Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • Thanks.

  • Hi Gang, I stumbled across this sight and I would like to know if you can answer if I'm going to find a man and if I will be married again? I met this libra man and we hit it off like magic. Then it all came to a halt. He did not want a relationship, and he wanted to pursue his career. His birthday is a day before mine. 10-5-54 my birthday is 10-6-55. I really hate being alone, and if this man is not for me then will there be a man that will love me in the future? Sometimes i hold on to the fact my x might come back but then I think that i should not want that to happen. I want to start fresh and find someone that is like me and enjoys the things I enjoy and vise versa. .. so what do you see? I appreceate any response. thank you

  • Dear Hanswolfgang,

    It's been rather challenging in reality lately, especially with work. I'm struggling through emotions, trying to be graceful and accepting of the obstacles. I think I've made it through the challenges. Do you see any more or am I into clear water finally? I want to breathe again, holding my breath is not very natural.

  • sexygem,

    meaning is caring for balance. Act cautiously. You should not withhold verbally and you should not express your desire to remain in his life.

    You should question what the future may bring.

    Inquire into my own being- what does that mean? That means, search first for what that does mean. Then go with the flow, take a ride where you want to.

    I am not saying that most likely this relationship will prove to cause you regret. It may not be best if you reconsider becoming further involved asap.

    Be creative. Risk in new ways.

  • sexygem,

    Please expound on inquiry into my own being: Life is play. You are taking this play much too serious. You do want harmony at any cost. Seek rather for inner harmony.

    In the inner world there is energy, movement, processes, but no entity, no ego.

    I see this relationship not as one of your fantasies.

  • Shmeco,

    concerning your direction you need to care for the feedback of others.

    You are so full of wishes and desires, so you will very easily project your hopes on anyone whom you come across. Learn to be more realistic and try to see the other as he is and not as you want him to be. And learn to accept people as they are. But first of all learn to accept yourself as you are.

    Be awake. Just see what you are doing, just see what your life consists of. Is there any awareness or is it just an unconscious play of unconscious forces? Are you just a victim of forces you are not aware of—from where they come, what they are doing to you? Are you going to die in this way?

  • toto53,

    you are identified with a strong male ego trying to dominate others with your willpower.

    I do not need anything from you to give you insight. But the better the question the better the answer can be.

    In the area of your current relationship there is spontaneity and playfulness. Live in the here and now and do not think of the future.

    In the area of your career is clarity needed. Try to think thoroughly and do not rely on the opinions of others. Stand to your own point of view.

    But be aware of the way of the mind, the way of the ego: to magnify everything. It makes everything look big and then, of course, you start suffering in a big way. The cause is not so big, but the effect can be very big; it depends on you.

  • Kimberly7343,

    now I am even turned into a gang. I will call it the Tao-Gang.

    But nevertheless you are going to find a man and you will not be married again, because the love between you and this man is enough, you do not need to stifle it with a marriage.

    Otherwise there will not be a man that will love you in the future, if you are still not able to trust love, which can only remain love, when it is free.

    But you are right: First the opposite is attractive, because ego feeds on conflict. But the heart wants harmony, so it seeks likeness!

    So you do need strength, inner strength, being more subtle, loving all that what is complementary to you.

  • Dear iloveharperthismuch,

    I do see more challenges, but you are nevertheless into clear water finally.

    You are planning for the future, not knowing that death will destroy all future. Be wise. Remain in the moment. Live it as totally as possible and then you will know no death. A man who is not worried about tomorrow, knows no death. He becomes deathless, because death is tomorrow—life is today.

  • I am very lost and been looking for direction! I don't think I going to be with him much longer and don't want to hurt him wail I find my way out ! I hope I will love again some day! Thank u


  • Thank you very much Hanswolfgang.

  • I am an Oct 1 70 , Libra and my heart aches for a July 24 68 Female Leo. We are great friends and on occasions more. How can we get to the next level again. There is baggage on both side but I am always told I am the one she counts on but I want to take it further but she throws the best friends card on me. She wants me to date other people and I am really confused about all this after coming out of a very bad previous relationship. Should I move on or wait...... Either way may heart craves her...... Please shed some insight and light onto this.


  • Hans,

    You mentioned in one of your post to meditate, how do i start and what is it about?

    I am ready for my new life so any adviceon what would be best for me?


  • Hanswolfgang.....Thank you for the reading, let me as a direct ? here in regards to my current relationship. You mentioned live in the now....what do you see in the future with this man, will he stay or leave?

  • Shmeco

    your life will soon and unexpected change. Go with that change and you will know your direction.

  • Pixious

    you can get to the next level again, if you risk all, dropping your egos and with that your baggage.

    You should neither move on nor wait.

    You are trying to attract the attention of the people around you wanting to be the gladiator, who his always the centre of attention. That´s why you cannot afford to drop your baggage.

  • 228susan,

    meditation is complete relaxation for body and mind. But what is relaxation? It is a state of affairs where your energy is not moving anywhere, not to the future, not to the past—it is simply there with you. In the silent pool of your own energy, in the warmth of it, you are enveloped. This moment is all. There is no other moment. Time stops—then there is relaxation. If time is there, there is no relaxation. Simply, the clock stops; there is no time. This moment is all.

    So start with giving up your fights, because ego feeds of conflicts.

    Meditation is living in the here and now, aware and playful, no goal, the way is the goal.

    The best for you now would be to care for your inner rhythm. Connect, if you feel like going out, and withdraw, if you feel like going inside. Do not fight with people. If you can relax with the other, connect, if you cannot relax, separate.

    The first step towards the realization of your infinite potential, is to recognize that up to now you have been wasting your life, that up to now you have remained utterly unconscious. Start becoming conscious; that is the only way to arrive.

  • toto53

    in your current relationship you are closed looking at all that, what is no more satisfying for you. But look around, there are new and fulfilling possibilities.

    This man will stay, because he can project his stern and intellectual mother into you.

    Let everything come and pass.

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Your so funny and whitty, I want to join your Tao-Gang smiles

    I want to thank you for your reading. It was more than I expected.

    You are right my heart does like the strength, iner-strength, harmony, being more subtle, and loving what is complementary to me.

    However, Im not looking for a boy toy. LOL I want to have a marriage that will last. I dont like to be alone, Im a much better person when I have someone in my life. And I feel more complete.

    Thank you again for the reading and blessings to you


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