My daughter needs help-or do I?

  • My 15 yr old daughter is recovering from Anorexia Nervosa. She's working hard to overcome it. How may I continue to help her, I'm finding it very confusing?

  • Knowledge is power! Learn everything you can about her condition. I'm sure there are support groups that you could attend....either by yourself or together with her. It helps just to knowing that you are not alone and others face the same problems.

    My heart goes out to you. Our children's problems feel worse than our own problems. Probably because we really don't have the control over what they do. Atleast not the way we have control over what we do. It makes you feel helpless when you want to fix something for them and can't or you want to help them but don't know how. I once heard someone say "Having a child is like having your heart walk around on the outside of your body for the rest of your life.". I've never heard a more accurate statement about being a parent.

    I'm sure you both could use some help and there is nothing wrong with asking for it. Good luck to both of you.

  • I heard it from some people that gaining weight is as hard as losing it

    I have always been more on the ideal, a bit underweight side

    probably because my mom tends to the overweight and my dad the underweight

    LOL so I end up in the middle slightly to dad side but never too much

    there must be professionals you can see to find out how you can help

    I would also go online for free articles about her condition and other people's experiences

    to help see how other people are doing it

    I know one who is trying to gain weight, he said his family is a tremendous help

    always be there when he needs them and continuously support him even when he gives up

  • All my greatest Thanks to you!

    Oh, yes...what you both said is so true;

    our children are our biggest love and it can also hurt BIG time, if they are not ok...

    And, I'm helping her through to recovery using a newer evidenced based method..."Maudsley Method". Much higher success rate than the "old school" methods. All's progressing as it "should" be, and so true! It IS hard to gain weight...??!! 🙂

    it's just that this disease is really creepy. Like a heinous beast...

    It sounds crazy, but you have to be around it to understand.

    Truly evil. BUT-- my daughter is a strong and good person, she's doing well. I just feel that, in a way that's hard to it possible that I've been invaded by this she's recovered I seem to be filled with such negativity...

    I actually prayed, " take me, let her be free!"

    I'm not Anorexic, yet I can feel the negative energy in me.

    Thank God my girl is better.

    Am I imagining this? Has anyone felt they've "made an exchange" like this?

    Oh well, Thanks to you for responding!

    And I'm still praying-for the good to prevail.

    Bless us all,


  • yes I have and it is normal

    the negative energy you are getting is either from her or from you.

    from you because you are worried and perhaps do not have faith that you will be able to help her

    from her, this is most likely, for this energy has been filling her up therefore she lost her appetite

    how she is filled up with negative energy it could be from those that sent it to harm her, unintentionally or intentionally. don't worry the universe will return this to them.

    also she may have sent it out, out of anger/ frustration/revenge, not knowing that the universe returns all energy we send out, back to us hence she is suffering.

    not everybody understands the concept of energy and so many of us constantly are trapped into this pattern of sending negative energies that return to us causing ourselves problems

    protect yourself and teach her to protect herself

    mere visualization of white/blue light will help to block more negative energies from coming in or be exchanged

    this is important for her since being anorexic her friends might tease/insult her which is negative energy on its own, if she doesn't know how to protect herself, she will keep suffering from these attacks and if she is angry, she will then suffer from her own anger

    teach her to stay positive and send only positive thoughts on top of visualizing

    you can also get her a quartz crystal gem for her to keep in her bag

    or if you are afraid she will lose it, keep it in her bedroom

    wash it every night with salt under running water, leave it air dry for 5 - 10 mins

    then let her blow her breath onto each corner of this gem and tell her to pour her worries/sadness into it. the gem will purify these negative energies for her so she will be cleansed of it

    whenever you can, energize the gem under sunlight, doesn't have to be direct, as long as there is no roof or trees covering it. remind her to always do both energizing, washing and blowing her breath to the gem regularly. in time, it will cleanse her from negative experience/energy completely. quartz crystal is very powerful. if need be, you can also get black tourmaline and do the same with both gems. I use both regularly whenever I am stressed out or worried. so you can also use this gem, but you can't use her gem. It has to be one for each and you can't exchange gems with your daughter without cleaning them, in fact to be safe, don't ever do that if you can help it.

    hope this helps. best of luck.

