Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Thank you so much Hans. It's very kind of you to reply to all of us. I'm kind of relieved. I grew up with a very controlling parent and have been working very hard the past ten years to not second guess myself and learn to make decisions on my own. I was wondering if for my own personal development I would have stay single and and not rely on anyone else. It's not always fun to be single though so I'm happy to hear that one day i'll meet "the one".

    I was wondering if you are able to read for yourself or do yo you have to go to another psychic for readings?

  • valerieg9706,

    he has no more feelings for you and there is no chance that you will reunite for the baby.

    Although you do not want to know, you should know, so it is good, that you asked this question.

  • stonyeye,

    yes, for your personal development you would have to stay single and and not rely on anyone else. BUT what you call personal development is in fact cultivation of the ego. Your natural being needs love and needs trust, first to someone, then to existence.

    I am able to read for myself and do not need to go to another psychic for readings.

    But I am no more curios, because I trust life. Tao cares for me and I am ready for its surprises.

  • Dear hanswolfgang:

    Hello and good day to you sir. I'm new to this forum, though not new to tarot.com and have been receiving astrology readings and horoscopes through this site and Rick Levine for several years. I wasn't even aware of this forum until today and immediately signed up. I think it's fantastic that you help people for free here and hope that your generosity is rewarded a hundred times over.

    I wondering what you may see for me in the love department. You see, I've fallen hopelessly in love with a Sagittarius with whom I work with. I am one as well. I was born 12/20/70 and she was born 12/21/69. She is the sweetest, kindest, strongest and most altruistic woman I have met, or will ever meet in any lifetime. Though there is an obstacle. She is a married woman but her husband has not held up his part of the marriage for some time now. She has supported him throughout their marriage and he simply takes her for granted. I've heard rumors at work that she wants a divorce, but since I feel it inappropriate to ask her about this, I don't know for sure. There is a connection between us. It's unexplainable. Our personalites are obviously very similar being under the same sign and the same ascending sign of Scorpio. I dream about her all the time and it kills me to have to stand on the side line, so to speak, and know that she's had her heart broken by her husband. Do you see any chance that we could end up together? I appreciate any help you may offer. Again, thank you for being so kind and helping others out the way you do.


  • Yes, I see every chance, that you could end up together. You should end up together!

    There will be an union or partnership in work and friendship.

    It will be a partnership where you and the other person actually spend time doing things together, whether it be work or things such as hiking, exercising, camping, biking or other sports.

    You will likely attract her with and you can have a pleasant friendship and working relationship. The key to success is cooperation. Close relationships always require a bit of give and take for success.

  • Thank you sir.

    All the best.

  • As always, thanks Hans! I live an all natural life hon. I do love life and all that is in it. I believe by being shome to the hall of Akasha records by Edgar Cayce was a wake up call and you have reminded me to get back into that! You are wonderful! I have asked for abundance from the universal flow and am recieving it!

  • I am sorry Hans , what do you mean about me being more natural? I do live naturally no chemicals and love nature? Did you see something else?

  • Hans, i thank you so very much, ummm im touched by what you said and im lost for words and a little choked up right now really cause that just made me so happy you cant even believe.

    thanks alot................(ugh that was hard to stop tearing up)

    uhh i didnt even mention my career, BUT i geuss you could see that i have been trying to get my life back in order and get a GED, get a job to help my parents out with bills, and i worry about that alot, and i sometimes lose hope that im just gonna be a nobody in life, but i know how much of a hard worker i can be and i can work circles around lots of people even being 6'5 315lbs, cause i know i have a big heart and im gonna be unstoppable once i get in shape,

    a quote from you "You are successful and have a strong sense of values which will have made you the success you are"

    i still cant believe how much you hit the nail on the head, growing up was a very dark and scary time for me, and i thought of doing alot of BAD things, but "my strong sense of values" lead me through all that and i never gave into temptation, being surrounded by friends with drugs, etc.... sure i gave in a little too drugs, but was smart enough to see how much it would kill my mom which i have a very strong bond with(im the baby lol) so i stopped it before it began, me seeing what i was doing and stopping is what im most proud of.

    Hans i thank you again, i just cant say it enough

  • Wenchie,

    Thank you for your kind words,................. ugh im lost for words again!! and that never happens! i can talk forever lol im still in shock by what Hans has said im just so peaceful right now

  • how we will end up together, in what way?...if im an outsider, waiting offside for him as u said.

    many thanks hans....can u "once n for all" tell me everything u se abt this guy n me?

