Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Hans,

    Thanks for your insight. Am i understanding you with this?

    Ok so I need to just be patient and let thing take thier natural course and not push?? She knows my feelings so by getting rid of the baggage and humbling myself the oprotunity will come again....

  • Thank You, Hans,

    I will take you advice. Do you have anything on My Salon? Will it prosper?

    Also, will I get the right staff anytime soon, should i be worried abut the two people I have hired?


  • Hi hans,

    I totally see what you have been trying to tell me, I see what you mean. Sorry it took so long for me to see this,

    Thank You , I will be talking to you soon, 🙂


  • Thank you hanswolfgang for your insite. I'm a little confused Let it come and Pass???

  • Pixious,

    Ok you need just humbling yourself, which means, just be ordinary, that will be enough. You are perfect just as you are, making a showpiece out of you would make it only worse.

    Experience all the dualities. Don't be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.

  • 228susan,

    maybe your Salon would need a relocation. I just do not see it prosper.

    Also you will not get the right staff anytime soon, but at least you should not be worried about the two people you have hired.

  • toto53,

    yes, you do not need to decide anything. It will come and it will pass.

  • Hans,

    I feel very "out of sorts" lately. Any insight greatly appreciated!!

  • Hello Hans,

    Just wanted to say how much I admire your patience & appreciate your perspective! It is very refreshing. I get the same humorous feeling as if reading Lao Tsu.

    Thanks I've been reminded of some beautiful basic truths reading this thread.



  • PrairieGirl,

    you have to work with it. Go on doing your thing.

    Repression is not the way, cannot be the way. All that you have repressed is waiting for its opportunity. It has simply gone into the unconscious; it can come back any moment. Any provocation and it will surface. You are not free of it. Repression is not the way to freedom. Repression is a far worse kind of bondage than indulgence, because through indulgence one becomes tired sooner or later, but through repression one never becomes tired.

  • Pfree,

    thank your for this great honour comparing with Lao Tzu. But you should read Chuang Tzu also, he is the most humourous man of tao.

  • Hi hanswolfgang.....so that means this relationship will end???

  • Hi hanswolfgang There is the issue of trusting. He has broken my trust in him and it's not easy.... 😞

  • Thank You Hanswolfgang for your reply , I appreciate your time , I am sorry for the lateness of my reply . Have a good day !


  • Much Gratitude to you for sharing your time and insight selflessly.

    Many Blessings!!!


  • Thanks Hans!

    I'll check it out next time I'm at my local library



  • Hi toto53,

    that does not mean this relationship will end.

  • Hello hanswolf. I'm planing to have a serious conversation with my lover, any words of advice? You mentioned earlier that I may be attracted to someone elese in 2010 and act on it, do you have any furhter insight concerning that posiblity?

  • Good Morning hans any advice on this trust issue and how to get past it??

  • Hans, thank you again for your answer at page 21.

    i agree with your insight but I am disappointed to see that " This guy is defending his space against all expectations towards him" as you foresaw. the guy was hitting on me at first until I faced him with the condition that he has to be free of girlfriends if he wanted to date me (knowing that he had a girlfriend)...at first he was kinda of smiley and confused and answered "babe" over the phone and than got upset at me..., after some other confusing moves, once showing me "the not interested" and than the "one in love" until it became a still- wordless war and retreat ...he is still making efforts to pull my attention, and no more i can understand him. he seems sometimes angry in his face

    I have been guided by dreams... so amazingly every thing happened with him, I first saw it in my dreams. the last dream I saw a month ago was that while I was walking away, unexpectedly he throw his arm on my shoulders as embracing me and we both kept walking away into the city or out... I didn't see him, i only new that was him and felt his very heavy arm... later I did the same, I through my arm around his belly.. his heavy arm bended my head slightly on his chest..

    I don't want to keep my hopes high for him but this dream is uncounsciously letting me waiting for something to happend.

    Can you see more on that ??? thanks a million!

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