  • OMG LS I have just recovered from a 6 month battle with what they determined were ulcers (I think for lack of another explanation) after running a million tests to rule out the kitchen sink. I literally was vomiting almost to death for 6 months. I have determined that this was and may be still a psychic attack due to others negativity and my anger and feelings of injury and disappointment because these are people who are supposed to love me. I had Hans do a reading for me recently he confirmed this. I have been doing mirroring and am also using my Herkimer crystals to cleanse and protect. You are so right about this. Thank you for the help. Anyone who does not know the healing powers of crystals or how to cleanse them for this purpose will greatly benefit from this advice. I am wiccan so I thankfully had access to this information but my advice to this lovely woman who cares so much about her daughter, is to listen to your advice and take it seriously b/c it will help. I have had a tremendous lifting since I started mirroring and using my crystals again.

    Blessed be to you all and to Lisa I will pray and send light energy to your cause as I do my own. From someone who did not/does not have a loving mother it is nice to hear a Mother championing her child no matter what.

  • By the way, the sad thing is I already know all of this about energy etc but it so hard sometimes to break patterns of fear and we can get very lost when bad things are happening to us. I want to thank all of those (LS you were a big part of this for me) that helped remind me of the power around me and the strength inside me, so I can once again be alive and be the best Mother, Wife, Hume I can be.

    I am truly humbled and so very thankful.

    Blessed be

  • Try, in a comfortable and friendly manner to talk with her about how she plans to overcome it and say more positives than negatives. The key is to be sunny about it, because anorexia hits hard mentally

  • Try, in a comfortable and friendly manner to talk with her about how she plans to overcome it and say more positives than negatives. The key is to be sunny about it, because anorexia hits hard mentally

  • rikku sorry I didn't know your experience but glad that my story helps

    be careful with negative energy people send out, some of them may be powerful enough to linger and over time it builds up hence attracting more negative energies to you and yet blocking positive energy from you and so you are dragged deeper and deeper

    protection will send back the negative to sender and if you keep sending positive you will get positive back. the gems will work to your benefit, can also work by neutralizing negativeness that you receive when you forget to protect yourself somehow

    May the universe sends you support and blessing rikku

    I understand how hard it is to break the patterns, but you have done it and learned a great deal

    I am so happy your strength returns.

  • Leoscorpion, Rikku226, cancerleo and dvslittleone,

    my very truly DEEPEST THANKS...

    You have all shared such powerful wisdom and insights!!!

    In very articulate and loving ways. I read and reread this positive input, I telly need it, for it's easy for me to get focussed on my fears, worries...exhaustion...basically the negative energy.

    Which, of course does absolutely NO good!

    And the crystals...what a wonderful healing thing to do.

    My gratitude is beyond words.

    I've been a member of a really fantastic site for parents and caregivers of ED kids for 10 mos. I had to take break; I was getting too into the negative when going on the site, not their fault!

    I needed a more spiritual viewpoint at this time, and I sure am getting it!

    And someday, soon I hope and pray, I will be able to share this beautiful widom at that site.

    Thank you so very deeply,

    Lisa xxx

  • After my name, Lisa, I typed 3 x's, and it looks like I said a four letter word!!!!

    I didn't mean for that to happen!!! 🙂

  • I don't know anything about anorexia. But I will say a prayer for both of you to give you wisdom to know what to do. Take care.

  • Hi there..usual fabulous insights from LeoScorpion and everyone else and talking of negative energy, I did find Pluto exerting very strong energy in a chart I did not so long, but it was more about 'conrol' than anything else. This girl had a very dominant father/could be a mother, but less likely, and the only way she could exert any personal poer in her day-to-day life was through her food intake. Now I am not saying it is parent's fault ompletely, because she had powerful Pluto energy herself...which you need of course not to eat when you are hungry...but each time she didn't eat she was almost triiumphant as if she had won a personal battle wih herself...and maybe beaten her parrent.

    Now I could be totally wrong...wa she being bulliled at school about her weight? IS Saturn haning around her moon making her feel sick.? If I could do your daughter's birth chart it would help, nut II quite underestand if you would rather II didn't. Peace and love everyone.

  • Thanks for the information Leo/Scorpion, I'm going to see where I can buy the Crystals, I am extremely grateful for your help and pray for all of us who are each going through our personal turmoils. Love n Light to all of you! CC

  • Hello Everyone,

    I just reread this thread, I want to respond to each and every response!

    I will say, for now, Thank you. I hope you can all FEEL my gratitude...