  • Hello Hans:

    I was wondering what you see for me in the near future.. DOB June 26/62.

    I really appreciate this.

    Thank you, Ello

  • Hello Hans-

    I've spoken to you in a previous thread and you were very kind in replying to me. I think its really special that you give your readings so freely. I don't think I was quite clear with you when I spoke to you before as my question was pretty broad and I didn't realize there were TWO Taureans in my life that I'm dealing with.

    I would like to go a little more in depth with you to find out what you see in the future for me and the guy I am interested in pursuing a relationship with. His bday is Apr. 22, 1971 and mine is Jan. 23, 1977. We've been seeing eachother for a little over 2 months now. I enjoy his company when we actually get to spend time with eachother but alot of times it seems like such a hassle. I feel like I'm constantly begging him to come see me and if he agrees, sometimes he'll string me along all day then cancels at the last minute claiming to be tired or giving some other type of excuse. I've attempted to break things off with him a few times but somehow we end up back together. Most recently we had a long conversation about what we expect in the relationship and where we want it to go. I have to admit I felt much better after speaking with him but I continue to feel inner turmoil and confusion of whether or not I can trust things will get better now that we've gotten it all out in the open.

    Can you provide me with some insight on what obstacles could be preventing us from moving forward with the relationship and if its even worth continuing?

    Thanks so much and I will try not to bother you so much 🙂

  • hello. I'm currently unemployed, homeless(a friend graciously opened her home to me,but I can't stay longterm),and in the process of obtaining a divorce, which will end an 18yr, destructive, codependent relationship. I seem to be lost in the world. I just really need some insight in what to do next, in order to get on the right track. I keep hearing "good things are coming" and how I am finally about to live the life of my divine purpose. After so many poor choices, I'm terrified of making the wrong ones now. Any insight would be so very much appreciated. my information is female / 9/13/1968 @12:12pm if you need anything else I'll gladly provide it

  • Hello Hanwolfgang, I would like a reading regarding my love life. Do you see someone soon for me?

  • soapmaker

    yes Cindy, I see something else.

    I mean not outwardly but more natural inside of you.

    Be Miss Sunshine inside of you, not sneaking like a beggar around your inner shrine. Otherwise the sun would shine for you always elsewhere. You know how to make it hard for yourself, just to avoid going deeper into yourself.

  • drgagannagi,

    first of all, if I take my time to answer your questions, I want you to be not that lazy with all this abbreviations. Again, this is not SMS-texting. Take your time and write everything out, otherwise it is heedless against me.

    You will end up together as friends, in a more formal and social way.

    You are playing traditional feeling restricted at the same time.

    "once n for all" abt this guy n you: You will be hurt. Then you will have clarity.

  • Hello Ello,

    in the near future there will be inner harmony, you will find inner equilibrium through moderateness.

    You will be business-minded and creative. Maybe you will be salesman or promoter of some product or idea, but always involved in the world of business or finance.

    There will be great financial success, especially success through promoting or selling, or otherwise being very creative in your business.

  • Hello WaterBearer23,

    Money could be preventing you from moving forward with the relationship, expectations of giving or taking. He does not see you really and you do accuse him, but it is worth continuing.

    There can be a 'union of hearts'. This means close relationship, including being lovers, married partners, or closest friends. For you desiring a relationship this could be one of the strongest love affairs.

    Even the birth of child can show up, at least you can be certain that you will be spending some time with that guy whom you love.

  • Hello truthseeker99,

    in order to get on the right track, you should do first nothing. Relax, go inside of yourself and wait for a signal. You have got yourself in a mass. But going inside you will find your intuition.

    You are mentally creative.

    But creative or dishonest? Which is which? Those who are the most creative can also be the most dishonest and vice versa. You have mental and financial creativity and you are no lazy bone. Your brilliant mind is far ahead of the common person and society. You belong to the people of the Aquarian Age. You dislike pettiness and tend to be somewhat impatient with the failings of others. You need respect and a position that allows your brilliant mind free reign to create and explore. You are never at a loss for ideas, some of which will bring you huge financial returns. On the negative side, you can be irresponsible and in some cases, dishonest. You can see things from so many levels that nothing is really "wrong" - it is just another way of looking at things. You don't get away with much in that regard though. Saturn's swift chastisement always reminds you of the boundaries that keep you balanced and fair in your dealings.

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