Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Hi shinyluv

    your guy has been intimate with someone since you've gotten back together.

    Does he even love you? No.

    Does he love someone else? Yes.

    Why do you fight him so hard? Because inside you are totally dammed up, outwardly you seem to be flowing.

    Why is it that your heart does not believe he can or will be faithful to you? Because it loves equality between the elements.

    There is protection in love, marriage and family. It supports your marriage and the foundation of love upon which a family and life can be built. It is a good influence, especially for a happy family and social life. You may even turn down offers of love now when you are feeling so fulfilled in the areas of friendship and romance. It is a strong indicator of marriage.

    At its most basic level it means the foundation of love upon which all of your other relationships are built. It is the home of the heart which is now so important.

    But the first fallacy is that things are static, and then the second fallacy is that you are, that you have a static ego. They both go together. If you want to cling, you need a clinger. If you have no need to cling, there is no need for clinger. Go deep into it. If you don’t need to cling, the ego is not needed at all; it will be pointless. In fact, it cannot exist without clinging.

    Unless the mind is changed, unless it is completely washed away and renewed, unless there is a psychological breakthrough, the physical work can only help so far. But you can break the barrier for a few moments and there will be a great relaxation and great blessing. You will feel simply weightless. It will be a sort of mini satori. But again the mind will close unless you become established beyond the mind.

  • Dear violetangel,

    your spiritual level will move up before the year is out.

    Do I see anything that may help you move into the next dimensional level? No.

    Keep moving but always in balance between yin and yang, active and passive. Only exactly between the opposites is the point of transcendence.

    The life of each one of us shows that we do not know anything about life at all. Otherwise, how come there is so much despair, so much misery, so much anxiety?

  • Dearest Hans,

    Thankyou for your help. It is good to know that something will happen soon. You are soo right about not knowing much about life...misery and such... Hopefully, the oneness of divine love will bring life on Earth to the way the Father meant for us to have it.

    God Bless you Always,


  • Try to find, in whatsoever is happening, the something beautiful that must be there. Uncover it, discover it. A person who never asks for anything always gets many gifts from GOD.

    Then you are consecrated to god, surrendered to god.

  • hello hanswolfgang,

    Can you tell me why this woman that my husband had a affair ago a year ago is comming back into my life and she wants to be friends with me ? Is she trying to take my husband away from me again?

    Thanks sassy44

  • Why this woman that your husband had a affair ago a year ago is coming back into your life and she wants to be friends with you? Because the only one what is left for her are her problems.

    She is not trying to take your husband away from you again.

    That which fetters with what gives release.

  • Hi hanswolfgang,

    What does she want then? and why is she comming back into my life for and my marriage?

  • Thanks for your really quick response hanswolfgang.... i didnt get to check back til now! what you said made sense... maybe i do try too hard to make everything perfect, at my own expense. one more question, as always wondering what you see in my lovelife??

  • Hi sassy44

    What does she want then? She wants money, at least a give and take.

    and why is she coming back into your life for and your marriage? because she does not want to give away what is spent and jaded.

    But you can know the inner feel of it.

  • daisyfairy,

    what do I see in your lovelife?? You are too possessive.

    Play the game as beautifully as you can; but it is a game— don’t get serious about it. And even if sometimes seriousness is needed, let it be a game, nothing more. Sometimes it is needed. It gives a taste to life. Sometimes you need to be serious also. Be serious, but never become serious, let that also be a game. Let everything be a game.

    Don´t be a hypocrite, don´t be a coward. Take your life into your own hands, be respectful of your own dignity. Try to figure out, "Who am I?". Do not simply try to imitate somebody else. Otherwise you can become a good actor, but you can never become yourself.

  • Alot to think on there. Never really thought of myself as possessive before but you're right. As for figuring out who i am, hopefully will get there some day! I'm going to try and not be so serious and perhaps that will help me work it all out! once again thanks!

  • hi hanswolfgang,

    Do you see me with my husband in 2010 or getting a divorce? do you see me and kenny getting together in 2010, and this woman with my husband in 2010?


  • daisyfairy,

    very good! You are open and understanding, that is rare.

    That may be one of the causes why you are so simple. Gardeners, farmers, fishermen, woodcutters, have a totally different kind of energy -- the best kind of energy. When a politician comes he carries such a nuisance inside him, such a deceptive kind of energy. He does not know what he is saying, he does not know what he is. He is one thing, he goes on saying another and does something else again. He is so divided: he is many people, he is a crowd.

  • Hi sassy44

    I do see you with your husband in 2010.

    I do see you and kenny getting together in 2010, but not this woman with your husband in 2010.

    Ecstasy is our very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary. To be ecstatic is natural, spontaneous. It needs no effort to be ecstatic, it needs great effort to be miserable. That's why you look to tired, because misery is really hard work; to maintain it is really difficult, because you are doing something against nature.

    But you have felt something which is there. It is good that you have become aware of it; now do something about it. If you remain closed, you remain dead. It is as if when the whole sky was available, you were just looking from the keyhole. Of course you can see a little sky from the keyhole also, and sometimes a ray of sun passes by; sometimes you can see a flickering star. But this is unnecessarily hard and you remain poor unnecessarily.

  • Hello hanswolfgang,

    Thank you fro the reading. And I wish you a merry Christmas.


  • Hi hanswolfgang,

    why does the past keep comming into my life?

    will I be happy in 2010 with Kenny?


  • Hi hanswolfgang i wondering if u can do a reading for me i can give u my birth time and date

  • You have done so much for me (and it looks like everyone here:) ...is there something I can do for you?

  • hanswolfgang,

    i keep having the same dream. i've looked up what they mean on various sites but they dont seem to make sense, none of what it says is true. every time i have the dream its the same, im not currently in a relationship but in the dream im always with this person im in love with, i feel that butterfly feeling, but the face is either blurry or i cant see it at all. can you tell me whether im going to feel that way about anybody again & possibly when? theres also somebody ive recently met that i like, will that go anywhere? his names ben.

    my birthdate is 31/1/1990

  • Hello and Hi sassy44

    why does the past keep coming into your life? Because of your fears of becoming wounded again.

    will you be happy in 2010 with Kenny? No.

    Whenever you feel a problem, look within your heart. If you are at ease, you are on the right path. Your heart is the criterion.

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