Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Hi Hans:

    I just have one more question. There is a certain person that I'm hoping to see again and was wondering if he would pop back up sometime? Nice handsome man with blond hair, blue eyes, very fair complection. We were very infatuated with one another, but timing was not in our favour. LOL.

    Also, is it easier for you to answer specific questions or is it easier for you to pick up random things about people?

    Thanks a lot for your time, it is very generous of you to devote so much effort in helping others. Does doing this drain you or rejuvenate your spirit?

    Lots of people are leaving there date of birth, is that important to you? November 13, 1972 - just in case.

  • cathylee

    yes, he is like his father.

  • Said12,

    Hi Hans:

    this certain person that you're hoping to see again will not pop back up.

    It is easier for me to pick up random things about people, but to answer specific questions with yes or no is the easiest.

    Doing this rejuvenates my spirit, because the more I give the more I do receive.

    Date of birth is not important to me. But the correct date of birth can motivate me to add some informations, as now for you:

    There is creativity or indecision in affection that can manifest in different ways. This could indicate having two or more love interests at the same time or simply that you are unsure of where to place your affections. This indecision can lead to either more fun or worry and fear, depending upon how you handle it. This influence usually occurs at a time when you are wanting to learn about love through experimentation and variety. Its presence usually means that you will not be making any hard and fast relationship commitments until later.

    On a positive note, your self expression and your presence can lead you to talking more, expressing your feelings, and meeting new people.

    You simply drop the negativities, the hindrances, and relaxation comes, it bubbles up by itself.

  • Hi Hans I was wondering if you could help me out or expect for me.Ive had a couple of readings on line ,and had a Medium give me a reading in K.C. . They say things will be good for me around December 20-30 with my job and with money .So im a Pisces what do you think birth 03-10-1960 Thanks

  • Hello Hans! I appreciate all the time you take with all of us and our questions. I am requesting some information about myself and the path my life is taking. I have questions about many things....a home, love, career....I am a Taurus born 5-19-67.

    I lost my home recently and am renting a nice place now...just wondering if I will ever own another home again and how long it will be before I do

    I am dating an Aries man now, but do not feel intense love for this person. Will I eventually fall for him or should I move on?

    My career is going well for now, but has many ups and downs. I need to know if I will be sucsessful with this or will I struggle without end?

    Thanks once again for your time!

  • mark64720,

    you should act now. Follow your strong impulses.

    You will find meaning in life only if you create it. It is not lying there somewhere behind the bushes, so you can go and you search a little bit and find it. It is not there like a rock that you will find. It is a poetry to be composed, it is a song to be sung, it is a dance to be danced.

  • gailjar,

    about yourself: you are standing on a crossroad. Follow your heart and decide for love.

    The path your life is taking: You are following your mind and that will hurt your heart.

    a home: your thinking comes out of your sadness, out of your defiance against yourself. Cooperate with a woman with enough money.

    love: The way is blocked.

    career: you should now look around and contemplate what will suit you.

    You will never own another home again.

    You will not eventually fall for that Aries man but you should not move on.

    You will be sucessful with your career.

    The really mature person lives in such a way that each moment in itself is a reward. It is not that the reward will be coming later on. The mature person has such an insight into things that the journey and the goal are no more separate, so each step of the journey is a goal in itself— tremendously blissful, beautiful. Who cares about the goal? Every moment is such a benediction that one enjoys it as an end unto itself; it is not a means to anything.

  • Well thank you Hans. While the news was slightly disappointing, tis what I expected, although I am interested in new people and friends etc, interesting that you noticed that. I guess so many unknowns are bothering me. Is that a Scorpio thing? LOL.

    I'm glad doing this is rejuvenating for you, so many people looking for answers, I would find it overwhelming. I enjoy reading cards for people, but as you can probably guess my energy is too scattered to to do this for anyone right now. LOL?

    Take care of yourself and thanks for answering my questions!

  • Thank you Hans.....One question...why is love blocked and what do I do to remove blocks to eventually meet "the one". When will I meet him?

  • Said12

    that is not a Scorpio thing.

    Bliss makes real solitude. Then solitude becomes a temple, bliss becomes the deity in it. And that’s what meditation is all about: the art of changing loneliness into aloneness, the alchemy of changing solitariness into solitude.

  • gailjar

    love blocked because you are heading to another goal.

    To remove blocks to eventually meet "the one" become more aware about your female ego trying to dominate with your intuitive thinking.

    You will meet him, when you are allowing nearness and when you are no more that mistrusting as now.

  • I don't know the forum decorum (tee hee) so posting this here is probably filling up the original poster's email box, but it seems to be the trend.


    I would like a reading, please.

    Will my Publishing business be successful quickly?


    What do I need to learn to become more attractive to Love?

    DOB 7/8/71

    Thank you so much!

    Love and light to you!

    Susan D

  • CrabbyTycoon

    Susan D, your Publishing business will not be successful quickly.

    To become more attractive to Love you need to learn that wanting a family is not love.

    Go for your love and do not wait for someone going for you. Go to him.

