Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

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  • Hello dear Cindy,

    your financial crisis will end, when real uncondtional love arises in you.

    Be very factual. If you really want to transform your life, be factual. You can not get out of fictions, but you can get out of facts. Facts can be tackled, but fictions cannot be tackled.

    Existence is both, God plus the Devil, night and day, morning and evening both, the happiness, unhappiness -- all. It is together. And when you see this, heaven and hell BOTH together, then where is the choice? And what is the point of choosing anything or asking for anything?

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello, I'm new here so I hope I'm following proper procedures.

    My DOB is 6/22/68 and my name is Regina. I would like to know what my future holds in regards to my career/job situation. Currently, I am very unhappy with my career and where I am, but I feel stuck.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Hanswolfgang, Hope you are having a fantastic night. My question is will love come to me any time soon in the couple of weeks or months? and if so where will I find him? I met a handsome man this weekend and felt an instant attraction, I am wondering if he will contact me somehow! my date of birth if you need it 9/20/1987! Have a great night

  • Hello Hanswolfgang,

    It is very nice of you to do these free readings for everyone, how thoughtful of you. I was just wondering if i will ever be with the man i love or should i just move on. My birthday is 6-5-81 and initials are r.l.r.d. and his birthday is 6-16-78 and initials are m.a.c. Thank you in advance for everything. Have a wonderful day!!

  • Thanks for answering on page 19 on my behalf. I'm not interested in him, just that I want to talk to him and be his friend. I don't intend to go for a rush and be in a relationship just yet. I have been going little by little and he actually responded to be few weeks back, but as an unknown person of course. I know I have to forget about him.

  • Cindy,

    Multi are the forms of Tao, many are its ways, and millions are its faces. One has to learn to recognize Tao in whatsoever form it comes. It will try to deceive you but you are not to be deceived. When Tao comes as sadness, remember that is also its image. Maybe this is needed right now.

  • Hello Regina,

    your career: there are people welcoming you, they are the ones, which will further your career.

    job situation: you are clinging to everyone and therefore you cannot receive fresh and vitalizing energies any more.

    You have mental power. With your strong mental power, you are not easily swayed by others' views and opinions. Your power can be applied to any of the mental fields with great success, e.g. attorney, chemical engineer and rocket scientist. Your life path is very successful. You can have almost anything you set your mind to achieving and may attain wealth and prominence but you must make sure your life is kept in balance as mental peace is essential. You have much psychic power and can be a great healer. All of your gifts can be applied to attain great success and you only need to become aware of your true goals to have a life of success and accomplishment. However it is difficult for you to deal with changes. For best results, you should let your work come before your personal life and keep them separate.

    Richness is far better than poverty. Be a man of very simple interests: Be utterly satisfied with the best of everything. Don’t ask for more.

  • Luna11987,

    love will not come to you any time soon in the couple of weeks or months.

    This handsome man will not contact you somehow.

    But you have mental Satisfaction. You are progressive and can utilize this to create new ideas in your chosen line of work, rather than let the restlessness keep you from achieving any success. You know what you know and are not likely to change your mind on your behalf unless you see the value of change for yourself. "Stubborn" may describe it better in many cases. You are fond of argument, since you usually win, and usually do well in legal matters. You have a good constitution and are not afraid of hard work. You are successful. You are good at sales work and enjoy talking about what you believe in. You are popular and do well in groups. As long as you don't let your love of debate get out of hand, you will keep a fine reputation in your work. You also want a successful love life and this is your major life challenge.

    Hence do not turn away what is given you. Because if you turn away you will miss the opportunity, and it may not knock on your door again for a long time. One never knows when the moment will come again. So whenever something happens to you in meditation, open up your heart. Even if you are afraid of the unknown, still go into the unknown.

    This is what has happened to you: You have lived in the mind for many many lives, and you habe become attuned to its darkness, its ugliness, futility. When you act without the mind, your whole being trembles. You are moving on a dangerous path.

  • Hello MOTHEROF3200920.

    you will never be with the man you love nor should you just move on.

    You have mental creativity, so much so that you could be a writer. On the other hand, you could have worry and indecision and mental stress. You will have an opportunity to either get the benefits of heightened creativity of mind, or suffer the liability of more stress and indecision.

    Use this for writing, either personally or professionally. Express yourself to all you meet and you will reap positive rewards.

    What you need is a deep understanding that there is no problem. Then, with no problem to solve, what will you do? Immediately you start living. You will eat, you will sleep, you will love, you will work, you will have a chit-chat, you will sing, you will dance - what else is there to do?

    You drop out. Not that you escape from it, that dropping out is an inward phenomenon. You remain in it, but you are no more of it. You don´t belong to it. On the surface you go on.

  • Annaxubella,

    if you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.

    Jesus says again and again: "The kingdom of god is within," but even his followers, his very close followers, never understood him. I don´t think that his apostles ever understood him. Even when the last night came and Jesus was going to be caught they were asking about the kingdom of god in heaven and for his whole life the poor man was saying that the kingdom of god is WITHIN you!

  • Thanks for reminding me, Hanswolfgang 🙂

  • Thank you for your insight hanswolfgang, your comment on "Im moving on a dangerous path left me a little unsettled," what do you mean? And out of curiosity how do you see the answers to these questions? By our birthdates?

  • Hanswolfgang, I have a question, I am dating a girl that I met recently, is she serious about this relationship? Where do you see it heading? Do you need my date of birth?

  • Thanks Hanswolfgang. Some of this seems to be familiar (such as fear of change and clinging to stale energies). I have to take this in and think about this. I wonder who the people who are welcoming me are?

  • Hello Hanswolfgang,

    Please tell me what you see for me as far as my relocation, is this the right time to step out on faith or should I wait? Is the town that I am interested in the right one for us? I am in a constant battle with myself on making the "right" move at the "right" time.

    Second, my relationship..step back or push forward?

    Thank you so much for your time.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang

    I would like to know if you see anything for me, I just feel lost lately and like I failed somewhere even though I know I always do the best I can. Thanks.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Thank you very much for the reply to my message. Could you tell me how he feels about me? What causes us not to be together? Thank you sooo much in advance!!!

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