Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Hi Hans, was that for Baby76 or me?

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    I was wondering if you would be able to help me. Could/would you please be so kind and do a reading for me? Everything that is going on in my life at the moment and for the past few months has made me so confused to say the least. Thus, I would greatly appreciate your help!

    I posted a topic on here, namely: Afterlife, psychic abilities, dreams, Angels & my future... Would you please take a look at my questions and concerns? How does my future look for me?

    Lastly I want to thank you for your time and consideration! I would be truly grateful for your reply!!

    Thank you!

  • said12,

    no, it was late and it seems I have left out some questions.

    I will still answer you and ellcee, toto53, chevelleman71, chenaya19, windfairy, blue65, as soon I have time for it.

  • Thanks a lot, sorry to be a pest! LOL. Take care!

  • Hello ellcee,

    your future in general regarding your family: led by envy and fear of oppression you will try to dominate your family with manipulations.

    There is one of your creative pursuits that would translate into a living.

    Existential living means each moment has to decide on its own. Life is atomic! You don’t decide beforehand, you don’t rehearse; you don’t prepare how to live. Each moment comes, brings a situation; you are there to respond to it— you respond.

  • Hi toto53,

    this is why so that it can hold you in tension constantly. You do not want really an answer, nor are you interested in truth.

    The Indecision in Love Card

    You are indecision in love. In search for what and who you love, you can often become confused and dissatisfied, even when you find the perfect love standing in front of you. You demand the freedom to explore possibilities, but you can become most confused and bewildered mentally and emotionally. Either you are very fickle in love or the one you love is fickle. You are quite psychic, a hard worker and have success whenever you apply yourself. You need a certain amount of change or travel in your vocation to be happy. You are very charming and an attractive woman and have no trouble attracting others to love. The challenge comes once you find someone. You are here to learn to make decisions about love and money and to learn the value of higher knowledge. Once you do, you find great fulfillment in giving love and truth.

    What you need is action. Remember, activity is goal-oriented, action is not. Action is an overflowing of energy; action is in this moment, a response, unprepared, unrehearsed. The whole existence meets you, confronts you, and a response simply comes. The birds are singing and you start singing—it is not an activity. Suddenly it happens. Suddenly you find it is happening, that you have started humming—this is action.

    Everything happens outside you, but you stand too close; that is the trouble. Keep your distance! When happiness comes stand apart and watch. When sorrow comes stand a little away and watch. Mind you, start with happiness, not with sorrow. Generally people try to dissociate from themselves at times of sorrow in order to escape from it. That is general tendency of the mind, and it gets you nowhere. Create the distance when you are happy, because everybody wants to escape from sorrow. If you want to establish a genuine detachment just running away from sorrow will not do.

  • standeb1,

    be in a love affair with existence.

    Then thousands of flowers will showering on you. A deep silence, an immense space utterly empty but full of great potentialities. In this space you will find the truth, the meaning of life, the beauty of everything in existence, and the goodness of every being. Those who have come to this point will carry it around the clock, just hiding it behind their heartbeats.

  • Hello chevelleman71,

    there is definitely still every chance with you.

    Sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.

  • Chenaya19,

    your ability to help your household financially: Follow your interests and study. Trust in existence. If you follow and study that, what fascinates you, it will lead you to your ability to help your household financially.

    You will have success and satisfaction in your work and in health, though you may also expect to work very hard when it is present. Overcoming of all obstacles in work and health are to come. Your work may often seem to be a burden or you may become obsessed with all the things that you have to do. You can become a 'workaholic' . However, if you have a list of specific goals and want to achieve them successfully, there is success most probable.

    You will have encounters that cause various aspects of your life to be transformed. Most commonly, this transformation will take the form of disappearances of persons, circumstances or even possessions that you have become used to. You will also encounter forces that try to reveal aspects of your life that you have long kept hidden from yourself. Initially you will probably resist these revelations, believing that they cannot teach you anything very constructive. An influence like this often reveals aspects of ourselves that we have been taught to consider evil or at least negative. These aspects are often a source of positive energy, but because we refuse to acknowledge them, that energy is wasted and is usually out of our control. There will be much psychological compulsiveness at this time, but the less you resist facing yourself, the less difficulty you will have.

    On another level you will be shown a spiritual dimension of your existence that can immensely broaden your life and experience, if you are willing to look at it. This dimension may seem so far beyond your ordinary life that you will consider it impossible to accept, but this knowledge is necessary for your growth.

    On a practical level, avoid taking at face value any new encounters with persons or circumstances. Even when persons are not trying to deceive you, they may do so unintentionally, because you won't immediately understand what they are really showing you. Until you have arrived at this level of understanding, simply adopt a waiting attitude and commit yourself to as little as possible.

    Be interested absolutely in your individuality.

