My daughter needs help-or do I?

  • b4icu

    I wrote this on the same thread page 1 or 2 I forgot now

    the cleansing part

    "you can also get her a quartz crystal gem for her to keep in her bag

    or if you are afraid she will lose it, keep it in her bedroom

    wash it every night with salt under running water, leave it air dry for 5 - 10 mins

    then let her blow her breath onto each corner of this gem and tell her to pour her worries/sadness into it. the gem will purify these negative energies for her so she will be cleansed of it"

    so yes it is done with salt under running water as I mentioned

    let me know if you have any question

    for Score and hpriestess take care and stay positive

  • ThankYou! Leoscorpion, I will be cleansing my crystals today. The sun is shining brightly and will energize me as well. Does one have to dedicate their crystals? I am reading from the Crystal Wisdom book. Apparently dedicating ones crystals ensures that they can only be used in a positive way for good. I believe this applies when others are using your crystals for readings or healings. Any thoughts or insights? 🙂 May your light shine brightly. Have a great day.

    Score, Wonder how you are doing. Hope all is well. I have found alot of uplifting meditations on you tube. This can be extremely relaxing for the soul. God bless.

  • Dear Score



    Hi ladies from rainy England...LeoScorpion is the expert here on crystals

    and I find the advice fascinating. I of course know absolutely nothing about them, but

    think it's probably abut time I joined in and got sme. Peace and love.

  • b4icu

    the crystal I am using is for cleansing, not healing

    healing is a process after cleansing

    if you want to use it for healing, you need different types of crystals for different healing & person

    may want to learn reiki to get a good start. I don't know reiki

    dedicating for good sure can be done

    but if the gems are used to cleanse off energy off you, I would suggest don't let others use yours or vice versa, before it is cleaned with salt under running water

    what happens is that when you blow your breathe on the crystal, you also pour your negative energy (the one you keep inside and the one you get from others) and the crystals will absorb them and transform them into neutral energy

    this is why they need to be energized regularly, and the sun, like fire, is a great transformer

    energy is an air form, you breath in and out so do others. this is how it affects many in short period let alone short distance

    imagine if someone uses your crystal while it contains your negative energy and still transforming it ... they will surely be affected by the negativity, maybe become ill or have nightmares for the negative energy will move to them and may even linger for years if they don't know how to cleanse or protect themselves

    if the crystal is dedicated for healing I would imagine it will absorb sickness and transform it, which is again not safe for others to use yours before it is cleansed

    even crystals for readings, they have to cleanse it now and then, I'd imagine not under running water since it doesn't absorb anything it only provides views. but crystal readers would know more about this and the spells they read may already provide the necessary process for the crystal.


    I am no expert 🙂 all knowledge and wisdom come from the universe shared to me through my mentors. by all means if you know anything about crystals, please add or correct me. I believe I wrote all I know for now but like I mentioned above, I only use the crystals for cleansing. for healing and reading I believe in general cleansing and energizing is needed but I don't know the specifics and which crystal is needed.

  • leoscorpio,

    you are so wise and knowledgeable! Thank you for the great information. I find it very helpful. I still have alot to learn. I am just beginning on my journey of understanding and using crystals. This is a whole new pathway that has opened up for me. It is very exciting.

    highpristess3, hope it has stopped raining now. Am fortunate to have a sunny day 50 F unusual in Wisconsin. Enthralled in crystals now. lol

    Scorne, hope all is well!!

  • b4icu glad I have helped

    I am here to share general understanding, nothing specific

    different author has different views on things, based on their experiences and knowledge

    life is to learn so feel free to do a lot of reading and asking and analyzing to find clarity. the universe provides us everything from its abundance including elements in nature that we can use for many purposes. All we have to do is find out how to use them.

    I still have a lot to learn myself.

    hope you all the best b4icu score hprestess and everyone else.

  • Hi All!


    Just, Wow!

    I am deeply loving this sharing...

    Thank you all soooooooooo much!!!!!

    Transforming, really.

    b4icu, glad to have you on, with...ok, HERE!

    Sisters and any brothers (?) I am loving my crystal.

    Oh well, after re-reading posts here---as is my way...the cleaning part is a wee "flexible"?!!!

    Lol! I shall try to cleanse with attunement!

    TTY later! (better yet, sooner!!!)

    hope All is Well and Good. And Happy!

    Love, Lisa

    Anastasia is doing a good job, dealing with the ED. I, and Walter, am proud of our brave, beautiful girl! She hasn't mentioned her crystal yet...

    I'm letting it be.


  • Dear glad your daughter is on the mend.

    Dear B4icu...Finally stopped raining thanks...when it rains my internet goes down intermittently....grrrrr!

    Dear LeoScorpion....I reading your wise words and kind advice..

    Peace and love everyone.

  • peace and love to all you 3 great ladies

  • ok this may sound weird but someone might find it useful (or confusing)

    fire = transforms

    water = purifies, cleanses

    air = carrier, underlying force

    earth = provides

    sounds like basic alchemy. I was told to wake up and write this last night. I held it for 5 hrs trying to sleep, but finally I gave up. I don't know anything about alchemy, in school I sucked in it and the mystical side of it, I don't know either. but I was told someone needs to know this, on this thread and that more will be told.

    The universe doesn't sleep or take holidays, this means I have to get used to ... losing sleep...

  • Dear LeoScorpion....weird coincidence ...I have just found a book on the Roman, Lucretius' ,

    ' De rerum natura' which contains all sorts of 'natural philosophy' according to the ancients. Will keep you up to date, but I should thnk it is also to do wth alchemy etc...Peace and love.

  • yes please hprestess I don't know what that book is

    but at least now I don't feel like some kind of weird person

  • This post is deleted!

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