Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Hello Hans

    Would like to know what you may see in my future in general regarding my family and I would be grateful if you can see any of my creative pursuits that would translate into a living? I'll do them anyway, but I'd like to do at least one of them "full time". Getting a wee bit tired of banging my head on the wall 🙂

    Thank you so much for your time!

  • Hi Hans.....well my relationship with this man is not getting any better. This other women just won't leave him alone and he just can't enforce it. Why is this and this doesn't help the trust issue in the least. Hope you can give me so words of wisdom here....my Birthday 11/30/53 his 07/19/77 I'm here from the states and he's from Kenya....HELP me Please....



  • thank you that was pretty to the point

  • Hello Hans,

    you gave me good news about this Libra girl im seeing/friends with or should I say I WAS FRIENDS WITH, you said that would end up being a relationship, which i think it still will happen but i have my doubts now of course, pretty much the deal is that i screwed things up and pushed her too far trying to get her to talk more about things, and she said "goodbye" to me, and since then she has blocked me from contacting her on myspace and even blocked my phone number, so what i want to know is if there is still any chance with us?? i think what has happened needed to happen cause we both needed a break from all the emotions with dealing with eachother, and i think she is still having trouble letting go of her ex as well.

    thanks hans in advance, i wish i could help people like you do one day.

  • hanswolfgang, greetings,

    you would be lightening my load considerably friend if you would please be so kind as to shed some light on the subject of my ability to help our household financially. I have just retired from teaching. Thank you very much. Kindest regards

  • Re the above post. I forgot to mention that I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand 24th May, 1956 at about 7:30a.m. Any kind person on this site who has any insight to offer, I most certainly would appreciate it and respond. Blessings

  • hi mr. hans. i've been reading your post and it would me a lot if you could shed some light on the uncertainties with regard my job once a subsidiary i work for is sold. it started as a project that has grown immensely but is but a small entity compared to the non-profit i work with. i have other qualification that fits quite beautifully within the bigger organizations. would appreciate knowing your insights about this. thanks and lot of blessings. i am a leo, too. 21 august 1952.

  • Hi Hans:

    It's me again. I don't like to ask too many questions because the answers sometimes gets lost . So, I like to go back and re-read things just in case I missed something. Anyway, I re-read your comments to the first question I asked and became confused about not moving on and being shoved along, eventually. What does that mean?

    I know what it means, but I don't. DOes that make sense?

    Thank you and sorry to confuse if I did. 🙂

  • Hi Hans,

    thanks for sharing your gift with everyone. I'm a leo born 7-23-65. there's been a great deal of change happening in my life for the past 6 or 7 months. I'm just wondering what you see for me for the next year in terms of my homelife and my job. Also, I'm very curious about two friends of mine--my husband (7/8/1965) and a friend of my from Tennessee (early October 1975-maybe the 9th? I'm not totally sure). I would really like to understand how they will fit into my life over the next year. thanks in advance.

  • Luna11987,

    what do I mean? Your mind will warn you that you are moving on a dangerous path, if you will start to go for the unknown no more listening to your mind. But it is worth it! You are now ready for guidance from above.

    The whole effort that you have put into cultivating your mind has been a sheer wastage. The same effort could have been put into becoming aware.

    I do see the answers to these questions not by your birthdates, but by my tarot cards.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang,

    I'm desperate for your reading. I recently (2 months ago) had a break up with my bf. This has hurt me tremendously and I still can't find the strength to move on. I want to feel better and not be in this mess. I have had numerous readings and most psychics have told me to hang on because he still has feelings for me and that if I am patient that it will work. A lot of what a number of them told me don't turn out to be true. I don't trust them anymore because it seems like they were telling me what I wanted to hear so I would keep coming back for their advice. I am in the position where I think if I keep hanging on I will continue to be tormented by his coldness. I would like to ask you to shed some insight into my situation. Will he ever be back in my life? If so in what time frame? Or is he already moving on? Please also provide insight into what will be ahead of me as far as my love life and career if you can. Thank you boundlessly for your help. If I could repay you in anyway I will. I just want a sound life. Thanks again.

  • ready2race,

    that girl that you met recently is absolutely serious about this relationship.

    Where do I see it heading? You do not want to give up.

    Do you need my date of birth? No.

  • sillyputty9999,

    you wonder who the people who are welcoming you are? Someone is just on his way to you offering his love.

    Life basically means that the new is still possible.

    If you want to transcend the polar opposites of life, first you have to understand that they are not polar opposites but complementaries.

  • Hello clarity2009,

    as far as your relocation is concerned, this is neither the right time to step out on faith nor should you wait.

    The town that you are interested in is not right one for you.

    Second, your relationship..neither step back nor push forward.

    You are getting more and more neurotic, because you go on trying the dead end, you go on trying that which doesn´t work. Become capable of learning. Then you will immediately see the point that this is a wall. Then you will drop the whole idea. Then you will start moving into other dimensions. There are other alternatives available. Learn something.

  • Hi baby76,

    I just see you living side by side but not being together. Just dragging along but avoiding going inside. Your heart is closed.

    I would like you to be open to yourself, that´s all. Then you would like to walk a few steps into the unknown, that´s all.

  • MOTHEROF3200920,

    he feels about you as an unexpected change.

    What causes you not to be together? You are pretending sympathy and empathy, but you don´t feel like giving anything of you.

    Love respects so much that it gives freedom. And if love is not giving freedom it is not love, it is something else.

  • Hi heyyouwassup,

    he will someday be back in your life.

    In what time frame? Until 9th of february.

    He is already moving on.

    what will be ahead of you as far as your love life: You have the choice, you can look at the spilled milk or you can look for fresh milk, so to say, you just have to turn around.

    and career: for your career it is needed to go on your way turning away from your emotional attachments.

    Let everything come and pass, and you simply be a mirror. If you are a mirror you cannot carry the past with you, and if you don’t carry the past you will remain fresh, you will remain you, you will remain in a continuous process of birth. Each moment you will be born anew.

    Then your eyes are clean, have depth; your heart is ready to dance.

  • Dear hanswolfgang,

    Thank you so much for your kindness giving me this reading. May your kindness be repaid many folds. Though I don't understand everything you say, I understand that I am the main person responsible for my own happiness, so I will begin to take charge of my life. So if this man is going to be back in my life, is he going to be back as a lover or as a friend? If a lover, is the relationship going to end up in something meaningful, like a marriage? Thanks again for your help. Many blessings!

  • hello and thnx for ur time, i met a guy Eric Oct 12/13 had great connection, he asked for my number n called that night from {private number} but hasnt called since. will i hear from him or is this wishful thinking? my heart says wait my head says move on.

  • Dear heyyouwassup,

    this man is going to be back in your life and he is going to be back as a lover.

    The relationship is not going to end up in something "meaningful" like marriage.

    What you don´t need is consolation, conformation. What you need is revolution, rebellion.

    You always try to impress people and you don´t know how to respond immediately.

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