ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

  • Ooooops! Forgot to say, what a wonderful thing to hear, we will make it!!!

    Your advice is exactly what I need NOW!!! Soooooo true, and do-able, I'm "Positive!"

    and I will be seeking out the flower remedy spray, I've heard great feedback about it! 🙂

    again, my Greatest Thanks...

    Bless you both...



    I hope others are helped from this Awesome Wisdom!!!!

  • Glad to hve helped to you, your daughter and Leoscorpion....c u on another thread!

  • c u highpriestess

    Score, when it comes to the gem user, unfortunately she has to have the intention to protect herself. She will come around, don't worry if she doesn't for now. Negative energy, remember? It's good that you mention it early so you have time to keep trying to convince her. Kids do not know this, they watch movies and think that magic is cool, 2012 is awesome and gems are dumb. Remind her of the days she was suffering and tell her how simple things such as visualization and gems can help her avoid it from happening again. This will take a lot of tries, I am sure. But do not feel hopeless and worry, pray according to your belief that she will understand. One day, something will happen that will make her realize you mean well. Don't use force on her, the gems read the energy of its user. If it detects unwillingness and disbelief of its power, it will go against her instead of for her benefit. Much like you go to the forum asking questions and when people give advice you ignore them, they won't give you advice anymore. Gems are not alive, but they are sensitive to energies, they can't ignore or yell, they just won't function well. It's their way of saying 'fine, suit yourself'. Plus, by force and stubborness, you send out negative energy on its own, which is not helping anyway.

    Remember to wash the gems before use, every single time. When they arrive, the gems would still carry the energy of the seller and their environment, so they have to be washed and energized or it will get mixed with yours and contaminate it. You can keep both gems in one place, but if your daughter wants to use one, she will have to take her gem to her room and yours will stay in yours. You two are flesh and blood, but your energies are different, so be very careful with storing the gems and caring them. As I said, first two weeks (preferably less, but 2 weeks max) you can show her cleansing and energizing, but she will have to blow her breath on her gem and you to yours, from the very start of using so that the gems pick up each individual energy right away. After two weeks, she will have to do the whole process from cleaning to blowing breath and energizing on her gem herself.

    hope for the best Score. don't worry it will happen. if you lead by example, not by force, she will come around someday.

  • Score,

    I trust you and your daughter are doing better. She's blessed to have such an open minded mother.

    When I was much younger I danced everyday and I came into close contact w/ women & anorexia and purging.

    The thing that struck me the most was the intense self hatred and comparing and judgement always coming up short. Very low self esteem. They saw the imperfections vs their beauty,and they were beautiful! I lived w/ 2 at the end of my dance obsession and became pregnant and entered into single motherhood as roomies and it was a challenge to live amongst that energy.

    I understand and applaud your efforts to find a deeper meaning on her behalf.

    As for your daughter your doing great! Continue to love her and encourage self esteem building things. Have affirmations everywhere, help her to change her thinking to more positive phrasing in her head. The self talk. Above all do your best to never wrong her she has a enough of that going on in he head.

    Please try to not focus on the dark, negative she needs the light.

    I live w/ a daughter who was born w/ a disability she's now 28 and doing well but is on the autistic spectrum low IQ but a sweet spirit. I still have to nurture her self esteem in many ways. She knows she's "different".

    I had a friend once who also had a developmentally challenged child also and her perspective was so beautiful. "Some of us choose a more inclined path steeper challenging but not w/o it's own beauty and benefits." Our children choose us for what they can teach us as much as we choose them.

    When she is healed think how much she will have to give to another having walked this. The empathy and compassion she can gain from this experience.

    Blessings in Motherhood!

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