Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Hanswolfgang

    I understand what you are saying. From awareness comes the right movement, the right feeling, the right thought. No matter what religion or thought system, from there every word that is spoken is from the right place. I understand what you mean.

    I hope that you find what you seek. That you find your community, your family. Your spiritual family. I, too, seek that.

  • Hi,

    I wanted to know what my co-worker's feelings (Dan) are for me. Thanks so much.


    DOB Oct 18, 1972(Canada)


  • hanswolfgang,

    will i ever get back with my first true love? i still think we're meant to be together, ive been waiting two years and its killing me.

    my dob 31/1/90 his dob 25/5/83

  • TheHangedWoman,

    the whole existence meets you, confronts you, and a response simply comes. The birds are singing and you start singing—it is not an activity. Suddenly it happens. Suddenly you find it is happening, that you have started humming—this is action.

    Good news for you: Your hopes for me were fulfilled 33 years ago. I hope it will happen for you soon also.

  • Hi Marianna

    what your co-worker's feelings (Dan) are for you? He feels emotional coldness, just following you.

    You are very creative. You are so creative that if not channelled properly, it can represent This could then mean literally splitting yourself in two so that you are working two jobs at the same time, or are somehow pursuing two lifestyles at the same time. Whether you are successful at doing this will depend upon you and how well you are able to direct your energies into creative enterprises.

    In desirelessness everything happens, nothing is done.

    Before a repressed mind can move on the path of Yoga, he has to go almost through indulence. Only then can those repressions be thrown out and his system can be purified. Then you can move into Yoga.

  • Hi reja,

    beautiful, you seem to be a very joung woman 😉

    The truly adventurous soul is always ready to listen to the call of the unknown. That´s why many artists remain only artists and remain miserable.

  • tamsanshadows,

    you will never get back with your first true love.

    You have a strong desire for knowledge of some kind or for the birth of a new idea, plan, or way of communicating with the world around you. This could also mean a desire for some specific information, for an education, or to pursue some new plans you make.

    Anyway it means a new beginning of some sort. This could be a new job idea or just embarking on a new way of thinking and communicating with others. The exact nature of the beginning will depend on your circumstances in your life at the time, but in general, this is a good time to plan to start something new.

    Man has lived at the minimum; hence he looks so dull. Man can live at the maximum and then there will be great brilliance and great radiance and then there will be great flowering.

    It does not matter whether you become famous or not, whether anybody appreciates your creations or not, that is secondary, absolutely non-essential. The essential thing is that while creating something you disappear and for a moment God takes posession of you. That being posessed by God is bliss.

  • Hi hanswolfgang,

    can you tell me if my husband (Philip ) is still cheating on me? and is Kenny serious about me and is he the one for me? my dob is aug, 9 1957, my hubby is dob aug 13, 1967. And thank you for the reading.


  • Thanks so much for your reading. Your impression of Dan's feelings were very accurate(WOW). I just have a couple more questions and I feel you can give me the answers that I always wanted to know about. I asked you before about Chess(I know you do so many generous readings so it wouldn't surprise me if you didn't remember), I have always wanted to know if you feel he hates me and what he truly thinks of me. Thanks in advance.

    Bright blessings to you



  • sassy44,

    your husband (Philip ) is no more cheating on you.

    And Kenny is not serious about you and he is not the one for you.

    There can be loss and disappointment. However, their true nature reveals that its presence in your life for any period of time does not have to be a disaster. In actuality, it represents making a completion of some importance. Whether this is the end of a certain occupation, way of life, or way of being with your health and body will depend upon your circumstances in your life at the time. But rest assured that some important aspect of your life is coming to an end.

    There will be a death in your life of some kind. We go through many mini-deaths in the course of our lifetime and just like the snake shedding its skin, arrive at a new and better place each time we do so. Therefore it is not to be feared but instead to be welcomed. It always has the ability to clear away all the unwanted and useless debris in your life and put you back on a new course where you are much more enlivened and satisfied.

