Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Thanks Hans, I dreamed I was speaking of or to Uriel. I woke up saying his name. Strange.

  • Thanks!

  • what do you see with me?

  • Hello sassy44

    about your love life: this is a time for study and reflection about it.

    will you get a better job here soon? No.

    and what about your future? Your strength is needed. Discipline yourself instead of being controlled by others.

    Freedom is the foundation of life and freedom is the ultimate goal too. Freedom is the source and freedom is the goal. Use freedom to be free from all bondage. Use freedom to become ultimately free.Use freedom to become freedom itself.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang,

    I just came across this forum today. I think you're being very generous with your time and abilities.Thank you. If you have the time could you please see if you can see anything for me?my dob is 05/jun/1984. hopefully things will continnue to improve after a tough year. thanks again!

  • Angelique_7

    you are unable to continue. All that what you have collected makes you sick and uncontented.

    I am not implying problems with the law.

    who is he that is going to control me? Neither the one in N.M nor the one here, it is a father figure dominating you with his will power.

    You even have a change of reuniting with the one in N.M.

    Your work here should be of creativity. Let others not provoke you into any destruction. I am not telling you to blame others for your misery. I am telling you: you are responsible. But this is a real revolution. If you take the responsibility for your life you can start changing it.

  • poetic555,

    Uriel has remained available to those who are available to him. He will remain available to you if you are available to him, so learn how to be available to him.

  • whitewitch1970

    what do I see with you? Dominating others with your emotions has closed your heart.

    But it is not a question of deciding logically whether what is being said is true or untrue; on the contrary, it is a question of love, not of logic. Truth immediately creates a love in your heart; something is triggered in you in a very mysterious way.

  • Hi daisyfairy

    can I see anything for you? Yes, you are getting good advices and you are ready to learn. Seek for people you can learn from.

    Say okay to yourself . You are continuously trying to improve yourself, but incompletion is the way life is. You are trying to become perfect. Accept your imperfections. That is the only difference between tough and improving.

  • Dear Hans,

    You are beyond words marvelous!

    “Ivy”…Hmm… Symbolically “Ivy” has both positive and truly negative meanings (which ones are you referring to).Hans, another thing, I just want to make sure that the person is alive! For, my gut tells me it is the spirit that has been watching me! You may call me crazy!

    Also, you tell me I by not being indifferent I am harming myself! In what way am I harming myself? My dilemma is that my passion and the sole reason I live is to help others! Helping others gives me a reason to live! Thus, I will find it very hard to suddenly become indifferent. Do I really have to stop giving support to my friends? How am I going to be able to do that? For, they rely on me! I care about people. I really do!!

    Yes, so I just found out the other woman is pregnant! And, really I am not jealous, for I love children above all, even if, I would want children of my own one day… I guess, that just has not been/is not God’s plan for me!?! But, I sure want to find out what his plan is for me… Thus, I will take your advice more than willingly!! Hans, anything else I need to do/focus on during this month? I want to start to live… I want to find myself!!

    Yet, I kind of do understand what you mean… For, I am full of other people’s sorrow, death and pain… Yet, all of this I keep hidden deep inside of me and will not let anybody see!

    Even so, I will listen to your advice. I will try to be indifferent for a month!! I’ll start after the Holiday’s. I just feel I have too much LOVE to give to others over the Holidays!! I won’t miss that opportunity!! But, after that I will start!! Then, I shall become a watcher and hopefully get more insight in what you are trying to tell me! I will let you know how it goes and if I make any progress…

    For I really want to know what God hopes for me and I have done so, even more, ever since the Angel came and spoke to me about my important mission that I have not fulfilled yet! I really just don’t know what I could do? I simply have no clue? Mind you though, I would really want to!!

    Once again, Hans, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and all you done for me!!

    Happy Holidays!!

  • thank you for clear things up for me. I actuallt do have a chance with my soulmate in N.M I just don't know how to roceed in this situation in order to reunite we spoke the past few days befiefly . thank you for your time & enery Yes, I made a choose that was right thing to do to help my adult children due to their problem which led to me being sick, etc for doing the "proper & right thing to do " thank you a slim chance with him in N. M. is great . I don't have father or a father figure in my life to controll me wondering who or what that could mean or be thank you may your hearts desrises come to pass ! 1 last ? will the one in N. M> ever call me or will I have to do the calling ( which I hate 0 thanks )

  • Dear Hans-Wolfgang

    I had an very uncommon thing happening a couple of months ago! ..and I am trying to find an answer.

    when I came back in home from work that day i found on my computer an internet page --google--and on it was typed 'gandhi' on the little search engine.

    I wouldn't worry much if it was only Gandhi's page opened, but it was typed Gandhi on there. so someone has type on my computer the word gandhi and his page was up too.

    I tried to find some history but there were no history at all to see how would come up this page.

    no body else was in my home for a week or so.

    I start looking on the page and I realized that that day was Gandhi's birthday too!

