Vacation Notice from Ahliyah

  • Beginning today, Oct 30, I will be taking a weeklong sabbatical. During this time, I will not be visiting the forums.

    Those who wish to join the Circle of Gold may still do so by sending me an email, and will be included in prayers on Friday November 6.

    Have a beautiful week!

    love and light


  • Ahliyah, I wish you the best in your break. I am sending love and positive energy your way because you always do so much for others. Enjoy your time 😃

    With love,

    Universal Harmony

  • Universal Harmony, thank you for your good wishes and for sending positive energy!

    I can certainly feel the shifts I experienced this week attracting more and more Good. My focus has become stronger and I have some wonderful expansive goals to bring to completion, many of which are for the benefit of the Circle of Gold and its members.

    I'm amping up slowly this week, taking my time, and look forward to being among you in higher and better ways.

    Thank you again, Universal.

    much love,


  • Hello Ahliyah,

    It is my pleasure. It is great to hear you are back and feel this way. I know your ideas will end up benefitting yourself and all of those involved in the Circle of Gold. I am so glad that the week was a productive one and I am sure from here, the ball will keep rolling. Nice to see you back around :).

    With Love,

    Universal Harmony

  • Hi Ahliyah... I've read with great interest your posts and would like to join to Circle of Gold. I've been doing the work on my own but feel it would be very helpful to have the help and support of all on this forum. Maybe God is actually pointing me here as I have read some of the post before but did not join. Much love and relaxation on your vacation. 🙂 MistyMountain

  • This post is deleted!

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