    This is what it's all about. Positive energy, the dealing with inevitable negative energy that comes our way. I, too, LeoScorpion would love to know if there is a great source online, to obtain the crystals? I'd prefer knowing from you, rather than going around locally in pursuit of this powerful resource...unless that's a better way...? Thank you, obviously the crystals struck a deep chord with many! 🙂

    thank You for your Prayers. So powerful...I truly Thank you all.

    Thank you for so much insight. Actually, Anorexia Nervosa,(and other eating disorders), are now recognized as a very (the most), serious mental illness-a"disease of the brain. Survival rates are pretty grim, hence why we are using the newer "evidenced-based" treatment(s). And it's working, my daughter just hit a rough spot-"normal" in recovery. My gut feeling is that this disease is a bit more complex than just a mental illness. It feels so "evil". Remember "The Exorcist"? Well...I will tell you, it gets like that. I'm serious.

    You know, in case anyone is needing help with this in particular---or wants to know more, for whatever reason, I'd like to share the incredible site I spoke of. The main home page, F.E.A.S.T, has all the info one could want--"aroundthedinnertable".

    Anyway, for me, it's gotten to the point where a spritual approach felt necessary, as well as dealing with only the food/eating aspect.

    And, yes, control is a component...

    And dealing with my girl in a sunny way...very, very important! And, since she's also 15 1/2--easier said than done a lot of the time! I do totally agree, though.

    You are all helping so VERY much, way beyond words...and I can see others being helped as well,

    and that's truly all good.

    Dear highpriestess3, I'd be honored if you would like to do her chart!


    March 4th, 1994

    1:25 AM

    Cambridge, MA USA

    Bless you all!



  • I am happy that I can be helpful

    I do not have specific source to buy the crystals

    I bought mine on ebay, at a price I can afford

    I paid $ 30 for two including shipping at the time

    I will see if I can find the seller's name, she uses it for the same purpose

    the gems do not have to be big, and do not have to be a pendant

    raw and small will do, whichever you can afford

    all gems are dug from the earth, therefore their power come from nature itself

    any prayer or wish that you make in the nature, will be amplified 10 times

    for the spirits in the nature will be your witnesses

    if you can not go in the nature for any reason, then say the prayer/wish to the gems the way I described. it works the same way, only needs regular cleansing and recharging.

  • sorry ebay has changed so the seller didn't sell there anymore

    I got the gems almost 3 years ago

    the gems that you need for now are quartz crystal - clear.

    not pink, lilac or any color

    any size will do, as long as you remember to energize and clean them regularly when using

    if you find the website that sells gems and you like it, that's fine too

    if not, just go to ebay site. type Quartz Crystal

    on the left hand bar, pick Loose Gemstones. Then pick the ones you can get from local seller

    gems are gems, the ones from the US are as powerful as the ones from Asia so to speak

    take care now. hope it helps.

    I will boomark the site you mentioned

    and yes it is not uncommon for a child to have suffered from negative energies

    we were born into this world intact and complete with the tools the universe gives us

    but we were too young to know how to use them

    adults or older children who happen to need these tools, becaus somewhere along the way they have lost theirs, or just jealous to see how much joy we bring to the family

    will try take them away from the newborns, unintentionally or intentionally, thus they send negative energy or wishes over and over again

    some of these negative energies, depending on the intention and the frequency, can be very powerful they can linger for years and can cause death to infants for they are too young to fight back, some of these problems could very much manifest as life threatening diseases that need both medical doctor and spiritual help to get rid of completely and protect the child from future harm. children do not know how to fight back, so the parents would need to be there.

    I can feel so much love you have for your child, may the universe sends you help and blessing.

  • need to clarify a little bit

    the gems have to be cleaned and used by the same person

    means if it is your daughter's gem, she will have to clean it herself so that the gem only reads her energy

    first few weeks is fine just to teach her how to clean, use and when to energize it, you can clean it for her and as soon as she blows her breath around the gems, nobody else but her can hold it or the gem will not work for her

    after a few weeks she will need to be completely in charge of her gem you can remind her but can't touch it in any way anymore

    same rule goes for you and your gem. take care.

  • Thank You, leoscorpion, for all of the powerful wisdom!

    You have given me, and many others such a gift!!!

    My deepest gratitude...

    With admiration, appreciation and Love,

    Lisa 🙂

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