  • Hi windfairy,

    regarding your job: remain mobile and flexible. Go for that what you want.

    You are a woman who likes to live and act extravagantly and who often spends beyond her means. You could be successfully engaged in your own business or in some business capacity. Service through money is your motto and you often are generous, especially to those you do love.

    It can bring you much financial success if your creative aspect is applied in some business or financial pursuit that you may be involved in. You are successful when it comes to business and finance, especially promoting and marketing.

    Watch out for a tendency to spend beyond your budget. You like only the very best of everything, even if you cannot afford it.

  • Hello Hans,

    I have some doubts that I hope you might be able to clear up somewhat. I know I have to move on, of that I am certain but I would like to know if you can see...what was the purpose of R A in my life? Was it all the time spent a waste of energy and time? Also, will my dream of living and working abroad become true? Thank you in advance for your time.

  • Hi Said12

    What does that mean? If you listen to others their expectations will shove you on.

    You know what it means, but you don't. DOes that make sense? Yes, it gives you balance.

  • Thank you very much Hans..for your advise. You are indeed correct regading all you've said regarding driving myself crazy with this decision and life direction. I have taken heed to the "learning" suggestion plan to apply.

    I am trying to take step to improve my current situation overall..Would you please elaborate a bit regading the "alternatives" regading moving you speak of.

    The relationship limbo, not moving forward or back?

    Thank you again for sharing your gift.

  • Hi blue65

    the next year in terms of your homelife: You will be dominated by the will power of a man.

    and your job: There will be a standstill, maybe even lesser or nothing to work.

    how they will fit into your life over the next year:

    your husband: he will be nourished by change in a soft and ever revolving form.

    the friend of you: he will give or he will take something.

    You have mental power, the ability to focus your mind on a goal or objective and see it through to a successful conclusion. This power is usually applied to some mental or educational task. It bestows the power to overcome all problems by focusing your thoughts and it usually occurs when there is something that you need to learn or accomplish on the mental level.

    You have the opportunity to fix your mind on certain goals and objectives. There is focus of the mind. Out of that focus and concentration, success is assured.

    Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

  • hello 14me

    you will neither hear from him nor is this wishful thinking.

    You need responsibility. Responsibility—go to the root meaning of the word: it means to be responsive. Love is a response! When the other calls, you are ready. When the other invites, you enter the other. When the other is not inviting, you don’t interfere, you don’t trespass. When the other sings, you sing in response. When the other gives you her or his hand, you take it with deep response.

  • thanks hans,

    tell me--do you think there's anyway to get out from under this man's will power?

  • thnx Hans, i read it a few times it was deep,but i believe i understand the meaning. i will continue to move in the direction as i have but with new clarity and peace. be responsive if the invite comes. ur insight has been most apprecatied. since i dont have a way to contact him it will be his choice when the time is right should he take the next step. ur right love is a response thnx for reminding me:-) must rest and pease to u.

  • Thank You Hans

    You've been very busy and I want to thank you for giving your time and energy.

    I see the relationship between my husband and I (general family) as being oppressive as he's an alcoholic, so in light of that, I don't know that manipulation is such a bad thing, do you? Long term damage could be the result? I've thought about walking away from it, but I love him and I just, in my heart, do not want to do it. I've never thought of the envy factor though and I see what a waste of energy that can be. I'll watch myself on that one. Petty things take the joy out of life and I would like some joy. Would that be the 5 of Swords by the way? I've used my tarot cards before and the image came to me while I was re-reading your answer. Seems to show up a lot!

    Should I continue as I have with the creativity or focus on one? Jack of all trades and master of none? I follow my urges and am tugged sometimes in to many directions. If one area can be pushed just a little more... I'm having more luck with photography than anything else, but I've loans in the thousands for my graphic design education. It, however, goes no where but into a brick wall.

    And thank you for the last piece of advice "life is atomic the moment decides itself". My plans have always gone awry, and after awhile I question if I have failed somehow to make the right decision. Then I blame myself for just about everything.

    Lastly...(trust me I'm trying to edit) ... When you do these readings, do you every sense danger coming to the loved ones of those with questions? I'm a mother, and I worry. My mother lives alone 400 miles away and I worry. I think it's genetic 🙂 I'm not in a rush to have immediate answers though, so when you can.

    Thank You,


  • Hanswolfgang you are a generous man,thank you so much. I'll read your posting a few times over to get the full value of it. I've longed for good health and a way to make a living creatively and I shall continue to pursue both. Love and light, Chenaya

  • Good Morning Hans......Thank you for your advice. I do however want the truth and answer. Yes I agree I have learned a lot this past few years and still learning. I know with your help I'm going to continue to learn more about myself. I appreciate your wisdom...anything you can give is deeply appreciated....

    Have a Blessed Day,


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