Hanswolfgang what do you see for me?

  • truthseeker99,

    althoug you are seeing something, you do not need to get the divorce.

    It simply means dropping the garbage that you go on carrying in your head. And much garbage is there, utterly useless. The mind means the past. Now the past is no more of any use; it has happened, and it is never going to happen again, because in reality nothing ever repeats.

  • Thank you for the reading. I,m not understanding concerning mother, hearing just only demands and accusations you are turning away on yourself. could you help me understand what you are telling me

  • In plain and simple words: You do want do dominate.

    Love has nothing to do with relationship. It is more a state of being. You have to become a loving person. It is not a question of being in relationship. I am not saying not to be in relationship; be in as many relationships as possible because each relationship has its own uniqueness and each relationship has its own beauty and each relationship contributes its own joy and of course its own suffering, its own pain. It has its own dark nights and its own beautiful days. But that’s how one grows: through darkness, through light, through sweetness, through bitterness.

  • Maybe you can give me some advice with this guy that I am madly in love with.

    This is an akward way of saying of how I met him: I don't know the guy, but he had lil interested in me in the past. I really wanted to met him or just messege him but still he hasn't responded to me. I've done this like 3 times almost every once a year. What is it that I need to do?

  • Dear Hans,

    I am still little confuse about what to do? I dont have lot of time for experiment. But i will remember your suggestion..

    Thanks a bunch đŸ™‚


  • Dear Hans,

    I know I'm at many serious crossroads in my life right now, and I'm wondering if you have any insight into the general direction I might find success.

    I have a dilemma in my mind whether to focus my limited resources on comfort and pleasure now or whether to focus my limited resources on preparing my family for unfavorable outcomes that may come in the future that are out of my control, but preparation may cushion the blows...

    I am also curious that I don't seem ready for a love interest at this time, and really just feel lonely and bored, but too selfish to invest my efforts right now....

    I know I'm opening a few questions here, but would appreciate any intuition you may receive on my behalf and will be grateul for any insight... Sending you blessings, love, and faith... Maryann

    ps, I hope I posted this right, apologies to all if I jumped into the wrong place to post to you.

  • I was wondering specifically if you see my current career plan panning out for me. I have high hopes for this dream I have and I am wondering if you can give me some clarity. I appreciate you greatly. thank you.

  • Good morning Hanswolfgang,

    Like others here within this thread, I look to you for insight and inspiration. I am at a point in life where new roads are opening before me. In the past, I would have blindly forged ahead with no thought of where roads might lead, or even deserted the roads to seek the unpaved and unknown.

    With age has come the realization that I would like to be a bit more assured that I encounter the unknown to come by being on the most correct path this time...the path that will bring me more directly to what or where I am meant to be. Although I know that where ever we are and whatever we are doing is for our own growth and enlightenment, and that overall trust in the unknown is a key piece in our development, I still have not mastered these thoughts enough to go without seeking guidance.

    For now, when you have time, can you please let me know what message you have for me pertaining to whatever life area of mine you feel is needing clarity or direction?

    Blessings and thanks for your time, patience and advice.

  • Annaxubella,

    you are programming your own misfortune. Your desire for a family, which is a biological programm, lets you repeat the patterns of your family. Your being madly in love just means, you are projecting the image of your father onto him, maybe a little more emotional, but still your father.

    Repression is not the way, cannot be the way. All that you have repressed is waiting for its opportunity. It has simply gone into the unconscious; it can come back any moment. Any provocation and it will surface. You are not free of it. Repression is not the way to freedom. Repression is a far worse kind of bondage than indulgence, because through indulgence one becomes tired sooner or later, but through repression one never becomes tired.

  • Saranee,

    just do not give up.

  • Hi Hanswolfgang Can you give me a reading? 49 female. Midwest state. Divorced twice.

  • AAh the elusive equilibrium! Thanks very much for sharing your insight and wisdom.Sending you good wishes....thanks

  • Thank you Hans for your insight, you seem to speak in Parables very mysterious. I think I'm getting it though. Love n Light! How nice of you to try to help so many people. If you have time, will I ever open my Chakras ? Thanks again.

  • I would like to ask Hans...I have this constant desire to change the path that I am on but I always feel at the fork in the road. Life has changed for me immensely...divorced this year but still attached to my husband. I want to move on as I was the one who initiated the divorce. I have always uncertainties and wanting to fix everything. I dont know where I am going but I want to get there. I want more peace and love and harmony but there is always fixing or trying to comfort my son and his life my daughter and her life my young daughter and then my exhusband and I have not really separated in ways of being there. How do I decide what is right for me? my birthdate 09-22-1960 at 11:40am

  • Now I have totally confused myself. I souldn't get a divorce?? Does that mean I need to move back home with my husband? Even though I am in love with the man(best friend) who is avoiding me? Am I trying to make something out of the love that I have carried in my heart for my friend?

  • Dear Hans,

    thank you as allways for your time and effort.

    you already told me that you don't see any change for me in the future page 13-14.

    In fact i want to add some more info on me. I am looking to end my marriage for a while and see for a better life. my secret story is that I am in a platonic love with someone for about a year and i know the circumstances are against us. I think the guy is attracted to me too, and he is not letting go more than i do, but he seems to be afraid to change any think since it is not easy. he has a girlfriend. I wonder if you see any thing more on my future.

    I don't have much hope but like to have a real talk with this guy. i wish he could be more clear what he wants from me.

    best, a



  • Thank you for the wise advices hans. When do you suggest I start doing business? I'm thinking of taking a short-term course. Do you think this is a good idea?

  • vicefree,

    I do not see your current career plan panning out for you. Dream less and be more watchful. You are deciding what is good for everyone. You do not feel your own pains.

  • MsIndie,

    you have a strong male ego, very mind oriented. Maybe you are still under the impression of your father, trying to be like him.

    Do not create conflicts by being ironically. If you put all your energy into protecting yourself you will prevent everyone to come nearer to you.

    There is a Zen saying that the birds have no desire to be reflected in the lake, the lake has no desire to reflect the birds, but it still happens. The birds are reflected, the lake reflects, although the desire exists neither on the part of the birds nor on the part of the lake. In this desirelessness everything happens, nothing is done.

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