My daughter needs help-or do I?

  • Bless You, Pfree!

    I so appreciate all you have shared...

    I'd like to tell you a story, I will be musing a bit, then write! (actually, more than one story! )

    Hope you're ok, Thank You. And YES! Anastasia is doing ok, geez I've got lots to talk about with you! It's 4 AM tho, so bed first!


    Lisa ((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))

  • Score,

    You are welcome and yes we are well. 4am? Are you an insomniac?



  • HA!!! Yes, I guess so! I love the night...

    How are you, positivity wise? I'm trying!

    The crystals are due anytime...I'm ready for any help.

    You take care, and keep sharing any thoughts, when you can!




  • Rikku226, what is mirroring? Im interested in this.

  • Hello all!

    To igohumble, I have been through a major issue with negativity (negative energy being directed at me intentionally)ie psychic attacks which allowed my own fear, anger, betrayal to continue manifesting negative energy in a dangerous physical way.To be clear I was not sending negative energy to anyone I believe that is wrong being wiccan we believe in no harm to others and what you send out so shall you receive. I allowed, even aided negative energy to manifest in me due to my anger fear etc. As LS described in this thread and others, cleansed energized crystals are most helpful as protection and have many other helpful & healing powers.

    Mirroring is a meditation (there are also mirror type magick spells) used in a manner to protect you and those you care for. I picture myself (my son, husband pets etc)ascending a stairway surrounded by nothing but space at the top is a mirrored door which opens and allows us in. Inside it closes behind us so we are in a huge room encased completely with mirrors facing out as a reflective wall of protection. This sends the negative energy directed toward you back to the sender. Inside this mirrored room you can picture anyway you feel comfortable with of course you make the rules. You can move about freely etc. My room is actually a forest setting since nature is my joy with trees, moss, streams, birds all of it lol. It also has a huge 4 poster bed which I sometimes picture me and my loved ones just lying there together enjoying the nature all about. If you have any other questions feel free. I hope this helps I know it's a lot of sharing my personal way just as an example. Please be sure, you can do this any way you feel most powerful and comfortable. The most important thing is the focus & visualization of a mirror sending negative energy or bad energies directed at you from others back to the sender.

    Lisa it sounds like things are already going much better. (Ironically I am a Pisces sun with a Taurus ascendant and a Scorpio moon) The power of positive energy and loving support and guidance goes a long way doesn't it.? I have said it before and I say it again I wish I had a Mom that was as devoted as you are.

    LS I just adore you and you know it! You have given me some great advice and helped me to see past my limitations during a very weak time, and you share so honestly and lovingly with so many. You are a wise one. You deserve the compliment 🙂

    High Priestess you too are an amazing individual and I have seen many beautiful helpful things you have shared. As LS said may your gift continue to be a source of love and guidance, and may all you give come back to you many times.

    Blessed be to all


  • rikku I am glad to have helped

    I hope the universe sends you all supports and blessings

    the wisdom and knowledge belong to the universe

    I am not wise yet 🙂 still a long way to go

    have you found the person you are looking for? for past life?

    Score and everyone else, hope for the best for you and family

  • Dear Rikku...thanks so much for you kind thoughts and those to the others on this thread. I think it wonderful that so much positive healing nergy has been created in this forum. Peace and love everyone.

  • true highpriestess

    the more people understand the need of sending positive energy and staying positive

    the closer we are to creating the future we all want to create for the next generation

    thank you for being positive and thank you everyone that keeps trying to send out positivity

    for the universe sees our intention and will not ignore it

  • Thank you LeoScorpion - do stay in touch...sometimes it is quite difficult to maintain optimistic and positive thoughts, but it helps to know that other souls are with us. Peace and love.

  • I will be in the forum always stay in touch, hpriestess

    as long as the universe wants me to be here I will be here

    yes I have my share of difficulties too

    when things are tough, say This too shall pass repeatedly until you regain calmness

    it will pass, it always does

    take care now and may you are showered with blessings and protection

  • Thanks LeoScorpion.. your positivity is deeply appreciated. Peace and love. x

  • All my dear friends!

    The Crystals arrived today!

    I have got to let you all know...something very special is happening around our home,

    very nice and positive energy! This began as soon as this discussion began...

    I am very grateful to everyone, and I'm really happy ~ truly so glad that so many of us received this great goodness. There's more I'd like to individuals...for now, my feelings are beyond words,

    as I look at the crystals,( well, the little pouch they came in!), I send my Big Gratitude out to you all!!! Thank you so much, Bless you!



  • Score

    I am glad things are going great with you

    live your life in positivity and balance

    you will be able to maintain the peace and harmony you have gained

    remember when in doubt, say This too shall pass

    for it will pass


    and yours too 🙂 take care

  • Hi LeoScorpion and glad that things are looking up. ...stay in touch you two very special people. Love and peace from the old world!

  • Thank you, my Dear,

    all good things for you...

    Keep in touch...


    Lisa (((((((hugsallaround!)))))))))

  • Dear are things with your cystals? Peace and love.

  • Hmmmmm...

    Ok, so there was a delay...I just figured," they'll be with us when the time is perfect!!"

    sooooo ~ got them, and a "gift" crystal! My husband grabbed it...I cherish mine. I left Ana the other one, in the pouch, on her very # 1 spot! She hasn't responded at all to me about it. She knew I'd sent for them...idk, I really feel strong connection with my gem!

    Anastasia will bring it out when it's time...

    I have the most peaceful feelings! What is happening is all good, with my girl...

    I believe the positivity and goodwill from this thread turned things around!

    highpriestess3 ~ any advice or feelings, or advice about crystals or anything, I will humbly take!

    leoscorpion ~ if you're reading this...Thank you!

    Beautiful ladies, I send all my great gratitude to you!

    All my friends here ~ thank you all!!!!!!

    You all are helping beyond words. Bless you All!


    Lisa <<<<<<<00O€

  • Score, you are an amazing lady. Just finished reading all the posts. found your story and dedication to your daughter extremely uplifting. I sense many good things are going to come your way very soon. feel lots of positive energy surrounding you. I have also received crystals that I have ordered. I was told to cleanse the crystals with seasalt and energize them by holding them close to your heart. Although, I have read that most crystals can be cleansed in warm water,no soap and energized by sunlight. While I am no expert on crystals. Hope this helps.

    Leoscorpian, wonder if this is on track? There seems to be more than one way to cleanse and energize crystals. Is one way better than another?

  • Score, hope you don't mind . I am not trying to interfere with your thread. Blessings to you.

  • I am reading and yes Score is a great mother

    she pays attention to advices everyone gave her and apply them

    the universe will not abandon people like her and those she loves

    for the positivity (love and care) she spreads, supports life, including life of her family

    it will spread to relatives, friends and neighbors to everyone she meets

    love is a very powerful positive energy, it will overcome any obstacle

    may the universe sends you more from its abundance in return of all positivity you have sent out


    yes cleaning the crystal is done with salt under running water

    I suggest energizing it under the sun for it is a powerful energy source

    holding it close to your heart is the same thing as using the crystal by blowing your breath onto each corner of the crystals for it to work for you

    so you are activating it, not energizing it, it's two different things.

    to energize the crystal, you need a powerful source, unless you have this power or channel such power from the universe or you have it in you to energize it, you can't do it yourself

    but yeah this is just my opinion

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