Anyone who would like todo a reading for me it would be appriciated.

  • Hi,

    I would really like some help. There is a man and we started seeing each other and we both agreed how close we had got. I felt complete around him.He has completely backed off and ceased contact with me for no reason.

    I get a strong sense that he is thinking about me. Its in my chest and stomach. Its not butterflies like when you are in love but its as if he is trying to contact me and a sense of love. when this happens all i can do is think about him and the harder i try not to the stronger the feeling and then the feeling goes as quickly as it comes and i stop thinking about him until the next surge.

    Please help.

    my dob 13/04/1977

  • is it possible he is in a relationship with someone else and trying or thinking to end it?

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