Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • I had a reading but I think it was meant more for the reader than it was for me. If you want my date of birth or any information I can give it to you. Thank you anytime you are up for it.

  • You have got yourself in a mess. So you are now losing your intuition which could lead you to your goal blocking yourself like a kind of little donkey stepping on his four wheel brake.

  • Thank you for the reading. Wish I understood what it means. Peace and harmony

  • Let it sink into you, until it reaches to your intuition. Then you will know.

  • hanswolfgang In some ways you are like Edgar Casey. Giving your time and your gifts for free. What a wonderful person you are. I am in desparate need of a reading and I am hoping you can help me. First off I got a raw deal on my job this past week. Secondly I need to know what is going on with my cancer man. DOB 6/25/58. My DOB 10/13/50. Should I stay the course or just move on?

  • Opalten,

    you should neither stay the course nor just move on.

    What you need first, is clarity. You are hurt. You need immunity. Be decisive being ready for all and everything, being ready for every fight.

    You have mastery and success in any of the communications fields, but especially in situations where you are able and willing to take a leadership position or assume responsibility.

    You are highly intuitive, you can make fine mental distinctions, so never do anything to compromise your integrity or inner truth. Keep these qualities in mind.

  • please tell me how love will come into my life and when. what am i supposed to expect from my current frndship with him?

  • Love will come into your life, if you will be more friendly with people caring more about harmony between you and the other.

    Love will come into your life when you turn yourself more to light and being alive and away from envy, avarice and oppression.

    You are supposed to expect nothing from your current friendship with him.

  • expect nothing from the friendship?

    then what is my fate over here...it will just be frndship or he feels more.....or can feel in the future...? should i see other people?

  • Real friendship means no expectations.

    Your fate over here is coming more to life being more playful and spontaneous.

    It will just be friendship, he does not feel more and cannot feel in the future.

    You should not see other people, wait for them seeing you.

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  • Hi Cindy,

    I have a very soft point for Sags!

    I know I should write a book, I often have been asked to, but there is a writing blockade in this life (sun mercury pluto conjunct), so I am still waiting. In other lifes I have written a lot, maybe much too much, but in this life I am only talking like a book.

    But now to something very different:

    In the next two months the Unknown is calling you on your path, but there if fear of the new, the mind clings to the known and strives for security. It is time then, to get more distance to the mind trusting your inner voice, your heart and your hara. Remember, the mind has always clever arguments for his agenda, but this inner voice is too innocent to argue with you.

  • hi, can u plz tell me why he doesnt feelmore than friendship now and why is there no hope EVEN in the future.

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  • Hi Cindy,

    yes, your soap business will be the financial support you need to live.

    You see, that was something I wrote about: your fear of losing this wonderful old farm house your husband and you worked so long means clinging to the known, the past, the old. If you would lose your old house then this would mean, existence is leading you to a better house. You may not see it yet, but trusting in existence is important for going into the unknown.

  • No Cindy, I am not a Libra. I am a Lion, born 08/11/1952, although Neptune and Saturn are in Libra.

    Sagittarius is well known to me, being at the nadir in my horoscope. I like their laughter and being laughter myself I can have much fun wit Sags.

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