    Any explanation??

    thank you reja

  • I should have typed ) insted of ) aadn many thank for being sp patient with me ! I think I just blew all chances of every having a chance with the one in new mexico that mades me so sad. cause I told him too much at one time I now don't think he will even listen to my messenges I was trying to fill him hin on everything and I probly blew him and all changes away for good but thank for help is don't know who or what the father figure is lol sorry I am a really bad typer and spelling thank you forever thing blessed me

  • Hi Hanswolfgang,

    A while back I asked for a reading from you regarding my relationship and you told me that my ex bf would come back in around Feb. I wasn't getting a lot of communication from him since the break up and if there were any communications that was because I initiated them. So I tried to forget the whole thing and live my life regardless of what the outcome may be. Lately he sent me messages and such and I find myself thinking of him more because of this reason. Is it appropriate I reply to the messages? Is he still going to come back to me?

    Regarding my career, I am having my eyes on this very interesting job. Can you see for me how that's going to turn out?

    Thanks a million.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang, I've been wondering lately if my guy has been intimate with someone since we've gotten back together? Does he even love me? Does he love someone else?You wrote a few pages ago that you feel love with the two of us, his 9/25/1969 and mines 11/24/1981. If he's not cheating then why do i fight him so hard? Why is it that my heart does not believe he can or will be faithful to me? Please help:(

  • Dear Hans,

    I was wondering if you could tell me if my spritual level wll move up before the year is out. I have been on a journey since my son passed away in September, but sometimes I feel blocked. I know what my soul's purpose is, but sometimes even with prayer , I don't feel like any one is listening or helping. Do you see anything that may help me move into the next dimensional level? God Bless you for your help.

    With Love and Light to you,

    Happy Winter Solstice and a Joyful holiday season!

  • Dear AngelforAngel

    “Ivy” is referring neither to positive nor to truly negative meanings. You were asking for a word, not a meaning.

    You may call me more crazy: the person is alive and the spirit has been watching you!

    In what way are you harming yourself? By not going on your way because you are afraid of the unknown. You are harming your heart by following your mind.

    You really have to stop giving support to your friends.

    How are you going to be able to do that? By first getting in accordance with yourself, because now you are neither in accordance with yourself nor in accordance with the rest of the world.

    You guess, that just has not been/is not God’s plan for you!?! No.

    But, you sure want to find out what his plan is for you: Trust yourself instead of thinking you could not live alone without given rules. Trust nature instead of being kind of paralysed for natural processes.

    Thus, you will take my advice more than willingly: Do not turn away of yourself.

    Anything else you need to focus on during this month: Focus on your being blinded and tied up. You cannot move, you cannot see.

    Anything else you need to do during this month: Drop your identification with your will power.

    Good, start it and please LOVE YOURSELF!! Until you do not love yourself you cannot love someone else. That is not possible. You can only think you love, but this love is impotent, being only in your mind.

    What God hopes for you: Let your male part manifest himself. Become a whole being, female and male, both in one.

    You really just don’t know what you could do? You could be more playful, balancing yourself between yin and yang.

    You simply have no clue? Study more, follow your interests, care for that what does fascinate you.

    Collect as many experiences as you can: all the flowers, all the fragrances, the silence, the serenity, the tranquillity, the calmness, the peace that passeth understanding, and the divine ecstasym the great splendor that you are whole, that you are one with the cosmos.

  • Angelique_7,

    how to proceed in this situation in order to reunite: Just be spontaneous and playful.

    You don't have father or a father figure in your life to controll you wondering who or what that could mean: He has once been in your life and now there is still an inner voice in your head telling your things you should do or you should not do. Your mother was frustrated and closed her heart. Do not make the same mistake.

    The one in N. M> will never call you. You will have to do the calling.

    Who or what the father figure is: That what eliminates what is bad without feeling your own pains.

    Expression is life; repression is suicide.

    Your hand is moving, you are watching it -- not only from the outside but from the inside too. You are separate, that witness is separate. It is unidentified with anything that we know of. It is identical only with God but we don´t know anything about God. That witness is God.

  • Dear reja

    An explanation: Someone did what he was called to.

    Bliss makes real solitude. Then solitude becomes a temple, bliss becomes the deity in it. And that’s what meditation is all about: the art of changing loneliness into aloneness, the alchemy of changing solitariness into solitude.

  • Hi heyyouwassup,

    it is not appropriate you reply to the messages.

    Is he still going to come back to you? No.

    Regarding your career, how that's going to turn out: That means speeding headlong in the wrong direction.

    Let your own awareness decide your lifestyle, life-pattern. Don’t allow anybody else to decide it. That is a sin: to allow anybody else to decide it. Why is it a sin?—because you will never be in it. It will remain superficial, it will be hypocrisy.

    Doubt your mind and trust yourself. Trust means: "I am no one and I go wherever life leads me, wherever -- into the unknown, into the dark, death of life. Wherever it leads, I am ready. I am always ready and I fit." But when can you fit? You can fit only when duality ceases. When you can see, and that very seeing becomes stopping -- stopping of desire, demand.

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