Can someone give me a reading please? :0(

  • I am very down, have been going through a rough 2 years, saturn just left my sign of Virgo. Things have eased up in my life but I am still very depressed, lost, almost hopeless.

    I have always been lost, never knew what to do for a career and I have not changed at all at age of 46.

    I have just gone through the most painful break up I have ever had. Have had a horrible love life my entire life.

    Financial, love, work, home, everything is awful. I am stuck.

    please, someone out there, can you do a reading for me and give me a picture of what I must go through for the next 3 or more months?

    Right now I just want to get this horrid life over with, hurry up and go Home already. I have had more than enough and I hate that I have to stay here. I am so fed up, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, so very tired of all of it.

  • Hi Sable,

    I've done a tarot reading for you

    Ace of Swords

    Mother of Wands reversed

    Chariot reversed

    Two of Swords

    This is a new start for you. Try to look at it that way. Your lesson is to learn to see things more clearly. Learn to use your head and not just your heart when judging people. You have been dealing with a situation of jealousy and deceit. There is either a manipulative women that has made an impact in your life or your last relationship was co-dependent. Chariot reversed shows that you feel stuck and defeated. Don't let your fears over take you. The 2 of Swords shows that a pleasurable time after a painful period is not far off. Hang in there. Things will be better soon. Wishing you all the best.

  • THank you so very much Manifestdreams for doing this for me.

    I think that there was more than one manipulative woman involved but I am not sure.

    Could still be one...

    Just last night I saw in print proof of yet another lie by this man I gave everything to.

    I am slowly losing feelings for him.

    I wish I could be like him and turn them off like a water tap.

    I just cannot see any happy times ahead. I am hanging in there... I pray that you are correct and some happiness will come my way.

    Saturn left my sign after two years... I am Virgo.

    There is supposed to be a gift left by Saturn when he leaves a sign... can come as late as Dec.

    I feel like I will not get this gift.

    Thank you for your reading. I appreciate it and I will hang in there.

    If there is anyone else that would like to give me a reading, to maybe give me some more insight... I would appreciate it greatly.

    Thank you to all that post on these forums and reply to the posts.

    Sometimes a stranger on a forum is all that some people have.

    Remember that those that help others do more for that person than you will ever know.

  • You're welcome Sable.

    I want you to take all that love and energy that you were putting into someone else and start putting it into yourself. Make yourself a priority, really care for yourself,as if you were your own child or best friend. You don't have to suppress your feelings, just redirect them towards someone who deserves Don't let yourself get lost in depression, you have to stay healthy to enjoy the good that is coming to you. Try not to look back, don't dwell on all the disappointments. Start visualizing what you want your life to be like. Open up to the possibility that your dreams really can come true. Let go of any relationship that isn't healthy and know that when you value yourself, you will attract people that also value you.

    Perhaps the gift is the end of this toxic relationship, and the opportunity to move on to a happier situation?

  • Look at the above, the timeline.

    I am STILL in SUCH PAIN over this!

    My heart has NOT healed, my head is still messed up, my tears still flow, my anger is still in me, depression is hard to fight off...

    I do NOT want to be like this!

    I do NOT want to care about this man that deems me insignificant.

    I DON'T want to have ANY feelings at all about him.

    I don't want to even think of him anymore

    why can't this stop?!

    I keep trying so hard not to think of him... and it doesnt work for long.

    two days max is all I have had without him in my head and heart

    why? why? why can't I just shut this off??!!

    Please someone tell me how to stop this please?

    I don''t have contact with him, I do not talk about him to anyone anymore, and no one talks to me about him, I do not have anything to do with him and I still can't shut down.

    What can I do to escape this torture my brain and heart has trapped me in??

    I am so tired of fighting my mind and heart, I am so tired of trying to re-direct my attention, keeping busy to stop thinking about him, I am so tired.

    I am sitting here with tears pouring down my face because I feel like there is no hope for me anymore

    I don't know what to do anymore

    I have tried so many things to forget or get over him

    I have tried to let go, forget, get the anger out, get rid of him in my heart and mind, I have journaled, I have tried so much,

    I met new people, I don't talk about him or what happened to me

    I am tired of all this pain

    i am just so tired

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