    In desirelessness everything happens, nothing is done.

    But meditation can be possible even in the marketplace, because it does not have to concentrate on anything. Meditation cannot be disturbed, it is all-inclusive. Concentration is exclusive; it excludes everything and just keeps the mind on one point.

  • Hi Wolfgang. Was that message for me? I watch and observe as well as use my mind for reasoning hon. Thanks so much!

  • Dear Mr. Woldgang,

    My sister is a complicated person I don't understand. Would you please, would you mind, telling me if you think she will stick to a bargain she created between herself and me? It has been over five years and she fluctuates up and down, this way and that way; I was hoping she might level out sometime (soon?)

    Thank you for anything you have time to teach me or show me how to understand.

  • Marianna

    Chess does not hate you.

    what he truly thinks of you: he thinks of you as a dominant realistic earthbound woman.

    The really mature person lives in such a way that each moment in itself is a reward. It is not that the reward will be coming later on. The mature person has such an insight into things that the journey and the goal are no more separate, so each step of the journey is a goal in itself— tremendously blissful, beautiful. Who cares about the goal? Every moment is such a benediction that one enjoys it as an end unto itself; it is not a means to anything.

    Mulla Nasruddin went to a doctor, told him to check him and said, "Please, tell me in plain language. I don't want any of the abracadabra of medical science. You simply tell me plainly what the problem is with me. Don't use big names in Latin and Greek. Simply say in plain language what exactly is the matter with me."

    The doctor checked and he said, "If you want to know exactly, in plain language -- there is nothing wrong with you, you are simply lazy."

    He said, "Good. Thank you. Now give it a fancy name to tell my wife. And the bigger the name, the better. Make it as difficult as you can."

  • Hi Cindy,

    everywhere where Cindy is written above, there is a message for every soapmaker included.

    You need not ask for help, just be ready to receive it; it is already available.

  • Dear VelveteenRabbit

    your sister will stick to a bargain she created between herself and you.

    But not soon.

    Hold your money together like yourself. Keep calm and collected.

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad.... Everyone, family, friends, my son, all say to sue her. I have even had some friends and family turn their backs on me and say, if you are going to let her do that to you, I can't respect you. In my gut sueing her felt like the wrong way to go in this situation. It really does feel good knowing that this will, one day, turn out right. One thing I have learned is who my friends are! 🙂 Thank you for your generosity, Hans Wolfgang.

  • Respect life, and life will respect you. Love life, and love will shower blessings on you.

  • Hallo Hans Wolfgang,

    still continueously going through transformations but it is all good. Doing my best to work the being in the Here and Now, some days it klicks and works like second nature other days oh my, I do get catapulted to the past or just anxious to "have to know the furure" instead of enjoying the journey getting there. But I catch myself and rope myself back in. So thank you again for your insights.

    I have another questions pertaining someone I reconnected with after 17 years. He is Aries and me being a Capi, oh my but we seem to complement each other in a bizzare way, inspire each other. He says we are Soul Mates, he is very articulate and fantastic communicator (with me), Time and Place just all falls away when we are together, unspeakable passion, indepth conversations and newly discovered evoke feelings. We can literally feel each others essence while we are miles apart.

    Long distance relationship for now, yuck ~ we're working on changing that.

    We are not "kids" anymore (he is 57 - I am 50) so it feels so different so much maturer but Hans Wolfgang what's your insight on this relationship!? Your input, advice and insights are very much appreciated!

    Vielen Dank und alles Gute,


  • ok, i will try agian, what does the next 2 months hold for me ! do you see me living in N.M. with hiim or not > will i leave this situation for good and never come back after 34+ maybe even 40+ yrs of raising children I am tired injured physically and want true happiness not just the love and happiness that i create within myself learned at 2yrs old that how you make it in this life love your self from within and happiness comes from with in sooooo,I want out of all these problems and all this pain so what do you see .i want to be with my true soulmate 5/05/55 and I want him to wake up and realize I am still waiting and not anyone for him to be weary of etc.

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