Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • hi hope you have been doing great and college is going well for you i have had some major issues that have arised and some major ones coming up wondering if you could/would please give me a fresh reading my dob if you need it is 0802/57 jenny's is 02/84 jason's is 7/13/77 ben's is 10/27/55 and of couse you as yo know in N.m is 05/05/55

  • good morning hope all is well with you and your college and your studies I have had some major issues to come up and more major changes to come into my life I was wondering if you would/could Please give me a current reading if you are still doing them my dob is 08/57 and jenny's is 0207/84 jason's 0713/77 and Ben's is 10/27/55 and my special person in N.M is 05/05/55 will thing all work out for all of us thanks love light peace harmony may peace always favor your sword blessed be

  • Dear Hans,

    I want to thank you for all your advice!! I see everything much clearer now and I understand what you were telling me about being conscious. I have come to understand what the Angels, who came into my dreams and talked about my mission in life, meant!! I feel very strong and know God is with me giving me strength and guidance and so is the spirit I told you about!

    P.S I understand “IVY” now! 🙂

    Thank you!! Blessings!!

  • Hello Hans.

    I'm a widow whom has lost mom,. son, man, dog , sister all in a 31/2 yr span steal have my sanity why?? I'm not sure. but could you please do me a reading tell me what you see..

    i will tell you so much more after that please i'm desparate.

    thank you very much, from A BROKEN HEART AND A SHATTERED SOUL,


  • all I can reach is to page 63 where my request is how do I get to pages over 63 it says thereis pages up to 623 help please thank you in advance

  • Hello Hans,

    It's been months, I've been very busy, but if you have the time, can you tell me what you feel I need to know?

    Thank you Hans, I hope you are happy, healthy, and at peace.

  • could/would/will some please tell me if my reading has been answered yet, also I do not know how to get to the pages listed above 621 of 625 help please thank you in advance love light peace.

  • Hans

    I have been thinking of taking classes towards a real estate license so I can hopefully live a life of not having to worry so much about my finances as I do now. My question is do you see this as a right path for me or do you see something else in my near future?

    Thank you Hans


  • Dear Hans,

    Can you tell me, Am I making the right decision to join my business and my living situation together> also will my son be accepted in a good chef school/ Do you recommend a good chef school for him to check out?

    What do you see happening in the next month or so for My son and I?

    MY son's bday( Jan, 20 ,92)

    Best wishes,( my bday Feb, 28, 62)


  • may i have a reading please my birthdate is 7-1-59-

    i have lot of different things pulling at me not sure who he is any more can you help and thanks and love is soon ???

  • im sorry 5-6-59 and 4-11-79

    and thank you

  • any thing please

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