Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Thanks Hans

    I have been thinking about what you said and agree. Yesterday was my birthday and I decided to do some soul searching and deep thinking of all my situations in life. I decided to do what I want when I want and not worry about anything or body else, that will be a challange for me but if I succeed it will not only make me happy but everybody around me also. I do hope this decision will work in a positve way but I won't know until I try.

    Thanks again.


  • Dear AngelforAngel,

    how does your future look for you? I see a relocation, a change of location.

    Your work here is of creativity. Let yourself not be provoked into any destruction. Do not blame others for your misery. You are responsible. Have the guts to take this responsibility. But this is a real revolution. If you take the responsibility for your life you can start changing it.

  • Said12,

    life itself is rooted in freedom. We are not machines, we are not preprogramed. We are utter freedom -- now it is up to us what to make of it. All the alternatives are open, we can choose any alternative, that is our choice.

  • Dear Hans,

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you answering me!! You obviously see things very clearly!! Yes, I have had the feeling that this relocation, you talk about, is due to happen. And, NO I try hard not to blame others for my own misery. For, I know one is responsible for one's actions! Do you know how soon I am going to relocate? And am I going to be alone?

    I thank you both for your time and your energy!!

  • Hello c0rmack

    what was the purpose of R A in your life? To make you aware of your thinking that outside are so many people clinging to you.

    Was it all the time spent a waste of energy and time? Yes.

    Also, will your dream of living and working abroad become true? No.

    The doubt has not to be repressed, it has to be transformed. The doubt is the seed of trust. Doubt totally, doubt intelligently. Doubt with all the power that you have, and you will be surprised: the more you doubt, the more you are coming closer to trust. The more you question, the closer you are to the answer -- obviously, naturally. If your questioning becomes deep. intense, then the goal of your quest is not far away. When the question is so tremendous that you become the question mark, immediately, instantly, the answer arrives. And that answer brings trust, that answer is trust.

  • clarity2009,

    regarding the "alternatives" regarding moving: move as long as you reach to clarity.

    The relationship limbo, not moving forward or back? you have to wait until love arises and shows you which way you should choose.

    What you need is awareness: just as on a rosebush roses blossom, on the bush of awareness roses also blossom…roses of goodness, roses of beauty, roses of grace.

    And when you are taught to be life-negative you become afraid of talking about things frankly, authentically. You do not like to talk about sexx, because what will people think about you? You want to hide it. You try to create a facade -- as if sexx is nonexistent in your life, But deep down you are boiling.

  • blue65,

    I do not think there's any way to get out from under this man's will power.

    If you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in him.

  • Lisa,

    manipulation is not such a bad thing. Long term damage could not be the result.

    Yes, 5 of Swords is right.

    You should not continue as you have with the creativity nor focus on one.

    Not being Jack of all trades and master of none.

    Setting priorities is the key-word for you. I think you are the Type Nr. 7 in the enneagramm.

    When I do these readings, do I every sense danger coming to the loved ones of those with questions? No.

    But I see no danger coming to your mom.

    If you are alive you have to take risks. Life is a risk. Only death is secure, life is never secure—there is no security. The companies that are called Life Insurance should really be called Death Insurance; in life there can be no insurance. Life is alive only because there is risk, danger—that’s why there is so much thrill.

  • Hans,

    If you are in the mood to do a quick reading, this one is safety related. 2 years ago I had a baby girl and there was a complication after the delivery. Need to know if the same thing would happen this time around (I'm pregnant again) because I would like to have this baby at my midwife's home. Do not want to give birth in the hospital unless my life depends on it. Kelly

  • Chenaya,

    experience life in all possible ways -- good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don't be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.

    Seek, and you shall never find, because every seeking takes you away from yourself. Who are you trying to find; You are the one, you are Tao. Where are you going?

  • Thank you Hans....I did not expect all my questions to be dead ends. I was at least hoping my desire to move abroad become a reality. Apparently, love is not for me either. I will be more careful not to invest my energy on someone in the future like I did with R A. "He made me aware of my thinking that outside are so many people clinging to me?" Maybe I am destined to be alone. How can doubt bring me closer to trust?


  • Toto53,

    you go on inventing something making a sport out of that.

    Truth cannot be sought—one can simply be receptive, that’s all. One can open the doors and wait... and wait prayerfully. One can say only this much, 'If you come, you will be received, welcomed. I don’t know who you are, and I don’t know your address and I cannot even send an invitation. But whosoever you are, and whomsoever it concerns, if you come, my doors will be open—you will not find them closed.' That’s all that a seeker can do... that’s all that is needed to be done. More than that is not possible and is not needed.

  • Baby76,

    do not renounce the world, renounce the mind.

  • Dear AngelforAngel,

    how soon you are going to relocate? As soon as you are feeling the harm that was done to you.

    You are not going to be alone.

    What is your investment in repressing your memory of previous deaths? Is it not true, that if you could recall your deaths you might lose your fear of death and thus be able to live a fearless life?

  • Kelly,

    this same thing would not happen this time around.

    About your children remember: To be a child means to be innocent, means to be full of wonder, means to be full of awe. For the child everything is a mystery -- everything. He has no answers, he has only questions. He is immensely interested in knowing, he is open. The moment you have an answer you become closed, to that extent. If you have all the answers for all the questions you are absolutely closed, then you are not open.

  • c0rmack

    how can doubt bring you closer to trust? I was just trying to explain this to you. Maybe you should read this again more carefully.

    You are projecting your originality outwardly on things you are identified with.

    Let your own awareness decide your lifestyle, life-pattern. Don’t allow anybody else to decide it. That is a sin: to allow anybody else to decide it. Why is it a sin?—because you will never be in it. It will remain superficial, it will be hypocrisy.

  • c0marck,

    trust comes not against doubt but through doubt, just as the morning comes not against night but through night. The night is the womb for the morning; it grows in the night´s womb. Trust grows in the womb of doubt.

  • Dear Hans,

    I believe I got some of the meaning but still not sure. My mind and heart are in a fog right now. I guess I need sometime for it to sinking. Nevertheless, thank you so much for your help and prompt reply.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang,

    Just want to thank you again for the reading.

  • iwould like a reading if you have the enery lef please my dob is 08/02/57 his is 05/05/55 on live in the east he lives in N.M. we have 32yr son and 3 grandchildren he did not help me raqise be ou of contact for yrs. recently we been talkin i have to due all the calling nice conversation when he does answer,he know about my condition, i don't want his pity , or money , just want to know if he will ever call me and if we will live together again soon been told we are true soulmates he once said i made all his dreams & fanties come true.........he kept the copy of the book we wrote together i don't have a copy he kept a painting i did on his desk he could have sold his desk yrs ago he choose to keep the desk, i really didn't have a need for him and now i do i have thought of him every day of my life and still "in love" with him" he had several failed marriages and failed relationships since we parted he came back for me 3 times over the year and i was lied to about this and he was lied to abouut me now weknow the truth i just need to nknow how to proceed with this in order to hsve him to fall in love with be again and have a real relationship and him to start calling me and come or send for me now i ready to go no, i don't like him feeling guilty again whar happened long ago other people lied we beleive those lies, know we both know the truth,should i keep calling him or stop will he ever call me or come back to me what is really going on here i am confused, he always loved me, just need to know whether to give up or not or just be still and wait help! thank you in advance

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