    You are always connected with finances. As a spiritual person, you must maintain a non-attached attitude about money or there will be continuous problems in this area. Once you put money in its proper place however, you often attain or inherit great wealth. Regardless, many of your life lessons will come through this avenue. The other avenue is your close relationships. Family, lovers and friends are all very important to you. You have close ties, for better or worse, with your family and share in their trials. You are usually restless, making frequent changes in either occupation or location. Your love life usually entails sacrifice and disappointment until you learn to let others go and be as you are. In your spiritual studies you find inner satisfaction and validation for your own intuition. Once on the path, everything in your life is put into proper perspective and you can excel in any chosen field.

  • Hallo Hans Wolfgang,

    Ich war immer der Meinung das ich anderen gegenueber ein offenes Buch war aber habe erst in den letzten Monaten gelernt das es gar nicht so ist. Meine beste Freundin sagte mir zum erstenmal das ich keine leichter Nuss zu knacken bin und "mixed signals" von mir gebe. Sie ist Aquarius 02-13-1973 also 14 Jahre juenger als ich und sind fast 10 Jahre feste Freundinnen undo noch so viel mehr, sie ist meine Familie, Tochter, Schwester, Vater, Mutter - meinem eigenen Fleisch und Blutt bin ich "eigenartig, merkwuerdig, bist ja schon immer komisch gewesen" - leider haben wir alle nichts mit einander zu tun. Mir kam alles immer so oberflaechlich aus, jeder sagt dem anderen was er hoehren moechte, es gibt zwei Farben Weiss und Schwarz. Leider habe ich mit meiner 27 jaehrigen Tochter auch keine Verbindung, so moechte sie es aber einen Grund hat sie mir auch nicht gegeben.

    Nun sagst du das ich ein Aussenseiter bin und das ich warten soll......je mehr ich versuche deine "Insights" zu verstehen...um so mehr verkorkst es mir im Kopf.......womit ich aufgewachsen bin. Aussenseiter gleich Schwarzes Schaf - das Wort "warten" gab es nicht zu Hause. Ich musste immer auf der Hut sein, ein Schritt schneller sonst verschwinden sie oder lassen dich irgentwo zurueck, Luegen und mehr Luegen so das die Aussenwelt meinte alles war ok.

    Was kan ich machen damit entlich frei werde, ich brauch nicht perfect sein, ich sitze im Gefaengnis meiner eigenen Gedanken und ICH WILL RAUSS!!!

    "Doch etwas in dir hält dich davon ab, das zu tun, was du gerne tun möchtest." Ich weiss es nicht!


  • Damit du endlich frei wirst, kann du damit anfangen, dich nicht mehr wegen deiner inneren Impulse zu schämen und dich nicht mehr selbst zu beschuldigen. Du glaubst, du mußt dich ändern, aber das mußt du nicht.

    Du bist perfekt, so wie du bist. Und weißt du was, du sitzt nicht im Gefängnis deiner eigenen Gedanken, du bist draußen, du warst immer draußen und wirst immer draußen sein, du denkst nur, du säßest drinnen, das ist nur ein weiterer deiner Gedanken. Aber wer nimmt diese Gedanken wahr? Wer ist das? Das bist du, das ist der, der von draußen reinschaut.

    Dazu eine kleine Geschichte:

    The official Riko once ask Nansen to explain to him the old problem of the goose in the bottle.

    "If a man puts a gosling in a bottle and feeds him until he is full grown" said Riko, "how can the man get the goose out without killing it or breaking the bottle."

    Nansen gave a great clap with his hands and shouted "RIKO!!!"

    "Yes Master" said the official with a start.

    "See?" said Nansen "The goose is out!"


  • I do not know if have finished but if not i am trying to find out what if any talents that i have and will my moneysituation improve after dec.24th? thanks for any help you can shine on these problems

  • Hans-Wolfgang, thanks for your spot on reading, that was refreshing.

    I wonder if you wouldn't mind some clarification questions?

    I don't have anyone in mind for love, is there anything I need to learn to attract a real and permanent love?

    Also, you mentioned "Put money in it's proper place" Do you mean allocate my finances properly, or see money as what it is, pure appreciation energy?

    And finally, is there a particular direction that would be more lucrative for me to take?

    Thank you so much for your time and effort in blessing us with your gifts.


  • Thank you Hans....I am wondering what goal I am headed toward....I am nervous, wondering if this has anything to do with my sons, who are both military. I want to fulfill my goals, so I need to know what path to take....Thank you again for your time!

  • standeb1

    you have finished. You have no talents. But your moneysituation will improve after dec.24th.

    What you need is spiritual urge. It is very similar to the sexual urge. One comes to a maturity, a spiritual maturity, something has ripened within you, and then the search starts. Nobody can enforce it. But all the religions have tried to enforce it, and they have killed the very possibility of the urge.

  • Susan,

    thanks for using my correct name, that was refreshing.

    I do not mind some clarification questions:

    There nothing you need to learn to attract a real and permanent love.

    Also, I mean allocate your finances properly and see money as what it is.

    And finally, there is no particular direction that would be more lucrative for you to take.

    Be watchful when you are sowing your seeds, because once sown you will have to suffer the consequences. Whatsoever you sow you will have to reap. It is just that the time gap creates illusions in people’s minds. They think they can escape; that they can sow wrong seeds and can reap right crops. That is impossible—that is against the eternal law.

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